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  1. Butler's straw chewing banned

    Feb 25, 2010, 12:08 PM EDT

    UPDATE 12:08 pm: The NBA’s official explanation is that it is a “safety issue” (via FanHouse). Butler can chew straws on the bench, but not during game play. Because it’s all fun and games until somebody loses an eye. 9:25 am: Before and during games, Caron Butler had a habit of chewing straws. Goes through…

  2. Donald Sterling: master motivator

    Feb 25, 2010, 11:44 AM EDT

    Clippers owner Donald Sterling does care about winning. He does. Not more than he cares about profit, but he does care about winning. And like any good head of a company, it’s his job to motivate his employees. Push their buttons to get them to do their best. Like this exchange heard between Sterling and…

  3. Bobcats sale almost complete

    Feb 25, 2010, 10:57 AM EDT

    It has taken nearly nine months of negotiations that you knew little about, but the sale of the Charlotte Bobcats is nearly complete, according to the Charlotte Observer. As in done in the next few days. Sources close to the situation anticipate a quick resolution, as to whether Bobcats managing partner Michael Jordan or ex-Houston…

  4. Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Wizards agree to buyout

    Feb 25, 2010, 10:33 AM EDT

    UPDATE 10:32 am: It is now official, according to Cavaliers beat writer Brian Windhorst’s twitter account (and he’s pretty much right about all things Cleveland). Ilgauskas has been bought out of his contract. Let the bidding games begin. 12:07 am: Sorry if you bought that Zydrunas Ilgauskas Wizards jersey, but think of it as a…

  5. Cavaliers, Heat push season ticket holders for early decision

    Feb 25, 2010, 10:27 AM EDT

    Miami Heat season ticket holders learned this week that if they renew their season seats for next year early — by March 19 — will pay the same rate they did this year. Renew by March 5 and you can pay in 10 interest-free installments. This comes on the heels of Cleveland telling its season…

  6. Nelson questions Biedrins' manhood

    Feb 25, 2010, 9:59 AM EDT

    Andris Biedrins is having the worst season of his career. Just 18 months after he signed a new, six-year contract with the team where they paid him to be a building block. Tuesday night and then again Wednesday a frustrated Warriors Coach Don Nelson unloaded on Biedrins. “He’s not the same player this year as…

  7. Larry Bird has vote of confidence, for some reason

    Feb 25, 2010, 9:29 AM EDT

    Larry Bird received a vote of confidence from the Indiana Pacers’ top offices today, in a move that guarantees the Pacers will be nowhere near above .500 and yet never get a significant draft pick for years to come. Bird’s reluctance to properly detonate the Pacers has been seen primarily as an avoidance caused by…

  8. Durant's 25-point scoring streak ends

    Feb 25, 2010, 9:05 AM EDT

    Figures it would be the Spurs. If one team is going to be coolly efficient at their job while sucking some fun out of the game, it’s San Antonio. The Spurs ended Kevin Durant’s 25 point a game scoring streak at 29 games. The last guy to do more than that was named Jordan with…

  9. Drew Gooden is a Clipper

    Feb 25, 2010, 8:32 AM EDT

    When the trade first went down, it was expected that the Clippers would buy out Drew Gooden and he would ;and somewhere as additional depth for a contending team. But instead, the Clippers like what they have found. “We’re going to keep him,” Clippers general manager Mike Dunleavy said in phone interview shortly thereafter with…

  10. Baseline to Baseline, your game recaps

    Feb 25, 2010, 1:11 AM EDT

    What happened Wednesday night, while falling flat on your face in a gigantic dinosaur suit… Mavericks 101 Lakers 96: So many Mavericks played well. Jason Kidd constantly pushed the tempo, but knew not to press the Lakers’ transition defense. Brendan Haywood provides the kind of toughness critics have said they have lacked for years. Jason…

