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Knicks Tyson Chandler leaves game with knee injury

Nov 5, 2013, 8:56 PM EDT

Milwaukee Bucks v New York Knicks Getty Images

There are a couple of players the Knicks cannot afford to lose for any stretch of time this season and stay the same squad, and Tyson Chandler is one of them. He is the anchor for their defense and sets a mean pick (plus is good on the roll).

But they could be without him for at least a little while. In the first quarter Tuesday night he banged knees with Charlotte’s Kemba Walker, he went to the bench for a while and got ice on it then had to be helped to the locker room because he was limping so badly. Now comes this non-update update via the Knicks (they are the kings of that).

T. Chandler injured his r. leg during the first quarter. X-rays were inclusive. A diagnosis will be given pending further testing tomorrow.
New York Knicks on twitter

While the Knicks love to be vague about injuries for no reason this may be a case where they need an MRI tomorrow to really see what is going on. Could be a just a bruise, at least that’s what Knicks fans have to hope.

Chandler was clearly in pain and it could be he is out for a bit.

Which would be bad. There is Cole Aldrich as a backup center but that’s not a great option. Kenyon Martin is a better one but the Knicks have tried to limit his minutes coming off an ankle injury — he was out against the Bobcats in this game and has not played more than 16 minutes in a game.

  1. detectivejimmymcnulty - Nov 5, 2013 at 9:09 PM

    Not a good start to the Knicks season. Making the Melo to LA possibility seem more and more possible.

  2. sportsfan18 - Nov 6, 2013 at 4:03 AM

    Hey, I know Melo is a good player. Don’t get me wrong but please at least think about this. He’s making more than LeBron. They came into the league together and he’s earned more than LeBron total for their careers.

    Yes, LeBron took less for a championship. Will Melo? If he resigns with the Knicks, he’ll continue making more than LeBron.

    And just what does Melo bring for $23.5 million? Very little defense as he’s never been known for it. He’s a volume scorer who only scores a lot because he shoots a lot. Here’s proof. He led the league in scoring last season because he took 22.22 shots a game to get his 28.7 points. Durant was 2nd in the league in scoring at 28.1 pts and he only took 17.7 shots a game. Two seasons ago Melo took 18.6 shots a game (still more than Durant took last season) but only scored 22.6 points a game.

    If Melo only took the 17.7 shots a game Durant took, well he’d only score around 21.5 pts a game compared to the 28.1 pts a game Durant scored last yr with that many shots.

    So, $23.5 million this season gets the Knicks a volume scorer who plays poor defense. And his salary will go up if he resigns with the Knicks.

    Again, he’s good but he has 10 yrs worth of stats now in the league and his true shooting percentage (2 pt, 3 pt and free throws) only placed him in 199th position all time in the NBA coming into this season.

    Kobe is a volume scorer too but his true shooting percentage is better as he was at 130th place coming into this season AND Kobe throughout his career played defense pretty well. Yes, Kobe is old and at the end of his career. I’m not talking about the future with Kobe.

    I don’t know why the Lakers would want to pay someone so much money (less than the Knicks would I know just like Dwight took less with the Rockets) as he’s worse of a shooter than Kobe and hasn’t ever played D like Kobe did. Why would the Lakers want that?

    Why would the Knicks want Melo for 5 yrs, his 12th through 16th NBA seasons at over $25 million a season if he resigns with them? His defense won’t improve and I doubt his shooting touch will improve either as he ages into his mid 30’s.

    A true max player should be a good two way player. At least solid on D and efficient on offense.

    • bougin89 - Nov 7, 2013 at 12:30 PM

      Carmelo is a true max player. I get what you are saying about his defense and efficiency issues but make no doubt with how the NBA and the current CBA/salary cap is structured Carmelo is a max player.

  3. lawrinson20 - Nov 6, 2013 at 4:28 PM

    Not to be contentious, but this Melo/Defense argument is common only because of the association with Lebron. How many other scoring small forwards are particularly known for defense? It’s a persistent but unfair knock on Carmelo. Not to say that he couldn’t be better, but he’s far from the sieve he’s painted as in forums.

    Melo took Denver to the next level. He did the same with the Knicks. The fact that he may not win a pro championship isn’t a ‘failure.’ It’s still a team sport. Melo’s fault may just be that he hasn’t been surrounded by enough players that he can trust. He often tries to do too much to compensate. But, he won a National Championship in college. He’s won Gold Medals. He’s among the top three in the league as a scorer. He’s a fantastic passer and rebounder. If Lebron weren’t in the league at the same time, Carmelo would be much more highly valued.

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