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Jazz silly string

  1. Video: Jazz set “world record” with huge silly string fight

    Apr 10, 2012, 1:45 PM EDT

    Spurs Jazz Basketball

    Really, I’m just glad I’m not the guy who has to clean off the Jazz mascot’s uniform. In an effort to distact fans from the fact the Jazz are about to miss the playoffs create a world record for the world’s largest silly string fight, the team passed out 300 cans of the stuff right…

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  1. S. Curry (8150)
  2. K. Love (6165)
  3. K. Irving (6097)
  4. K. Korver (4866)
  5. L. James (4669)
  1. K. Bryant (3805)
  2. D. Howard (3757)
  3. K. Durant (3718)
  4. A. Varejao (3657)
  5. A. Horford (3638)