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Beasley is working out with… Norm Nixon? Interesting.

Sep 17, 2012, 5:38 PM EDT

Michael Beasley AP

Michael Beasley has been getting ready for what he wants to be a redemption season. After struggling at every stop to live up to expectations or be efficient in his scoring, he is going to a Suns team that will need his points.

Every player says they are working out hard right now to be ready for training camp, and by all accounts Beasley had. But this note from Paul Coro of the Arizona Republic caught my eye.

Beasley has been working out with his mentor and personal trainer, former NBA guard Norm Nixon, in Los Angeles. Some onlookers have said that Beasley was the recent star of some traditional summer pro pickup games at UCLA.

Norm Nixon? He was the former Lakers point guard pushed aside so some guy named Magic Johnson could have the rock more, but he was a two time All-Star, two-time World Champ with the Lakers and most recently one of the studio show analysts for Clippers games (the other team he played for in the NBA).

Nixon was very professional as a ball player, and apparently he has taken Beasley under his wing, Coro reported earlier this summer.

It would not be the image of Beasley taking a stretching exercise class at Nixon’s Debbie Allen Dance Academy this morning in Los Angeles. His missteps are scenes far removed from how Nixon has become like a father to Beasley in the past year, taking him to his first plays, working him out and arranging trips they will take together to England and China.

It’s an interesting plan, to give Beasley structure and expose him to ideas, then see if he grows and matures. The question has never been Beasley’s talent, it was his passion and work ethic.

It’s that talent that makes Beasley a good gamble for the Suns (even at three years, $18 million total). But if he really matures under Nixon, that would be a steal.

  1. fanz928 - Sep 17, 2012 at 7:02 PM

    B easy was better than durant coming out

    • sellahh - Sep 17, 2012 at 7:46 PM

      Might have been… but you need to be so blind as a GM not to spot that hard-working attitude that KD posseses and Beasley lacks.
      I once loved a story here which said about Chicago’s draft interviews and when they asked Beasley what bothers him when playing away from home, he said noise and other things. DRose said he’s bothered by losing. Oh yeah, who went 1st again?

  2. nbascreed - Sep 17, 2012 at 9:18 PM

    I don’t think there’s much debate about Rosie or KD being better than Michael, but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the Wolves are NOT better on the wing without Beasley. There is a lot of hype around AK-47, Shved, Roy and Buddinger but it really is just that. Not one of those guys in their current incarnation could touch him with a 10ft pole.

    I don’t know why the Wolves got so down on him last year, the previous season the guy averaged ~20ppg on 45% shooting. I know it was a crappy season but that’s not nothing.

    I’m actually worried that Beasley and Wes are going to thrive in Gentry’s up tempo offense, while our wings are middling at best.

    • rooney24 - Sep 17, 2012 at 10:02 PM

      People were down a little on Beasley with the Wolves because he isn’t an efficient scorer and didn’t make anyone else better. He could score a lot, as long as he took a lot of shots. I wish him all the best, and hope he does well. But, the Wolves are better with the new guys.

      • nbascreed - Sep 18, 2012 at 6:30 AM

        His pps was pretty paltry…point taken. I still like him though as a scorer over our current corps. In the end we need an athletic wing who can at least contend. I honestly don’t think we have that. I heard Flip say Shved’s game most closely resembled Marco and that was AFTER watching the Olympics!

    • mnsportsfan - Sep 17, 2012 at 11:18 PM

      averaging 19 ppg on 17 shots does not make any team better. Beasley is the classic tweaner who is too weak to guard the 4 and too slow to guard a true 3. Plus his lack of concentration doesn’t help either. The Wolves WILL be better without Beasley because they did just fine when he was out injured last year. That is what delegated him to the bench. The hype surrounding AK-47, Roy, Shved, and Buddinger is there because people are excited about their potential with Rubio and Love. Having a guy thats main purpose is scoring only works for the Kobe’s and Durant’s of the world (Kobe is a great defender too though). Beasley is no where near their level.

      • nbascreed - Sep 18, 2012 at 1:36 PM

        You failed to understand the nuance of my argument, strawmanned (quite nicely I might add) and then somehow defended a conclusion that no one anywhere has ever argued…ever.

        Would you please read my original statement? I said the Wolves were NOT better on the wing. I stand by the statement. Tweener or not I don’t think AK47, Shved, Roy or Buddinger are better wing players than Beasley. I’m VERY, VERY, VERY skeptical of Shved, AK47 and Buddinger’s ability to effectively create shots from the wing (or post), and quite honestly I think they’ll have issues keeping even the 2nd tier 3s in check (Gay, Iggie, Granger, Deng)

        I’m a Wolves fan too buddy, but homerism only goes so far.

    • mnsportsfan - Sep 19, 2012 at 12:25 AM

      “There is a lot of hype around AK-47, Shved, Roy and Buddinger but it really is just that. Not one of those guys in their current incarnation could touch him with a 10ft pole.”

      Ok lets put it more directly than. Beasley is nothing but undisciplined talent. If your argument is that AK-47, Shved, Roy, and Buddinger can’t tough his god given talent with a ten foot pole then maybe I will agree. However, I am stating that the Wolves will be better at the 3 without Beasley. He is a black hole who doesn’t move the ball within the offense. He takes ill-advised shots and is lazy on defense. Taking away Beasley won’t be simply taking away 20 ppg. It will add so much more. I brought up Rubio because we are adding players that will play within the offense. The offense starts with Rubio. And if we really want we can take a look at Beasley’s NBA career accomplishments. Nothing notable to speak of. At least some of the other 4 have some accolades to speak of.

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