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Video: Jeremy Lin sinks game winning three vs. Raptors

Feb 14, 2012, 10:11 PM EDT

And the legend grows — now reaching Canada.

Check out the swagger on Jeremy Lin. With the game tied 87-87 the Knicks missed a shot but got the offensive board and reset for a final shot. What does Lin do? Back the ball out to halfcourt, call for the rest of the Knicks to flatten out along the baseline so he can isolate against Jose Calderon, then drains the game winning pull-up three.

Toronto owned this game for the first three quarters. They outworked and out classed the Knicks, particularly in the backcourt where Calderon put up 12 points in the first quarter on his way to 25 for the game. Toronto was very physical with Lin and forced him into tough shots. Amare Stoudemire was back and finished with 21 (on 22 shots) but you know there is rust when Aaron Gray is blocking his shots. New York struggled to reintegrate him into the offense. The Raptors led by as many as 17.

Then came the fourth quarter. The Knicks upped their defensive pressure and the Raptors turned the ball over nine times in 12 minutes, shot 33 percent and scored just 12 points. Lin scored 12 points in the quarter.

And when the game was on the line, he was magic.

Linsanity knows no bounds, no boarders. Canada has been indoctrinated.

And that is six straight wins for the Knicks (with the Kings on tap Wednesday). Lin finished with 27. But that felt like just part of the story.

  1. sguy2130 - Feb 14, 2012 at 10:16 PM

    That was the least exciting game winning shot I’ve ever seen. Thumbs down if you agree.

    • tampajoey - Feb 14, 2012 at 10:53 PM

      Your comment is stupid. Thumbs up or thumbs down if you agree.

    • youreyesareweird - Feb 15, 2012 at 2:23 PM

      hater’s gonna hate.

  2. mlblogsbig3bosox - Feb 14, 2012 at 10:23 PM

    What can I say.. All he does is Lin

  3. captainwisdom8888 - Feb 14, 2012 at 10:24 PM

    This man is so dangerous, and when he refines his game he is going to be downright surgical with it. Melo better part ways with his “GET BUCKETS” mentality if he wants to fit into the new culture of the Knicks…otherwise he’ll be sent packing real soon.

    • therookie773 - Feb 15, 2012 at 12:15 AM

      I agree with a bit of what you’re saying but Melo’s job and his skillset is to “Get buckets” you can’t really ask more of Melo. He’s an awful defender and not your typical assist man. However, lin will make the job a lot easier for Melo now that Melo doesn’t have to try and act like a facilitator, now it’s just gonna be pick and roll into pick and pop for Melo or amare from Lin.

  4. trbowman - Feb 14, 2012 at 10:40 PM

    I love watching this guy play!

  5. trbowman - Feb 14, 2012 at 10:41 PM

    Sadly for the Knicks, the black hole will be back in the lineup soon.

  6. velascochad - Feb 14, 2012 at 10:43 PM

    once again, you made your HIGH EXPECTATIONS ASIAN FATHER PROUD for 0.9 seconds.

    now, why you still not a doctor? lol

    good job? why not excellent job?

    1000 thumbs up to make high expectations asian father smile.

    • slowclyde86 - Feb 15, 2012 at 4:42 AM

      Why do you think this racist garbage is ok or the least bit funny? Would you write this junk about other races? Stop it.

      • anotheryx - Feb 15, 2012 at 10:28 AM

        All Asians know it’s funny, because it’s true. Asians make high expectation father jokes, others make small penis jokes.

      • dirtydavis - Feb 15, 2012 at 2:02 PM

        Quit being a lil mija!!! Asian Father is freaking hilarious. How about quit being a lil snatch and go change your tampon

      • velascochad - Feb 15, 2012 at 9:20 PM

        woops, brace yourselves, anti-joke chicken has arrived.

  7. bklynfatpants - Feb 14, 2012 at 10:46 PM

    If the Knicks go without another loss, when Melo gets back the scrutiny will be so intense on him that there is no way Melo does not give in to the team philosophy. We all know Amare can hang with the team game, as well as the rest of the squad. Melo’s talent is undeniable, but I think Melo knows that if he botches this chemistry up he will be pegged as ballhog the rest of his career.

    When the Linsanity started I thought there is no way it is going to mesh with Melo and Amare, but I’ve done a 180, and I believe! Go Knickerbockers!

    • 00maltliquor - Feb 15, 2012 at 1:19 AM

      Well said. I can’t believe how amazing this kid is. I hope he keeps it up, he’s one helluva incredible story.

  8. theripster30 - Feb 14, 2012 at 10:55 PM

    Didn’t you go out of your way with no basis whatsoever to call Lin a fluke no more than 14 days ago? What happened to that, Kurt?

    • theripster30 - Feb 15, 2012 at 12:01 AM

      In case you missed it…

    • md23rewlz - Feb 15, 2012 at 12:42 AM

      It’s pretty crazy that a writer would say that an NBA player with no previous track record who had a few good games might possibly come back down to earth. I hate it when people use logic like that. In the future, all posts should just be along the lines of “____ had a great game, therefore ___ will continue to have great games because why try to take a wait and see approach or look at things in context when you don’t have to!” Lin has had a great stretch of games, but anybody who begrudges a writer for a column like this is being silly. I would much prefer writers to take a critical eye and be wrong from time to time than to just lather every single player with praise. But if I’m in the minority, so be it. The rest of you can pile on because somebody happens to take a contrary opinion.

