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Report: NBA labor negotiations to resume on Wednesday

Oct 26, 2011, 12:06 AM EDT

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The pattern continues. First the NBA owners and players have an intense few days of negotiation. Then they break up with one side making an emotional outburst to the media. Then they cool off for a few days. Then they sit down at the table again and talk. And make incremental progress. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

NBA labor relations talks broke off last Thursday abruptly, despite the presence of a federal mediator, but the two sides will be back at the negotiating table on Wednesday, reports the New York Daily News.

The two sides are scheduled to meet in a midtown Manhattan hotel, according to league sources.

The resumption of talks is the reason the league held off on the cancellation of at least two more weeks of the regular season.

Not that it really matters if they cancel those games or not. Even if the two sides reached a deal this week — and with the gap of more than $1 billion over the course of the deal that is about as likely as Vin Diesel winning the Best Actor Oscar — they would have a hard time starting the season by Dec. 1. However, both sides see Christmas day games as a goal, a day that is usually almost a second opening day for the league, complete with marquee matchups on national broadcast networks.

When the two sides broke off talks last Thursday, they were miles apart on a new deal. The key gulf remains the owners demand for a 50/50 split of “basketball related income” — the players got 57 percent in the old deal and think they have made a major concession coming down to 52.5 percent. The owners want not only a larger slice of that pie but also to put in a new, harsher luxury tax to limit big spending teams as well as reductions of contract lengths and other steps that help them get out of bad deals. The players balk at giving up both percentage points and allowing a change in system.

But hey, they are talking again. So, if you want to be optimistic go ahead. Just be careful, they’ve burned us all before.

  1. pukpokito - Oct 26, 2011 at 1:05 AM

    Requesting the owners to take the 48-52% split.It is fair enough.The ball is on your court.Don’t try to act like bullies.You all make money.I am a common man who paid full price to see the Celtics play th e Clippers in Los Angeles last season.Close to the floor! I took a hit on my paycheck with that.There is plenty for you to go around. Please owners.Get this done.DONT be greedy. We the fans are blaming you know for this.Don’t make this worse.You will make money.57%-52% is a lot fdor the players to give.Please take it.

  2. thetooloftools - Oct 26, 2011 at 1:48 AM

    WOW … this is interesting.

    WCCO Minnesota’s Jason DeRusha reports that in 2010, the NBA had by far the highest arrest rate (5.1 percent) of the major professional sports leagues in America. Major League Baseball is second with an arrest rate of 2.1 percent last year. Believe it or not, the NFL is last with (2.0 percent) of its players in trouble.

    And let’s see… football has how many players on each team… and baseball has how many players on a team… and basketball has how many players on a team?
    The arrest rate for NBA players is OVER DOUBLE that of other sports with way less then 1/2 the players.
    Yea… I see a real problem here.
    A real problem… but God forbid personal conduct should be held accountable like the NFL.
    You arn’t even tested for weed in the NBA.

    • hail2tharedskins - Oct 26, 2011 at 5:33 AM

      WOW…what is interesting is that you don’t understand how statistics work.

      The percentages already take into account the number of players in the respective leagues, so your observation that the NBA has less players is meaningless! The arrest rate (percentage) already accounts for it. There are far less NBA players arrested than there are in the NFL and MLB, the reason that we hear so much about NFL players getting arrested is because there are so many more NFL players. That is where the arrest rate the study provided adjusts based on the total number of players. Your observation that NBA has way less than half the players than the other leagues would only be relevant if you were discussing actual arrest numbers not percentages, the arrest rate (percentage of players arrested) already accounts for the number of players in the league!

      I am not defending the players getting arrested in the NBA or any league for that matter. It is ridiculous that any athlete with the salaries they make ever gets arrested! But it is just as ridiculous that you get on your soap box and either don’t understand the data you are discussing or are intentionally misrepresenting the facts to paint the NBA players in an even worse light to suit your own agenda.

      • skids003 - Oct 26, 2011 at 8:15 AM

        And you wonder how many times they get off because of who they are.

      • thetooloftools - Oct 26, 2011 at 8:46 AM

        The overall pool of players is much SMALLER while the % of arrests is much HIGHER in the NBA. I stand by my point. You must be an NBA player. You don’t know even the most basic points of an argument. Go grab Kevin so he can “F everything up” again.

  3. denverdude7 - Oct 26, 2011 at 8:31 AM

    Just disband the entire league right now. In a year or two, reform the league under a new name and new business model.

    Cap the players salaries at 1 million / year and be done with it. Bron-Bron and the rest of these overpaid egomaniacs can go play in Italy, China or Iceland. But, you know what? They most likely won’t. Some would undoubtedly take the money and go overseas but the majority would stay right here in the good old USA.

    The entire league would be more affordable for the fans. Ticket prices would be much lower, beer wouldn’t cost $6.50, a hot dog wouldn’t cost $4.00 plus the arenas would be packed every night.

    So what if a few morons like Bron-Bron are out a few million dollars? If they want to play the sport they will take whatever they can get. If not, they can begin their exciting careers in the fast food industry earlier than they expected.

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