  11. Is Joe Johnson really an elite free agent to be?

    Feb 24, 2010, 10:38 PM EDT

    The math is pretty simple. There are three sure-thing, worth-the-max-deal free agents available this summer: LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. There are eight teams that have cleared enough cap space to sign a max-level free agent, eight franchises that have sold hope this summer to their fan base. One, maybe two of those…

  12. In case there was any question left, the Kobe draft-and-trade was filthy as you thought

    Feb 24, 2010, 9:35 PM EDT

    Jerry West could not be more iconic. Literally. It is not possible for him to be more iconic in the National Basketball Association. So there’s a lot of leeway given to him for all he’s given to the game.  And today, Dime Magazine found out just how much he’s gotten away with over the years,…

  13. Butler out for Mavs against Lakers

    Feb 24, 2010, 9:15 PM EDT

    Via the Dallas Morning News, Caron Butler will miss tonight’s game against the Los Angeles Lakers with a bad reaction to medication, causing illness. It’s an unfortunate miss for Butler, as one of the advantages of the trade for Butler and Haywood were the matchups against the Lakers. Butler provides a long two-guard to put…

  14. Brian Scalabrine gets a tan

    Feb 24, 2010, 5:04 PM EDT

    Anyone with a tan in Boston in February sticks out in the crowd. Of course, Brian Scalabrine at 6’9″ with shocking red hair didn’t really need help sticking out in the crowd to begin with. Boston cult figure (in the good way) Scalabrine bet the guys from The Toucher and Rich Show on 98.5 The…

  15. Cavs to go for Snuggie world record

    Feb 24, 2010, 4:03 PM EDT

    There is just no good way to introduce this one. From Canadian legend J.E. Skeets at Ball Don’t Lie: That’s right, every fan at the Cleveland Cavaliers’ March 5 game against the Detroit Pistons will wear a limited edition Snuggie before the game’s tip-off. After five snuggly minutes, the Guinness World Record adjudicator will give…

  16. Dennis Rodman retires from coaching after two games and $80,000

    Feb 24, 2010, 3:34 PM EDT

    The Eastern Basketball League is a winter league that plays on weekends. It exists, I promise. It’s got a Wikipedia page and everything. It’s legit. Or as legit as it can be. Turns out, in an attempt to garner some interest and ticket sales, the owner of the Elmira Bulldogs (they have a logo and…

  17. LeBron about to set assist record for forwards

    Feb 24, 2010, 3:03 PM EDT

    LeBron James can score pretty much at will, but what has always helped set him apart was how well he could pass. How he got his teammates involved despite Mike Brown’s offense. The smart folks at The Painted Area went through the archives and found LeBron’s 8.5 assists per game this season is better than…

  18. Nobody feels sorry for Tito, er, Beasley

    Feb 24, 2010, 1:38 PM EDT

    Michael Beasley was at it again this week, complaining about Charles Barkley calling him (and the rest of the Heat) “a bunch of Tito Jacksons” to Dwyane Wade’s Michael Jackson. Tito, get me some tissue. Nobody else is taking Barkley seriously (nobody ever does). Everyone else is having some fun with Beasley on this one.…

  19. Larry Hughes could be the latest Bobcat reclamation project

    Feb 24, 2010, 1:36 PM EDT

    If you don’t have anything positive to say about the Charlotte Bobcats this season, then…well, you haven’t been watching enough Bobcats basketball this season. But if nothing else, you could at least call them charitable. After taking on shoot-first journeyman Flip Murray, the mercurial Stephen Jackson (and his mammoth salary), and most recently the impressively…

  20. Sixers fans are pissed off

    Feb 24, 2010, 12:51 PM EDT

    Nobody gets angry like Philadelphia sports fans. And right now, they want general manager Ed Stefanski’s head on a platter, according to the Philadelphia Daily News. “I hear them,” said Stefanski, whose team has taken a huge step backward after making the playoffs in his first two seasons. “I speak with season ticket holders. I…

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