      • theripster30 - Feb 15, 2012 at 5:22 AM

        OK. You don’t get it, but that’s fine. Maybe you’re too busy being condescending. If you read the article I’m referencing, it was never about might. His downfall was spoken as fact in the title, Lin was labeled “not a great point guard”, and his immediate success was called a coincidence in that same sentence. Now, in the article above, the attitude is the complete opposite. Swagger, leadership, Linsanity! It has nothing to do with being wrong. It’s about passing ignorance off as fact just to turn it around a few days later.

      • savvybynature - Feb 15, 2012 at 7:33 AM

        It’s one thing to take a critical eye, it’s another to just say so-and-so won’t be able to keep it up WITHOUT offering a critique of their game. He didn’t offer a reason that Lin will eventually fail, he just implied he will. No one hates Kurt or anything, you don’t have to rush to his defense like it’s your grandma. We just enjoy seeing him eat some crow when he is wrong. It comes with being a pundit. Kurt is a grown arse man, if he can dish out criticism he can probably take a little too.

      • Kurt Helin - Feb 15, 2012 at 3:11 PM

        I did offer a critique of his game — he was shooting 9 percent from three and 28 percent outside 5 feet a couple games into this run, I thought that would catch up with him. He’s now knocking down those shots. I said his left hand is weak, it is, but he’s making plays going that way now. His game has grown, his confidence has grown.

        Again, I saw this guy in person and I talked to scouts starting at 2010 summer league. I was far from alone in thinking he was not capable of this. He proved me wrong. I can admit that.

      • leearmon - Feb 15, 2012 at 7:43 AM

        Amen savybynature.

    • southbeachtalent - Feb 15, 2012 at 9:28 AM

      playing the result…

      I think the guy can ball, but many players have a good season, half-season, post-season and so on. I am also taking the wait and see approach.

    • cosanostra71 - Feb 15, 2012 at 9:58 AM

      It’s fair enough to say that a player with a high turnover rate like Lin is going to come crashing back to Earth. However, it’s also fair to say that a player with only 6 or 7 starts is going to have turnover problems. He will come back to Earth- but all young players with little experience like him do. He is going to be a good player for a long time, but you have to remember how young he is. I didn’t read the article you are referring to, but that is my opinion

    • berbes - Feb 15, 2012 at 10:10 AM

      Well, as Mr. Kurt would say, he’s no LaBron………

    • Kurt Helin - Feb 15, 2012 at 3:07 PM

      He’s proved me wrong, he has gained confidence and fit in his outside shot and now is playing very well. I still think he comes back to earth somewhat, but right now he’s riding the wave and it’s fun to watch. I’m not the only guy who saw him play and didn’t think he was capable of this, I can live with that.

  9. rmfields - Feb 14, 2012 at 11:21 PM

    I’ve been following this guy since I read an article about him in Sports Illustrated during his playing days in Harvard. It honestly brings a tear to my eye seeing how far he has come. Keep going, Lin!

  10. espnhater - Feb 14, 2012 at 11:35 PM

    What wasn’t this game in Toronto? Then why are the canucks cheering for the wrong team. Silly Canadians, stick to hockey which is 2x better than basketball.

  11. stadix093 - Feb 14, 2012 at 11:53 PM

    I guess you can say I’m AlL in on the bandwagon. You see what I did there?! Okay I apologize. Seriously though it’s fun to see hard work pay off. I wish every team was good, it makes for a better product. Instead, my Lakers are falling off and the Bobcats exist. Sigh.

  12. cordae - Feb 15, 2012 at 1:20 AM

    Swagger is right, this kid INTENTIONALLY held the ball down to 5 seconds as if he knew that shot was his. Thats the moments G.O.A.T’s live for. That amount of confidence conjured up in just 5 starts is amazing to me, all on the biggest stage in the world. I’m a fan..

  13. notacelticsfan - Feb 15, 2012 at 3:56 AM

    I love the guy, love the story, love his game, think he’s gonna be in the league for awhile but…this really is the most unsustainable run I’ve ever seen.

    This “Lin” won’t continue.

  14. henryd3rd - Feb 15, 2012 at 5:17 AM

    Feel sorry for those folks that have missed these games because they got caught up in that crap with MSG and their cable provider. That is really “Linsane”!

  15. henryd3rd - Feb 15, 2012 at 5:26 AM

    If I didn’t know that they were playing in Toronto I would have thought that they were playing in Madison Square Garden from he crowd’s reaction. I can’t ever remember seeing the opposition’s fans react this way when an opposing player excels in their building ever. Not Jordan not Kobe not anyone.

  16. turnmymicup - Feb 15, 2012 at 6:18 AM

    You can hate if you want to but no denying that Lin has IT right now. Everybody wants to see when he will cool off for what? Homie is playing fearless basketball and its very entertaining. Until a team steps up and plays lockdown defense he will remain on fire.

  17. 1972wasalongtimeago - Feb 15, 2012 at 8:38 AM

    Back at Harvard, this dude lifted all my notes in Molecular ad Cellular Biology. What an A-Hole.

    • mrznyc - Feb 15, 2012 at 9:12 AM

      I thought he was an economics major.

      • 1972wasalongtimeago - Feb 15, 2012 at 9:50 AM

        Next time I’ll Wikipedia the guy.

  18. r0llinginthedeep - Feb 15, 2012 at 9:01 AM

    That kid has some serious Onions. He’s incredible. I think I’ve developed a serious man-crush on him.

  19. nwodawg - Feb 15, 2012 at 9:34 AM

    What a great sports story but can you say, FLIP MURRAY!

    • moosington - Feb 15, 2012 at 12:34 PM

      Flip’s start was this ridiculous?

  20. dgforreal - Feb 15, 2012 at 12:49 PM

    If he bowed at half court after making this shot the swag-meter would have exploded.

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