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Otis Smith says nothing has changed with Dwight’s situation. Oh, and he’s receiving threats from fans.

Jan 8, 2012, 5:39 PM EDT

Otis Smith, Orlando Magic

Orlando General Manager Otis Smith sat down with the Orlando Sentinel this weekend, and as far as Dwight Howard‘s situation, which rumors had suggested Howard having rescinded his trade request, uh… yeah, status quo:

Sentinel: Has anything changed with Dwight’s situation?

Smith: No.

Sentinel: Has he pulled back the trade request?

Smith: No.

Sentinel: Has he expanded his list of preferred destinations?

Smith: Not to my knowledge.

Sentinel: Have the Magic granted his agent permission to speak to any team beyond the three teams: the Dallas Mavericks, the Los Angeles Lakers and the New Jersey Nets?

Smith: No.

via Orlando Magic: Orlando Magic General Manager Otis Smith assesses the Orlando Magic as they begin their West Coast road trip –

That’s pretty indicative of how tired of those questions Smith is. And it’s only January. He’s got three more months of this, at least. But anyone who honestly thought things were going to change has not seen the playbook. The way this works is that Howard keeps open the possibility of staying, while weighing his options and seeing how the season goes for his suitors. There will be no decision until the last possible minute,and part of that involves what Smith decides is for the best.

You know what’s not for the best?

Otis Smith getting threats against himself and his family from fans.

You can’t take one of these jobs, mine or Stan’s, and have thin skin. You have to have pretty thick skin. It’s not us; it’s the people around us that’s affected the most. We signed up for it. No one put a gun to our head and told us to take it. It’s our families that are affected the most.

Sentinel: Do you mean not having you at home?

Smith: No, just all the comments. Just because I don’t read it, that doesn’t necessary mean that they don’t or aren’t threatened by it.

Sentinel: When you say “threatened,” you don’t mean physically?

Smith: I’ve gotten those, too.

Sentinel: You have. But not your family?

Smith: No, I’ve gotten those, too.

Sentinel: What do you do in those cases? Do you call the police?

Smith: I just have to be a little extra cautious and let those around me know that the threat is there. But I don’t concern myself with it.

via Orlando Magic: Orlando Magic General Manager Otis Smith assesses the Orlando Magic as they begin their West Coast road trip –


The insanity of fans never ceases to amaze. For whatever mistakes he’s made, he’s been aggressive. You can look around the league any year and find teams who suffer because their GM fails to make any substantive upgrades or attempts at doing so. The Magic went to the Finals, and it was not a superhuman effort by Dwight Howard. It was a cohesive team effort. Smith’s made mistakes, the first and biggest being acquiring Vince Carter as “the piece to put you over the top.” He followed that up by bringing back Turkoglu and bringing in Arenas. But the effort has been there. And beyond all that?

No series of decision making by any GM for any team justifies making threats against a man or his family. Do we really have to go over this? Really?

So that’s today’s news update. Dwight Howard situation is status quo, and people are insane.

  1. Justin - Jan 8, 2012 at 6:03 PM

    This to me just resembles the situation with Lebron in Cleveland. An owner who just desperately wants to win and takes a few shots and misses. Then his superstar’s last year he is strapped with some bad contracts on old veterans. For the Magic’s sake i hope the result isn’t the same.

  2. ivro89 - Jan 8, 2012 at 6:06 PM

    Wait, so you really feel his first mistake was Vince Carter? Drafting Fran Vasquez and doing a sign and trade for Rashard Lewis (in order to bid against himself & give Rashard the ultimate max) weren’t mistakes? How about trading Trevor Ariza for Brian Cook and Maurice Evans? He then trades for VC, signs Duhon to big money, and follows that all up by trading all Orlando’s assets for Gilbert Arenas and to get back Turkoglu, the guy he let go for VC & had wildly underperformed since he left. I would challenge you to tell me what he has done right since he became GM. That Brandon Bass/Big Baby trade is really working out too huh?

    (btw, if your response is he was GM when Orlando got to the finals, that team was already in place. He got Rashard but gave him 30 million more than Houston was offering at the time for no reason.)

    I don’t advocate any threats EVER against a man or his family over what amounts to a child’s game, however, your lack of historical perspective of this man’s tenure as GM ad your apologist attitude to his body of work is ridiculous.

  3. mgscott - Jan 8, 2012 at 6:30 PM

    Watch out for those Cavaliers

  4. mrlitl - Jan 8, 2012 at 8:24 PM

    Who cares?

  5. raidmagic - Jan 8, 2012 at 9:52 PM

    Howard is gone. The sooner they trade him the better. I hate to see him go but it will be worse for this team to be torn apart by trade in a month or so from now if they are playing well and going good things.

  6. djanarchy757 - Jan 9, 2012 at 9:00 AM

    “Smith: I just have to be a little extra cautious and let those around me know that the threat is there. But I don’t concern myself with it.”
    that sounds like concern to me…justifiable concern…but concern non the less

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