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Gilbert Arenas apparently had “Kobe procedure” on knees

Feb 2, 2012, 12:04 PM EDT

Arenas magic

At some point this season, some team is going to take a chance on Gilbert Arenas. Despite the rumors I don’t think that team will be the Lakers, but somebody will.

And the guy they are getting apparently had the same experimental, German procedure on his knees that Kobe Bryant had.

That’s what Arenas’ former teammate and friend Nick Young told Kyle Weidie of Truth About It (a great Wizards blog).

“Yea, he’s been working out. He said he got the — I don’t know if I’m supposed to say this — but he got that Kobe treatment on his knees… [reporter makes joke about The Kobe System] “Yea, yea… you could say it’s the Kobe System, but he said it feels great, his knees feel great, and he’s been working out. When I seen him last time, he looked like he was in shape. He lost a lot of weight.”

Arenas didn’t play poorly last year, he just wasn’t a great fit for what the Magic want to do (which Orlando GM should have realized before the trade, he can’t shoot from distance and he’s not the shot creator he once was). But he was a solid veteran backup type guy in Washington, he can be again. Somewhere. And that team may get better knees than they expect.

  1. mjbulls45 - Feb 2, 2012 at 12:20 PM

    some of the best years of my life was when I was college and living in the DMV area,

    Gilbert was king and the Wizards were relevant and a popular team in the NBA,

    bc of Gil’s personality and on the court he was hitting game-winners, dropping 50 points, was incredible,

    the knee injuries took a toll on him , he lost the first step and lift on the 3 ball,

    I hope he comes back strong, and this time appreciates everything,

    I love the guy,

    I dont like the twitter stuff about the girls, Gil is better then that,

    I hope he goes to the Lakers and they also sign Rasheed, then they will become the real bad boyz of the NBA, i mean they would have Artest and Rasheed, the 2 guys from the Pistons brawl on the same team this time – AWESOME.

  2. trueballs - Feb 2, 2012 at 12:22 PM

    this could be very significant…Kobe’s knees last season were egg shells. he played around 33 mpg without practicing and everyone started writing his obituary. Now he’s leading the league in scoring and is playing around 37-38 mpg in a condensed schedule.

    Agent 0 could be a steal!

    • cinnalocks - Feb 2, 2012 at 12:41 PM

      Or a nightmare!!

  3. dalucks - Feb 2, 2012 at 1:06 PM

    I don’t want the Lakers to sign Gilbert Arenas, I prefer Agent Zero. If Agent Zero is coming to LA with good knees and the same funny personality he had with the Wizards then they should definitely add him to the team.

  4. jayedee - Feb 2, 2012 at 3:27 PM

    I will be disgusted in any team that picks up Gilbert Arenas. He single handedly destroyed the Wizards with non stop pranks and juvenile behavior. I am a season ticket holder and sit on the floor. The team captain back in 2008, Antawn Jamison, even asked Gilbert in training camp when he was screwing around again, “Are we going to take this year seriously?”.

    Gilbert had knee surgery twice. After the first surgery he blogged about re-negotiating his contract and told the world on his blog why it was so important: in case of injury. Sure enough, he renegotiated and in September 2008 all of the season ticket holders were given a notice he wouldn’t be playing until January at the earliest because he went back in for a second surgery. This was AFTER the Wizards got our full payments for the season. The season ticket holders were shocked – we knew the management of the Wizards knew this before the money was due and Gilbert had basically tricked them into giving him a new contract.

    In 2008 Gilbert hardly showed up for games to show team support and was rarely on the bench in a suit like the other injured players were. Gilbert told the media in November 2008 that maybe the Wizards should come out last just so they could get a first round draft pick. LAST? I was horrified. My seats cost $20,000 for a season on the floor (and I don’t have the most expensive seats) and this guy is telling the team to come out last?

    By the way, it was common knowledge that Gilbert got hurt the second time because he ignored his therapy restrictions and had gone out to play pick-up basketball in Berry Farms – the projects in DC. He was hurt out there and no-one held him accountable. The pranks he pulled on players was so out of control, the team never started to have a sense of what it is to be professional. Players like Caron Butler, Antawn Jamison, and Brendan Haywood got the heck out of DC simply because Gilbert was a cancer. Nick Young was a rookie and thought Gilbert was fun and cool – but that cancer killed a play-off team and caused Eddie Jordan, the Easter Conference All Star Game coach, fired as the coach in November of 2008 becuase of a no-winning start (how they penalized Jordan, when all of the starters just about were injured, is beyond me). Gilbert sat out the season and the ticket holders were never told he was getting surgery until the Wizards had our money.

    Gilbert has had rims stolen off of fellow players cars when they were on the road, defecated in a rookie’s shoes, and played pranks on the road in the 5 star hotels the team stayed at. Gilbert brining guns to the arena was the prank that got caught – but the others were all brushed under the rug. There was no discipline on the team with Gilbert because EVERYTHING was a joke. I personally resent that he knew he was hurt and played the team to get a new contract – and I resent even more that the Wizards hid it from the season ticket holders until they got our money in 2008. Ernie Grunsfield, the GM, should be ashamed with how he managed the team and allowed Gilbert to play his games without any ramifications from the management.

    Anyone who actually pays to go to the Wizards games back in 2008 and 2009 knows all of this. The guy is out of control. Who brings GUNS to work? That is a felony offense in DC and Gilbert got off easy with a half-way house sentence. The Wizards management covered up the offense for several weeks before it leaked to the media – they covered up Gilberts messes for so long, they couldn’t have their credibility for keeping him questioned. His photo was on a billboard on the side of the Verizon Center for goodness sakes.

    His tweets about what he does to women and why he only messes with women with kids is disgusting. His tweets have no sense of respect for himself or any woman he has sex with. His behavior is beyond juvenile.

    Any team who takes Gilbert needs to do a psychological profile of him. There is a lot of resentment in DC for how he destroyed a team – and with the Wizards management that let him.

    • jayedee - Feb 2, 2012 at 3:32 PM

      His gun offenses happened in the 2009/2010 season when he came back to play. He was never the same that year. The start players were all gone and he was the senior guy. No one on the team learned the dicipline that a veteran player should be teaching the team.

  5. namriverrat69 - Feb 2, 2012 at 5:11 PM

    Gilbert Arenas played at Arizona with Luke Walton. They have a great relationship which should assist Arenas with the transition to the Lakers if they sign him. He was a solid team player in college. He played in extreme pain with limited effect from torn stomach muscles in the Championship game against Duke.

    He can be a great team player again. I think all the money went to his head. Being Luke’s teammate again should be a good thing for Arenas and the Lakers. I’m sure he is fully aware of his track record and issues from his past. He would have an opportunity to play with Kobe and the rest of the Lakers. I think he would work his butt off to be an asset to the Lakers with the chance to get a ring.

    I’m sure Arenas knows his days in the NBA are numbered. He has tasted humble pie lately. He already has the money. Any chance he has to get a ring he would probably jump at.

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