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Dan Feldman

  1. LeBron James finds Dwyane Wade for dunk on wild and loose play (video)

    Jun 20, 2013, 10:47 PM EDT

    Miami Heat players LeBron James and Dwyane Wade stand together during a team practice ahead of Game 7 of the NBA Finals basketball playoff against the San Antonio Spurs in Miami

    Mario Chalmers missed a 3-pointer badly, and LeBron James picked a poor time to gamble for a steal. The result was a Dwyane Wade dunk. Huh? With the Spurs in transition, Danny Green threw a pass to Mike Miller as if he though Miller played for the San Antonio. That meant everyone was out of…

  2. LeBron James absorbs big hit, makes three-point play (video)

    Jun 20, 2013, 10:03 PM EDT

    Miami Heat's James is surrounded by San Antonio Spurs during the first quarter in Game 7 of their NBA Finals basketball playoff in Miami

    LeBron James is really strong. And really lucky. Many players would immediately be knocked to the ground after taking a hit like that, but LeBron stays upright long enough to throw the ball toward the rim. This wasn’t a good look, mind you, but it was good enough to have a prayer. And that prayer…

  3. Tim Duncan goes coast-to-coast for ‘fast’-break dunk (video)

    Jun 20, 2013, 9:43 PM EDT


    Usually, it’s LeBron James who uses his defensive instincts and speed to get steals and turn them into one-on-none fastbreaks. But 37-year-old Tim Duncan can still move a little bit knows how to poke the ball forward to give himself a huge head start on any trailing defenders. Duncan has become such a smart player,…

  4. Danny Green ill before Game 7

    Jun 20, 2013, 8:57 PM EDT

    Tim Duncan, Danny Green

    After starting the NBA Finals shooting 25-of-38 from beyond the arc and setting a Finals record for 3-pointers, Danny Green cooled off and shot 1-for-5 on 3s and 1-for-7 overall in Game 6. It would errant to pin the Spurs’ loss on him, but they need him to shoot better from the perimeter – even…

  5. Spurs can find comfort in historic Game 7 success of Game 6 losers

    Jun 20, 2013, 6:20 PM EDT


    The Spurs seemed to be in a fragile mental state after losing Game 6 of the NBA Finals, which is pretty understandable. They were moments from winning a championship, and those opportunities are extremely rare, even for a team as accomplished as San Antonio. Now, 48 hours later the Spurs must push all that aside…

  6. Manu Ginobili more likely to repeat Game 6 than Game 5 for Spurs

    Jun 20, 2013, 5:51 PM EDT

    Manu Ginobili

    Manu Ginobili struggled through Games 1 -4, surged in Game 5 and reverted to playing poorly in Game 6. Has Ginobili, a multi-time All-Star and multi-time All-NBA third teamer, become the most confounding player of the 2013 NBA Finals? Not at all. In fact, his play can be pretty easily explained. He’s old. At 35,…

  7. Tim Duncan playing for his legacy in Game 7, too

    Jun 20, 2013, 5:20 PM EDT

    San Antonio Spurs v Miami Heat - Game 6

    When the San Antonio Spurs won the 1997 NBA lottery – long before they drafted Tim Duncan – Spurs chairman Peter Holt referenced the Wake Forest big man and said, “The world is our oyster.” Holt very well could have been imagining multiple Most Valuable Player awards and twice as many championships won by his…

  8. Grizzlies, 76ers looking to buy first-round draft picks

    Jun 20, 2013, 3:01 PM EDT

    Rudy Gay, Kwame Brown

    The Grizzlies traded their first-round pick to Cleveland to get under the luxury tax and save about $4 million. Now they can use some of that money to get a first-round pick back. Steve Kyler of HoopsWorld: Memphis is looking to buy a first-round pick, so expect the Grizzlies to get in the mix and…

  9. Report: Ed Pinckney gets second interview with Grizzlies

    Jun 19, 2013, 8:30 PM EDT


    Say whatever you will about how the Grizzlies dumped Lionel Hollins – and there’s a lot to say, most of it not favorable to the team’s management – but they’re conducting this coaching search the right way. They didn’t rush to hire the favored but unproven assistant, Dave Joerger. Instead, they interviewed safer choices like…

  10. Celtics, Clippers restart Doc Rivers-Kevin Garnett trades talks at Chris Paul’s wish

    Jun 19, 2013, 6:20 PM EDT

    Minnesota Timberwolves v Boston Celtics

    Update (6:40 p.m.): Chris Paul is the catalyst for trade talks resuming. Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports: Clippers management believed Boston would eventually come back to them out of a belief that the Celtics-Rivers relationship would be difficult to repair, but league sources told Y! Sports that Paul’s desire to play for Rivers – and…

  11. Alvin Gentry gets second interview with Grizzlies

    Jun 19, 2013, 6:05 PM EDT

    Alvin Gentry

    At one point Grizzlies assistant Dave Joerger was considered a strong front-runner to replace Lionel Hollins, but Memphis has interviewed former head coaches like George Karl and Alvin Gentry. Apparently, those other interviews weren’t just for show before hiring Joerger, because the Grizzlies are on round two of interviews. Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports:…

  12. Report: 100 percent chance Mavericks won’t keep No. 13 pick

    Jun 19, 2013, 5:33 PM EDT

    O.J. Mayo, Dwight Howard

    The Mavericks have made no secret about wanting to prevent the No. 13 pick from cutting into their cap room, whether that means trading the pick or drafting and stashing a player. The idea of wasting a lottery pick, either by dumping it in an uneven trade or using it on a lesser prospect just…

  13. Report: Cavaliers ‘have completely overvalued’ No. 1 pick in trade talks

    Jun 19, 2013, 5:09 PM EDT

    Dan Gilbert, Nick Gilbert

    Nerlens Noel would be a worthy No. 1 pick in many drafts if it weren’t for his ACL tear. His athleticism and defensive skills draw rave reviews from both traditional scouts and number crunchers. There’s safety in a consensus positive opinion, and Noel provides that on the court. But his ACL tear and the possibility…

  14. Masai Ujiri won’t fire Dwane Casey – at least not right now

    Jun 19, 2013, 4:21 PM EDT

    Raptors head coach Casey gestures to his players during game against the Bulls in Toronto.

