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So what does the 2013 Hall of Fame look like?

Sep 8, 2012, 6:12 PM EDT

Basketball Hall of Fame Enshrinement Ceremony

With a wrap on the 2012 class after Friday night’s activities, of course the attention turns to next year and the next class. Scott Howard Cooper broke down the list for The big first-year addition in terms of eligibility is Gary Payton. Glove’s a lock for inclusion in the Hall, eventually, even though it’s going to be kind of awkward for the league with all of his highlights from a city his team no longer plays in . But the other question is if he’ll get in in his first-year of eligibility. Reggie Miller was held out last year, which was nuts in and of itself. Do you consider Payton above Miller, all-time, enough to make a different ruling on him?

Cooper also broke down the list of currently eligible folks, and it’s an interesting crew:

1. Bernard King, North American Committee.

2. Jerry Krause, Contributor.

3. Mark Jackson, North American.

4. Tim Hardaway, North American.

5. Bobby Jones, ABA.

6. Mitch Richmond, North American.

7. Maurice Cheeks, North American.

8. George McGinnis, ABA.

9. Rick Pitino, North American.

10. Slick Leonard, ABA.

via An Early Look At The Hall Class of 2013 « | Hang Time Blog.

King you have to think is a lock, as he should have been included this year, and there’s been enough noise made about him the past two years to make you think it’s probably coming to a head.  Mark Jackson would be a pretty good candidate, and his career resume looks a lot better than maybe the perception of it. Hardaway’s another easy pick, but you have to wonder if the controversy over his homophobic comments years ago could hold him out. The Hall loves guys like Pitino, so don’t be surprised if that happens. (Have I mentioned we need an NBA-only Hall of Fame?)

But let’s take a second on Krause.

The architect of the greatest dynasty in NBA history. (You can keep the Russell Celtics and the Showtime Lakers. Quality of competition + greatest player of all time + six titles in eight years, six out of six in years the players involved were active + greatest single season ever = victory.) Krause had the mind to figure out how to build a legendary team around the greatest player of all time, how to put talent around him, picked the coach, and oh, yeah, had the stones to draft Pippen.

But if you’ve read The Jordan Rules or Playing for Keeps, then you know the real dynamics between Krause and Jackson, Jordan, and Pippen. It was not pretty. At all. And Jordan, who has as much sway as anyone in professional basketball outside of David Stern and Worldwide Wes, has never forgotten the bad blood.

Interesting dynamics all around, even so long after the fact. I’m rooting for that, just because awkward moments on television are pretty much my lifeblood. Hard to argue Krause isn’t deserving, though.

Finally, Bill Fitch needs in, like yesterday. This has to be rectified.

  1. rajbais - Sep 8, 2012 at 6:54 PM

    These guys deserve it for sure because of Hall of Famers that are similar to them.

    1. Bernard King, North American Committee.

    4. Tim Hardaway, North American.

    6. Mitch Richmond, North American.

    7. Maurice Cheeks, North American.

    8. George McGinnis, ABA.

    9. Rick Pitino, North American.

    They deserve it!!!

    Jerry Krause did not do enough to be worthy of the HOF!!! He had Phil Jackson and no one is good or at their best without him!!!

    If you elect stupidity when common sense is in your face you don’t deserve respect!!!!

    Krause did that. He was a bad GM without Phil for a reason. He hired Tim Floyd (ugh) as a replacement, traded Elton Brand in his prime for a worse and raw Tyson Chandler, and signed crap guys like Kornel David, Dragan Tarlac, Eddie Robinson, and drafted Dalibor Bagaric.

    Phil Jackson was the real architect!!! Jackson is smart enough to identify talent. Why else was Dennis Rodman in Chicago?

    If Krause was so great why not go to another team and build success there??

    Jerry West says he left Los Angeles because Phil Jackson’s presence made him feel unwelcome. He helped turn around the Grizzlies. Ernie Grunfeld’s resume is better than Krause’s because Krause did as many or more bad things as he did during the Jordan years. No one has hired him even as a consultant!!!!!!!!! If he’s so good why does no one want him???

    Yes he has 6 titles, but Rod Thorn drafted Jordan, Phil Jackson wanted and ultimately got Rodman; but from 1999-2003 Krause did enough to not get in. At least Jerry West good stuff with LA and Memphis after the 1980’s!!!!

    Ernie Grunfeld turned around every franchise that he touched; the Knicks, Bucks, and Wizards. He doesn’t deserve to be there now, but Krause has no NBA job for a reason.

