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Rose admits foot pain may linger for rest of season

Jan 23, 2012, 6:12 PM EDT

Derrick Rose, Paul Pierce Getty Images

Derrick Rose will be back on the court with his Chicago Bulls Monday, slicing and dicing what passes for the New Jersey Nets defense.

He’d missed five games with a sprained big toe, essentially a turf toe injury by any other name. He tested it out at shootaround and then later in warmups and decided he was good enough to go tonight.

But it is he said Monday afternoon should make Bulls fans a little nervous — that this injury was going to likely linger all season long. Here’s the quote, via Aggrey Sam at

“I know that it’s never going to be right this year, but it’s just something I’ve just got to play through,” he said. “It’s my decision. If I choose to go out there and play, it’s up to me.

The Bulls can do okay without him for a stretch — they were 4-1 this time around while he sat. But there may be other times, other stretches this season (especially as the playoffs near) where prudence may dictate resting him for a game or two, let the foot heal somewhat and get back closer to normal.

The Bulls are good, but they are only title contenders if Rose is his explosive self. Which is why the admission he expects this injury to linger all season is a little concerning. Not yet reason for actual worry, Bulls fans, but concerning.

  1. brooklynbulls - Jan 23, 2012 at 9:24 PM

    I’d rather he kept that information to himself. Spare the fans that concern, and not expose his vulnerability to opponents.
    His jump shots are falling, but his explosiveness is not there tonight. As said before the team needs that to open up the floor and break down the opposing defense.

    • adnan604 - Jan 24, 2012 at 1:03 AM

      just the fact you got more thumbs down than thumbs up for that comment shows how many idiots (sorry I couldnt find any other words to use than idiot) we got commenting and reading on this site.
      I got massive thumbs down for saying LeBron was more skilled overall than pretty much any other baller to ever play including MJ and Kobe, it’s the truth but people didn’t wanna hear it..

      now back to your comment and to finish my thought in relevance to yours… In a professional sports league where we got advanced scouting, literally guys (scouts) coming to an arena basically spying on the opposing team game before their team actually comes to play them… not to forget all the super overblown stats companies feeding teams all types of stats as minuscule as where the opposing players eat prior to game days….
      so in an environment like that, this type of information that Rose just revealed is a gotdang goldmine to opposing team staff… they are gonna try to take advantage of this night in and night out for the rest of the season…

      btw, I’ve had ligament pain in my left toe for almost 4 months now, accidentally kicked a chair stubbed the toe, and it has only gotten slightly better now approaching the 4th month…. I lost a few inches off my vertical in these 4 months because of it… turf toe might not sound major when put in comparison some of these other injuries, but for a player who relies HEAVILY on being explosive, this is gonna definitely force him to change his approach on most game nights…
      I for one think it’s good for him, he needs to learn other things aside from relying on athleticism and getting to the hoop if he wants to remain in this league for a long time, everyone knows the athleticism span for NBA players takes a huge nose dive a few years into the league, even if you’re relatively healthy the whole time….
      and what do players like Rose, Westbrook and John Wall have if they don’t got athleticism ? i dont even have to answer that, it’s as simple as a crapload of turnovers

      • florida727 - Jan 24, 2012 at 8:38 AM

        “adnan”, thanks for attempting to come across as an expert on all things NBA and injury. Unfortunately, you accomplished neither. If there’s an “idiot” here, it’s you, for thinking LeBron is better than MJ or Kobe. No, I won’t cite the lack of jewelry. That has more to do with who you’re surrounded with as a “team” than any one individual player. However…

        LeBron is, and always has been, a very one-dimensional player. He got exposed, badly, by the Mavericks in last year’s Finals and was a virtual non-entity in the series. His outside shot, though getting better, is a far cry from MJ’s or Kobe’s. LeBron’s game is predicated on nothing more than slashing to the basket. One dimensional players don’t win titles. LeBron is a classic example of a media-created hype player. Physically, a beast. No question. But his skills don’t even put him in the conversation with Michael, or Kobe… except by apologists like you, and a few media hangers-on.

        As far as YOUR vertical jump is concerned, no one cares. So instead of sliding a credit card under your feet, now it’s only a sheet of paper. So what? Thanks for the self-promotion. Even attempting to appear athletically relevant on a site like this shows how shallow you must be. The solution for Rose is to wear a walking boot when he’s not playing or practicing. Take ALL the pressure off of the toe until it heals. I’ve had turf toe and I’m not near the athlete Rose is and it sidelined me for a long time even the little bit that I try to get out and work out.

  2. southbeachtalent - Jan 24, 2012 at 3:00 PM

    Common sense, rational thinking, and perspective are frowned upon on PBT. Please act accordingly.

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