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Jason Terry has been learning Ray Allen’s plays

Aug 17, 2012, 9:15 PM EDT

Jason Terry AP

Jason Terry is not going to be Ray Allen.

The Celtics don’t want him to be. He’s never going to be the pure shooter Allen has been (who is?) but Terry can create his own shot and do things Allen can’t. And Terry likes being the sixth man, he thrives in that role.

But Terry told he has been watching film and learning some of Allen’s plays.

“I have been watching film and watching Ray Allen, the way he maneuvers and works off screens,” Terry said, noting that one of his goals this offseason has been to become a better jump shooter while curling off of said screens.

“I believe in [Celtics head coach] Doc [Rivers]’ system. He’ll have me do some of those things, so curling the three, that’s a tough shot, it’s off balance. And that’s just one that I will add.”

It’s smart by Terry, Boston doesn’t want to start radically changing what they do, so having Terry in some of Allen’s spots makes sense. He will also create plays for himself and others that Allen just could not do at this point in his career.

Terry is one of the key reasons Boston got better this offseason. Maybe not as much as some Celtics fans seem to think, but they got better.

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  1. money2long - Aug 17, 2012 at 9:32 PM

    ray allen possesses 3 key attributes needed to get a deal as an old guy in the nba.

    pure shot
    high IQ

    guys who rely on athleticism and talent quickly learn there aren’t too many deals when those things start to diminish.

    • money2long - Aug 17, 2012 at 9:33 PM

      ^this just pertains to wing players.

    • thomaskouns - Aug 18, 2012 at 12:04 PM

      Great point.

      That’s why you see a lot of players take a huge statistical spiral around 27/28 if they haven’t been working on their basketball skill set over the years.

      Nowistki, Bryant, KG in particular are all guys who added a lot of longevity to their careers by expanding their repetoire every off-season.

  2. j0esixpack - Aug 18, 2012 at 9:08 AM

    It’s not just Terry. Having Bradley as the starter instead of Allen should help too, and Terry is an upgrade over Allen on the bench (regardless of whether Heat fans think they have the better Sixth man)

    Although I still can’t figure out why Bradley did so poorly against the Heat in the playoffs. After all, from what I read here the Celtics were healthy and were lucky the Heat were injured.

    • phaden27 - Aug 18, 2012 at 11:28 AM

      Maybe because the man’s shoulder separated during one of the games.
      Paul Pierce had a bum knee,
      Ray Allen had bone spurs in his ankles.
      And they still took the Heat to 7 games.

      • j0esixpack - Aug 18, 2012 at 12:38 PM

        I only know what Kurt tells me – and he tells me that a healthy Celtics team was lucky to take an injured Heat team to 7 games.

        Now if I can just figure out why I can’t find any stats for Bradley in the Eastern Championship series..

    • phaden27 - Aug 18, 2012 at 12:43 PM

      Bah, I thought he dislocated it against the Heat.

      • j0esixpack - Aug 18, 2012 at 12:55 PM

        You must be mistaken.

        If you read Kurt Helin and PBT more often you’d know that Paul Pierce didn’t have an injured knee, Ray Allen didn’t have bone spurs, and that the Celtics, along with Bradley were fully healthy.

        That’s what allowed the Celtics to take an old decimated injured Heat to the final minutes of Game 7…

        … according to what I read here that is.

  3. blue18hutthutt - Aug 18, 2012 at 9:23 AM

    I respect the Celtics but I hope the JET crashes and burns miserably ..never could stand this overrated blow-hard who clearly thinks he’s better than he is

  4. 1972wasalongtimeago - Aug 18, 2012 at 11:33 AM

    That picture of Jason Terry doing the airplane thing was after he hit a basket that took his efficiency from 1-6 to 2-7.

    • scalfor3 - Aug 18, 2012 at 2:44 PM

      man you are bitter. this guy balled out against your team two years ago

      • 1972wasalongtimeago - Aug 19, 2012 at 1:04 PM

        And he was horrible in ’06. The whole Mavs team was out of their minds last year. Just wasn’t our time yet. YET.

  5. rrussellndfan - Aug 19, 2012 at 10:08 AM

    Terry is not better than Allen on a team. Which is what they are playing on. Lol. I mean seriously allen is the BEST 3 point shooter in the game and I guarantee you he scores more than terry next year and I guarantee the heat have a better record. He will hit the 3 all day while James and wade drive the lane.

    • jimeejohnson - Aug 19, 2012 at 9:02 PM

      You should “guaranteez it” like that old Louisiana chef used to in the early, early days of cable tv cooking shows. A plain old guarantee is relatively worthless in comparison.

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