    The will he?/won’t he? saga about returning to coach his Atlantic Division team has ended. No new information on Doc Rivers, but Dwane Casey will be back with the Raptors. Raptors press release: Toronto Raptors President and General Manager, Basketball Operations Masai Ujiri announced Wednesday that Head Coach Dwane Casey will return for the 2013-14…

  15. LeBron James gets another triple-double, now favorite for Finals MVP

    Jun 19, 2013, 4:35 AM EDT

    San Antonio Spurs v Miami Heat - Game 6

    You’ll have to excuses ESPN for not mentioning LeBron James achieving a triple-double during the Heat’s 103-100 win over the Spurs until Game 6 ended. LeBron grabbed his 10th rebound – capping a 32-point, 11-assist, 10-rebound, three-steal game – on Chris Bosh’s block of Tony Parker’s jumper with 31 seconds left, setting off a whirlwind…

  16. Ray Allen giving Heat exactly what they expected this season, including his clutch 3-pointer in Game 6

    Jun 19, 2013, 2:06 AM EDT

    San Antonio Spurs v Miami Heat - Game 6

    Ray Allen faced a potentially awkward moment before he even played his first game with the Miami Heat. Not only were the Heat facing his old team, the Boston Celtics, his new teammates were receiving their 2012 championship rings. Miami had won a hard-fought seven-game series over Allen’s Celtics on its way to the title,…

  17. Chris Bosh blocks Spurs’ Game 6 comeback attempt (video)

    Jun 19, 2013, 12:27 AM EDT

    San Antonio Spurs v Miami Heat - Game 6

    Chris Bosh, the Heat’s center, was the Miami player who took the necessary step of declaring Danny Green was done getting open looks. When push came to shove, Bosh – the Heat’s center (!) – backed up his words, which really should have come from one of the perimeter players who kept leaving Green open.…

  18. Ray Allen makes 3-pointer to send Game 6 to overtime (video)

    Jun 18, 2013, 11:55 PM EDT


    Ray Allen is amazingly, incredibly clutch. This is exactly why the Heat wanted him from Boston. What a huge shot. If the Heat win this series, that will go down as one of the greatest shots in Finals history. Allen and LeBron James will get credit for making 3-pointers to send Game 6 to overtime,…

  19. Tony Parker makes step-back 3-pointer, steals ball, makes spinning jumper (video)

    Jun 18, 2013, 11:43 PM EDT


    Tony Parker, who made the defining play of the series, his twisting, shot-clock beating clincher in Game 1, is at it again. He stepped back to create space for a game-tying 3-pointer, got a steal on the other end and then drove into the paint for a short jumper to put San Antonio up by…

  20. Mike Miller makes 3-pointer with one shoe

    Jun 18, 2013, 11:29 PM EDT

    Danny Green ,Mike Miller

    The Spurs entered the fourth quarter of Game 6 of the NBA Finals with a 10-point lead, but the Heat are fighting back. Two shoes or one, they’re not quitting. I don’t know why the Spurs called timeout after Mike Miller made that 3-pointer without his shoe. I’d want to attack him on the other…

  21. Kawhi Leonard dunks all over Mike Miller (video)

    Jun 18, 2013, 9:51 PM EDT

    San Antonio Spurs v Miami Heat - Game 6

    Mike Miller remained in the starting lineup, but that merely made him the guy in the way of Kawhi Leonard. This ferocious dunk gave Leonard eight early points after he made a three-point play and a 3-pointer.

  22. Is Game 6 a must-win for the Spurs?

    Jun 18, 2013, 4:00 PM EDT


    No. The Spurs could lose Game 6 and then win  Game 7 to win the title. Previously: Is Game 5 a must-win for the Spurs or Heat?

  23. Chris Paul, not Celtics trade, will make or break Clippers’ offseason

    Jun 18, 2013, 3:24 PM EDT

    DeAndre Jordan, Chris Paul

    Although the Celtics would be in a tough spot if they don’t trade with the Clippers, Los Angeles doesn’t face the same pressure. Acquiring Doc Rivers, Kevin Garnett and maybe Paul Pierce is one option of many. The Clippers will continue interviewing Lionel Hollins, Brian Shaw and Byron Scott, and if they choose the best…

  24. Celtics stuck in limbo without Clippers trade

    Jun 18, 2013, 2:07 PM EDT

    Doc Rivers, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce

    If the Celtics-Clippers trade is indeed dead – and like Kurt, I have my doubts – the offseason doesn’t get any easier for the Celtics. Boston is obviously ready to move on from Kevin Garnett and Doc Rivers, at least if it nets a certain combination of DeAndre Jordan, Eric Bledsoe and first-round picks and…

  25. Report: Doc Rivers having doubts about going to Clippers

    Jun 17, 2013, 7:02 PM EDT

    New York Knicks v Boston Celtics - Game Three

    The Celtics and Clippers are still discussing the trade that would send Kevin Garnett and Doc Rivers to Los Angeles, but the whole deal is predicated on Rivers wanting to coach the Clippers. So, even if the Celtics and Clippers agree how to handle Eric Bledsoe, Jason Terry and Courtney Lee, Rivers still must give…

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