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LeBron James’ agent denied access at Game 2 of the Finals

Jun 9, 2014, 11:00 PM EDT

LeBron James Hosts Trilogy A List Party LeBron James Hosts Trilogy A List Party

I have a friend who couldn’t be nicer.

He spent his summer working at Comerica Park, where the Detroit Tigers play. After one playoff game, he was stationed outside the Tigers’ clubhouse.

Reggie Jackson – Mr. October, not the Thunder guard – tried to enter. My friend asked to see his pass.

“Don’t you know who I am?” said Jackson, who did not have a pass.

“I don’t care,” my friend replied.

The point: The people charged with regulating access at these types of events do their jobs with pride.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports:

Most times, James’ inner circle moves easily through the corridors and news conferences where rival agents are rarely, if ever, credentialed in the NBA Finals. In the regular season and playoffs, you’ll see star agents with the run of arenas, but never with league-issued passes. There are benefits to working with the King, and perhaps that’s why Paul seemed so perplexed when a dutiful arena guard wouldn’t let him into his client’s news conference late Sunday.

“I’m LeBron James‘ agent,” Rich Paul told the security woman.

She looked at his credential. She looked at him. She shrugged.

“I’m LeBron James’ agent,” Paul said again. “What don’t you understand about that?

She told him simply that his credential didn’t allow access into the news conference. She didn’t seem confused, nor doubting of his fancy job. This was a news conference, and he didn’t seem to be a reporter, nor a team official.

Paul was reaching now. “I can’t be LeBron James’ agent because I’ve got sneakers on?”

She hadn’t been studying his shoes, but she did glance down and they didn’t seem to bother her. Paul could see [Maverick] Carter inside the news conference room, sitting on a chair, awaiting James’ arrival. How he made it past security and Paul couldn’t, well, it seemed baffling to him. He wasn’t a happy man

I really enjoy this story and wouldn’t mind if video emerges just to laugh at the scene.

LeBron has empowered his friends to represent him, and sometimes, they unwittingly fan the flames of the criticism against him. I’m sure they’ve helped him in many ways, but they’ve also made him look bad by association (The Decision, etc.).

Even though Paul was supposed to help, consider this one of instances harmful to LeBron’s images. Whether or not this was a simple misunderstanding – and even acknowledging Paul’s actions should reflect him more than anyone else – it always comes back on LeBron.

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  1. eugenesaxe1 - Jun 9, 2014 at 11:09 PM

    The stock answer to “Do you know who I am?”…

    “Nobody important enough to ask that question.”

    • antistratfordian - Jun 10, 2014 at 4:26 AM

      He never asked, “do you know who I am?”

      • norcalkingsfan - Jun 10, 2014 at 12:00 PM

        Anti, you are, undoubtedly, the largest troll on this site. I think we can all agree on that.

        But, it has now gotten to the point now where I think it has to be intentional. No one says such dumb, polarizing things, as consistently as you.

        Your comments are so consistently asinine, that, at this point, you are an automatic thumbs-down, every time.

        Troll on brother.

      • antistratfordian - Jun 10, 2014 at 8:00 PM

        Uh… that’s a really neat story you have there norcalkingsfan… but Rich Paul never said anything about, “do you know who I am?”

        He went up to her and said what he always says – “Hi, I’m LeBron James’ agent.”

        So… what’s your point again?

    • rrsm53 - Jun 10, 2014 at 12:22 PM

      I use to love that response when i would stop someone. Do you know who I am. No Sir/Ma’am why dont you tell me so i can help you if your lost and can’t remember who you are.

  2. doug2626 - Jun 9, 2014 at 11:14 PM

    That story was terribly written.

    • dexregeant - Jun 10, 2014 at 12:34 PM

      word lol… I thought I was having a stroke half way through it.

  3. csbanter - Jun 9, 2014 at 11:21 PM

    Paul was that kid Lebron probably snapped on all the time but he withstood it and now despite him only being 4″6 1/2 he’s stompin wit the big dawg.

  4. espfdps - Jun 9, 2014 at 11:31 PM

    Who’s carter? Did I miss something?

    • thetigerleg - Jun 10, 2014 at 12:20 AM

      Carter is Maverick Carter. One of leBron’s other bros cum agents. It was a truncated piece from an article that needed more set up.

    • sportsfan18 - Jun 10, 2014 at 8:44 AM

      Carter was one the main idiots that led Lebron to doing and making “The Decision”.

      Many still dislike LBJ due to the Decision and Carter had a lot to do with that…

      Can fire a non-friend agent…

      But can’t fire a bro… even when he screws up ROYALLY…

  5. redbaronx - Jun 10, 2014 at 1:01 AM

    More diva behavior ………

  6. pillsbury13 - Jun 10, 2014 at 1:25 AM

    How is this harmful to his image? This isn’t even a story!

  7. antistratfordian - Jun 10, 2014 at 3:35 AM


    • johnc44 - Jun 10, 2014 at 8:45 AM

      Of course it is.For a minute i thought it was just a non story about someone getting the wrong credential and someone else doing their job but since he`s black it must be racism instead.

      • xmatt0926x - Jun 10, 2014 at 11:43 AM

        What johnc44 said, a billion gazillion times over.

      • antistratfordian - Jun 10, 2014 at 7:53 PM

        Either that or ageism. It’s definitely one of the two.

  8. seanb20124 - Jun 10, 2014 at 6:18 AM

    The headline very misleading.

  9. ravenswhat - Jun 10, 2014 at 7:08 AM

    This is just a sad attempt here PBT. Troll on.

  10. spursareold - Jun 10, 2014 at 7:40 AM

    Poor LeBron.

  11. void96eater - Jun 10, 2014 at 8:00 AM

    Once again, another slow day for PBT.

  12. cantonbound13 - Jun 10, 2014 at 8:06 AM

    He never has an issue at biogenesis.

  13. granadafan - Jun 10, 2014 at 8:02 PM

    Living in LA, you hear “don’t you know who I am???” more than you’d care to hear. It’s still quite humorous when some self-important d-bag who is denied a table at a restaurant or can’t cut through security at the airport, utter those words.

  14. jarand140 - Jul 22, 2014 at 9:00 PM

    Professional courtesy is normally granted to the agents of players. This was a rare occasion for what ever reason he was denied access. This does not reflect poorly on LBJ or his agent, it does appear to be an Arena problem. Agents will continue to be younger in the future.

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