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Two months later, Magic and Turkoglu closer to buyout

Sep 2, 2013, 11:59 AM EDT

Orlando Magic v Atlanta Hawks - Game Three Getty Images

Hedo Turkoglu will not be a member of the Orlando Magic next season. Bet on it.

He likely isn’t in the NBA. He has an offer waiting back in Turkey that will be better than any offer he is getting in this country, smart money says that is where he ends up.

But before we bid him adieu (and reminisce about he was key to the Magic’s 2009 Finals run), there is the little detail of buying out the last year of his NBA contract.

The Magic and Turkoglu’s reps have been talking buyout since early July, and the talks are still going on now, reports the Orlando Sentinel. Turkoglu has a $12 million contract for the upcoming season but only $6 million of it is guaranteed. The Magic want to get this done before camp starts so Romero Osby, their second round pick, can come to camp and get a shot at making the roster.

Why are the Turkoglu/Magic negotiations dragging out for two months? Because the Magic would love to save some money and pay less than the full $6 million. And if I were Turkoglu’s agent I would laugh at and reject every offer short of $6 million — that is what his contract calls for. You can say it was a bad contract, that doesn’t matter; it’s what both sides agreed to back at the time.

Eventually the Magic will pay the full amount (it’s still better than having him on the roster at $12 million, unless you think he can be a trade piece… which is unlikely, and are you willing to pay $6 million to see if you might be able to move him?).

The Magic just need to follow the immortal words of Teddy KGB: Pay that man his money.

For now the talks drag out. Expect that to get resolved before training camp starts and for Hedo to head to Istanbul to play for Fenerbahce Ulker and Osby will get his shot.

  1. jimthebuilder27 - Sep 2, 2013 at 1:15 PM

    Otis Smith was an idiot! He traded promising Courtney Lee for a washed up Vince Carter, traded for an arthritic Gilbert Arenas who had an awful contract, and traded for Turkoglu who was diminished and had an awful contract! The question is why wasn’t he fired sooner?

    • raidmagic - Sep 2, 2013 at 3:50 PM

      I for one thought the Carter trade was genius. Had Van Gundy (and Dwight) allowed VC to play his game rather than bottle him up and force him to stand on the perimeter that would have been a great move. Plus we got Ryan Anderson in the deal. He turned out to be twice the player C Lee is/was/will be.

  2. wsuperman4445 - Sep 2, 2013 at 1:52 PM

    Say what you want about Otis, but I am a Magic fan and I admired the fact that this was a GM that was willing to spend the monies that were needed to get us a championship now… we seem to forget the fact that we did go to the finals in 2009 and that is better than 31 out of 33 teams now I will acknowledge that there we some trades and deals that could have been better but..we now have the benefit of hind sight he did not. we are still a small market team and its still hard for some of those teams to get good players( of course we can point to the texas teams as the exceptions) but we were trying make a run at the title before our 85 yr old owner is gone. that was the mandate. Turk’s contact was a good one at the beginning but greed got the best of him and he was traded. not many people were complaining when we first got Vince Carter to the team, and as far as Giberts contract it was not yet proven that his knee problems were that bad of course until he played remember he was out with the Wizards only because of the firearm incident so yes it was a bad deal in hindsight but we were faced with a even bigger contract for a now bench player in Rashard Lewis his game fell like a weighted anchor as we were in mid season near the playoffs. in order to get him in the beginning we had to offer a salary that he could not refuse and in the beginning he was a perfect match to Dwight and the plan of 3 point shooters with Dwight in the paint/pick and roll you see how great that turned out in 2009, but then Rashard went from a allstar to bench player within one years time and with that large salary Otis had to do something Gilbert was seen as trading one large salary for another but.. we thought at least we will get some production from him of course that didn’t turn out right. Dwight demand Turks return and we put the deal in motion that’s how he came back we were appeasing Dwight what Dwight wanted Dwight Got including Vince and Big baby and in the end the firing of SVG. so those that cry that Dwight had no say in Orlando’s players are wrong. and other bet is that Dwight will NEVER be the player he was in Orlando the Cancer traveled to the Lakers they laughed at us the Cancer is now in Houston. once you have back Problems you always have back problems Dwight is living on his past Glory on a team that was set up for his skill sets now you are going to see the real Dwight and lack of a complete game. I bet ANYONE on this blog that by mid season you will see the whining to the refs and team players and throwing the blame game he did here, in Orlando and soon in Houston and soon he will demand to be traded to the Nets you can bet on that..

    • louderthanwords1 - Sep 2, 2013 at 3:49 PM

      First there are only 30 teams so how exactly did they do better than 31? Second Turks contract was never a good one. It was widely panned he was overpaid when he signed that contract. Even the Magic believed he was overpaid that’s why they weren’t the ones who signed him to that deal instead when everyone believed he was overpaid and over the hill the Magic traded back for him hopibg to recapture the chemistry they had during their finals run. That move in no way can be defended.
      On Rashards contract you are spot on that the only way he was going to sign with Orlando was if they overpaid to get him. The Arenas trade was bad contract for bad contract but it was already out there that Arenas had knee problems in addition to attitude problems and selfishness. Could the Magic have found a better deal gor Lewis? No, but sometimes the best move is no move it all.
      As for Dwight you sound like a scorned exgirlfriend. There was never a doubt that Dwight lacked a complete game. Even here in Orlando it was widely known but even in his yr with the Lakers he showed he is still a great rebounder and defender. Yes he looked like he lost a step but he also came back a lot sooner than expected and should be a little more agile this yr in Houston. As for saying Dwight is going to denand a trade to the Nets as I said you sound like a scorned exgirlfriend. Dwight finally got a chance to choose his team and did while leaving money on the table. Orlando tried forcing his hand to recommit before free agency and it backfired when he said he wanted to go to the Nets. After the soap opera continued Orlando again forced his hand on the plane ride home saying opt in to next yr or were dealing you. Dwight opted in, was dealt to a team in LA he didn’t want to play on and didn’t fit in with so upon free agency for the first time he got to choose his own team and did in Houston. Now saying all of that is Dwight immature? Of course he is! Its what happens more often than not when you give an 18 yr old a ton of money and for yrs in Orlando basically tell him he can do no wrong.

      • raidmagic - Sep 2, 2013 at 6:56 PM

        Well if you are going to spew all of that ok but at least be factual. Yes they forced his had to opt in and he did then he demanded a trade after the season. The team didn’t trade him because they wanted to

      • louderthanwords1 - Sep 2, 2013 at 7:22 PM

        And where did I say they wanted to trade him? Show me 1 part that wasnt factual. Yes he demanded a trade and the Magic assumed he would demand a trade in the offseason when they got him to opt in. They knew it was a long shot he would re-sign but wanted to have him under contract for the following season so they could deal him and not risk losing him for nothing if he didn’t change his mind about not wanting to be in Orlando long term.

  3. gator2006 - Sep 2, 2013 at 2:17 PM

    If the texas teams are small markets, then there are only 3 normal to big markets.

  4. fabdeezy77 - Sep 2, 2013 at 2:22 PM


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