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Mason Plumlee blocks LeBron James’ game winning dunk attempt (VIDEO)

Apr 8, 2014, 11:44 PM EDT

Mason Plumlee?

Mason Plumlee.

Down one with the game on the line Miami got the chance to score in transition after a Joe Johnson missed three (the Nets won in part because of a great iso-Joe play on LeBron not long before). Ray Allen got the rebound, gave the ball to LeBron James, who saw Rashard Lewis fill the lane on the break and cut to the basket like a textbook. LeBron hit Lewis with a pass, Lewis went to the basket and drew three Nets defenders, so he passed out to LeBron who went up for the dunk and…

Plumlee rejected him.

That was a good no call by the refs. I know LeBron (and Heat fans) expect him to get that call at home with the game on the line, but the referees made the right call.

First off, Plumlee got ball first and any contact with the hand or wrist after that was incidental and did not impact the shot, this was not like hitting a guy shooting a jumper. Remember that when the ball is in your hand then the hand is considered part of the ball if there is contact with it. As for Plumlee’s off-hand making contact with LeBron, this is from an official NBA page on rule interpretation:

Inside the lower defensive box, a defender may use an extended forearm at anytime to maintain his position against a payer with the ball. At no time may the forearm be used to dislodge, reroute or impede the offensive player.

It was a good block, and the Nets win 88-87 to sweep the season series.

Nets fans, don’t for a second think that sweep means you will beat the Heat in a seven game series, the playoffs are a different animal than the regular season. But enjoy the win. And the block.

  1. borderline1988 - Apr 9, 2014 at 9:28 AM

    There was definitely a foul on the play. Forget about the actual block, Joe Johnson clearly hand-checked Lebron on the way up, and Plumlee clearly pushed Lebron with his left hand to gain leverage on Lebron before the block. Plumlee didn’t go straight up, he came across the lane, hit Lebron and then blocked the ball. It’s as clear as daylight, I have no clue how anybody can argue those points.

    That being said, who cares? There likely wont be any playoff implications from this game, and everyone knows the Heat should have won that game. On paper, the Nets win, but everyone knows that was the Heat’s game. That non-goaltending call (when Plumlee blocked Bosh) was also stupid. Couldn’t they review that?

    I’m a Raptors fan, best case scenario in my books is if Chicago plays the Nets. That series will be awesome to watch, hopefully the Nets win and then we’ll get a great 2nd round series with the Heat.
    Meanwhile, the Raptors will cruise by Washington, and then at the very least give Indiana a hard time in the 2nd round.

    • nyheels29 - Apr 9, 2014 at 11:00 AM

      You’re completely ignoring the fact that LeBron got three calls in the last five minutes that were borderline at best and there were two very questionable no-calls on Pierce and JJ in the last five as well. In fact, “everyone know that was the Heat’s game” is a completely garbage comment. I watched the whole game and think that the Nets should’ve won by more if the Heat weren’t getting the home court calls.

      I will concede that you could’ve Joe on the reach in there, but that honestly had no impact on the dunk attempt. Also, that was definitely a goal-tend on Plumlee and that had a material effect on the outcome. But like I wrote earlier, if the game had been called by neutral officials, it shouldn’t have been a material play to the outcome, the Nets would’ve been up 5 or more.

    • Professor Fate - Apr 9, 2014 at 11:26 AM

      That’s a pretty long explanation (and wrong) for someone who doesn’t care.

  2. 25yearindyfan - Apr 9, 2014 at 9:46 AM

    The Heat would be 77-0, if not for those darn officials.

  3. jbeagles23 - Apr 9, 2014 at 9:47 AM

    I also like the raps but please don’t say cruise by Washington. The raptors seem to play tight games nightly. I do think the raptors will win but every series will be tough for a team used to being out of contention by January first

  4. fanofthegame79 - Apr 9, 2014 at 10:38 AM

    On a side note, as I fan, I hate 1-point losses. It’s one thing to realize your team is going to lose if they’re down by a lot….but it’s a tease to think they might have a shot to win when they’re so close. This goes for anything, not just this game or sport. It has to be the worst feeling in sports (as a non-participant, of course).

  5. cbking05 - Apr 9, 2014 at 1:32 PM

    Straight Block Byatches!

  6. joeksnuffy - Apr 9, 2014 at 5:35 PM

    Lebron is such a baby. That’s why I hate the Heat. The block was clean. Fingertips knocking the ball out with follow through catching LeBron on the hand. And yet Lebron was jumping around like a 2 year old whose toy got taken away. It’s about time that a fair call was made on Lebron going to the basket. Sweet play. Too bad that wasn’t an important game.

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