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Kings make obvious official: team not moving to Virginia Beach

Aug 24, 2012, 11:39 AM EDT

Phil, George, Gavin Maloof AP

The second this “Kings to Virginia Beach” rumor started to gain traction online, it was clearly not realistic — there are no designs for an arena in Virginia, no financing in place, not one approval and nobody had really talked to the league about it. This was the backers of the idea of an arena in Virginia Beach trying to make their case that teams were interested.

To put a nail in this coffin there is this, from CBS13 in Sacramento via ESPN:

“We haven’t talked to Virginia Beach,” Joe Maloof told CBS13 in Sacramento.

That would be the owner of the team saying no. So can we move on now?

Well, we can from this rumor, but there will be others — Kansas City, Seattle, Las Vegas, Anaheim and maybe more to come. Places that have or can likely get an arena are out there.

So it comes back to the Maloofs. They could make a commitment to Sacramento, but they have not. They could work toward a solution to getting an arena in Sacramento rather than just shooting ideas down. They say they aren’t moving the team, but does anybody trust what they say? Tom Ziller gets into this at Sactown Royalty, go read his stuff.

The fact is the Maloofs are looking for some investor to come in and buy a minority share of the Kings and build a brand $400 million (or so) new arena for them — give the Kings a new building (wherever) but leave the Maloofs in charge of the team. Good luck with that.

  1. helinhater - Aug 24, 2012 at 2:53 PM

    Kurt, aside from the fact you’re regurgitating things you used in past articles, right down to how you word your quips, you could be wrong.

    Here’s why: You genuinely believe for a second that comment from one of the Maloof brothers somehow means it isnt happening?

    So, using that logic, the team should have already agreed to a deal to stay in Sacramento since the brothers both publicly said they were committed to that.

    What’s that, Kurt? They DON’T have an agreement in Sacramento? But…But…HOW? You just told us that if the owner says something, we should trust it!

    Why would you lie to us Kurty?!

    It’s clear that ownership groups will lie to achieve their desired outcome. It’s known that the commissioner will do the same. The situation in Sacramento is largely untenable.

    What if the crux of your argument is wrong?

    Kurt – fun question – when was ground broken on the new Barclays Center in Brooklyn?

    I’ll answer for you – 2010. The stadium will be holding games 2 years later.

    What if Comcast is willing to partner with the Maloofs? They own the Flyers…they owned the 76ers upon a time. Is this that far fetched to you? Or do you just arrogantly believe that it is because you’re based in California and believe you somehow have your finger on the pulse because of that?

    What if the tax payers in a region starved for professional sports are willing to shoulder some of the cost of a new arena in conjunction with Comcast?

    What if Comcast has designs on opening a brand new, 18K seat arena called the Comcast Center while allowing their arena management company, Global Spectrum, to operate said arena? Year round, concerts, games, and various other events can utilize this brand new building alongside the eastern seaboard.

    What if the Maloofs see an opportunity to transform a beach front area, perhaps with a shiny new hotel? Let’s call it Palms East for fun.

    What if the Maloofs see a government and a partner willing and committed to making it work? More than can be said for the rumors of Kansas City or elsewhere.

    You can highlight the negatives…the small TV market…but then you ignore the reality that this wouldnt be a city-centric team. This would be a regional franchise that would piggyback off two other top-75 TV markets.

    The VB area can support a team at games. The state of Virginia as a whole can back the team via TV.

    Who are the two biggest cable providers in VA? Verizon…AND COMCAST.

    For the sake of conversation, could the Maloofs potentially sell a chunk of the team to Comcast (say 30% + naming rights to the stadium) in return for the new arena, then sell off smaller chunks of their leftover ownership to celebrity owners like music figures Timbaland, Missy Elliot, Pharrell; Virginia Beach locals such as Michael Vick, Bruce Smith, Allen Iverson, Percy Harvin, David Wright, Lawrence Taylor or other individuals from the state of VA?

    Yes, that would be possible.

    And as we’ve seen with the Nets, players seem to gravitate to celebrity owners who own a fraction of a team.

    Lastly, should the silence not be viewed as smoke?

    We hear about every potential move LONG before a city seemingly has anything lined up. In this case, you’ve heard about a possible move less than a week before a meeting involving many key figures will take place, alongside rumors of a legitimately rich partner that may be willing to attach their name and bank account without demanding ownership control.

    If it makes you feel smart to shut it down Kurt, that’s tremendous for you.

    But if it was that absurd, it wouldnt have garnered multiple mentions on Pro Basketball Talk.

    Keep up your mediocre work.

  2. helinhater - Aug 24, 2012 at 3:42 PM

    Follow up comment:

    “We haven’t talked to Virginia Beach,” Joe Maloof told CBS13 in Sacramento.

    Did Maloof also deny contact with Comcast?

    He didn’t? Huh. That’s weird since it’s Comcast promising to deliver a team.

    “Comcast-Spectacor has guaranteed that if an arena deal is approved, the company would bring a professional sports team to town.”

    So…you’re telling me that there is NO chance the Maloofs are utilizing a conversational loop-hole by denying they spoke with one involved party…without mentioning conversations they’ve held with another party whose presence is a linch pin to the whole process?

    Sounds good.

    (I also love that Kurt takes the time to vote Thumbs Down everytime I bash him here.)

    • lmoneyfresh - Aug 24, 2012 at 5:21 PM

      I love how you make sure to give yourself the only thumbs up too.

    • sackofrice - Aug 24, 2012 at 6:03 PM

      kurts not the only one voting here.

  3. eugenesaxe - Aug 25, 2012 at 10:32 PM

    “That would be the owner of the team saying no.”
    Yeah, because owners NEVER EVER speak untruths.
    What should have ended the speculation is when the words “Virginia Beach” were spoken.

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