    Jordan, Pippen, Rodman/Grant (you need a big man to get a title. Go ask Chris Bosh), and Phil Jackson made Krause. Krause elected stupidity after they left and people sitting at home knew how bad he was!!! They knew what was a good and bad move because the moves he made were obvious (mainly the bad ones)!!!

    To smear your legacy with what you did from 1999-2003 makes you very unworthy for the hall because smart and able people don’t act THAT stupid!!!!!

    Not to get off an NBA topic, but Krause was a YANKEES scout during the mid-2000’s!!! A scout!!!! They fired his after a few years anyways because they were playoff bound with or without him because they were the ‘Damn Yankees’ with George Steinbrenner’s money!!!!! HE STUNK ON PLAYOFF BOUND TEAM AND HE WORKED AS A SCOUT FOR THE WHITE SOX TOO!!!

    Why is Krause so special???? He isn’t!!!! NO HOF FOR HIM AT ALL!!!

  2. fanz928 - Sep 8, 2012 at 7:11 PM

    I think if they are mentioned then they are worth the hof if not deserved why mention them

  3. tcclark - Sep 8, 2012 at 11:40 PM

    The Guys Who Deserve it
    Bernard King – one of the best scorers in league history
    Maurice Cheeks – One of the All-time great true point guards
    Bobby Jones – One of the top five greatest defensive players in league history. If he and Bernard King were to combine to form one player, they would have been unstoppable. If you don’t know Bobby Jones look him up. The Sixth Man award should be called the Bobby Jones Award.

    The Guys Who should wait a bit
    The Glove – Gary’s a Shoo in but he’s not a first ballot hall of famer
    Mark Jackson – He has the numbers but he never had that “Hall of fame perception”
    Rick Pitino – wait until he retires
    George McGinnis – I think he’ll eventually make it, but I don’t think it will be next year

    The Guys I’m Iffy on
    Mitch Richmond – If you were to ask me months ago if Mitch Richmond should be a Hall of Famer I would have laughed, but the truth is, During his career, he was a better version of Reggie Miller. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true. Look at the All-NBA Team lists. Reggie Miller made three third teams, but Richmond made 3 Second Teams, and 2 third teams. Reggie was a 5 time all-star in 18 years, Mitch was a 6 time all-star in 13 years and was the MVP in 95. He was also the Rookie of the Year, his rookie season, and has better career averages in points, rebounds, and assists, all while shooting 39% from three ( Reggie Shot 39.5%). If Reggie can get in, shouldn’t Mitch Richmond?

    Tim Hardaway – Matt says he’s an easy pick, and when you look at his career numbers they’re pretty good (better than Reggie Miller’s actually) , but Kevin Johnson has better career averages, put up some pretty historic seasons statistically (three straight seasons of 20 pts and 10 assists), and has 5 all-nba team selections (4 2nd teams). Why is it that Tim Hardaway is an easy pick, but Kevin Johnson isn’t even up for discussion?

  4. scalfor3 - Sep 9, 2012 at 3:14 AM

    russell’s celtics are the greatest dynasty in any sport. 11 titles in 13 years! theres no argument

  5. diamondmo33 - Sep 9, 2012 at 4:33 AM

    Krause didn’t draft pippen.

  6. glink123 - Sep 9, 2012 at 7:18 AM

    The Sonics drafted Scottie. The Bulls drafted Olden Polynice and traded him for SP on a draft-day deal.

  7. najee12 - Jan 9, 2013 at 10:51 PM

    I’m sorry, but I don’t see how an argument can be made for Mark Jackson to be in the Basketball Hall of Fame. He was a slightly above average point guard who happened to play in the NBA for nearly 20 years.

    For the most part in speaking about NBA players in the Basketball Hall of Fame, players tend to fall into two rough classes — those who have the sheer level of top-level play almost regardless of team success (see Charles Barkley) and those who were mostly all-star level players who have sufficient team success (see Robert Parish, James Worthy) to warrant induction. Spot role players like K.C. Jones are very rare entries — and even K.C. got inducted by a veterans committee while he was in the spotlight as the Celtics coach in the late 1980s.

    Mark Jackson simply doesn’t fall into any of those categories. He played on teams that did have various levels of success (including starting for the East champion Indiana Pacers in the 2000), but the primary problem is that he wasn’t more than a slightly above average player who happened to play a long time.

    With that, Gary Payton should be a first-ballot choice. The Glove was a perennial all-star and all-NBA player who was a nine-time NBA All-Defensive team member. You can make the case for Payton being one of the top six or seven point guards in NBA history.

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