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David Stern’s PR tactics compared to picking up a woman

Oct 19, 2011, 11:51 AM EDT

David Stern AP

The NBA owners are winning the public relations battle.

Not because the owners are in the right, they are not. But rather we know the players and can’t relate to them and their salaries, even when they offer to take less money (which they have).

Also, David Stern is far better at the PR game than Billy Hunter and Derek Fisher for the union. Shannon Brown — most recently of the Lakers but a free agent whenever the lockout ends — talked about Stern’s tactics, as reported by Dave McMenamin of

“People can tell you anything,” Brown said. “It’s like a guy who wants to get next to a chick. He’s going to tell her anything he wants just to get next to her. Just like the audience and the fans are being told anything (by the owners’ side) just to keep them from going super crazy about what’s really going on behind the scenes.”

It’s an interesting thought experiment: Could David Stern pick up a girl at a bar? Actually, I don’t want to think about that.

As we’ve said before, the players have stood their ground because they see ownership’s offer as unfair. And the players have offered to give up more than $1 billion in salary over the life of the next labor deal while the owners have not given up a thing they already had in hand.

Doesn’t matter. The players can’t win the PR battle because even if they accepted the owners’ terms they’d be in the 1 percent, not the 99 percent. They get paid well to play a game. While there are sacrifices and challenges and a limited window to make their money, the players can’t win the PR battle because of how much money we are talking about.

  1. sguy2130 - Oct 19, 2011 at 12:13 PM

    At least Brown didn’t say the NBA players are slaves.

  2. edweird0 - Oct 19, 2011 at 2:47 PM

    Nice reference to the Occupy Wall Street movement

  3. marcusfitzhugh - Oct 19, 2011 at 4:15 PM

    I heard an interview last night where Shannon Brown said the same thing. When pressed as to exactly what the owners were doing behind the scenes – Shannon Brown said it wasn’t his place to say. Does Mr Brown really think there are things in the negotiations, “secret things that no one can talk about”, that would drive ME, a fan, super crazy? If so, he crazy. News Release: I’m a fan. I just want to see the games. If some player earns $4 million rather than $6 million, or some owner earns a gazillion dollars versus two gazillion, I don’t care. I’m here for the entertainment. Period. Shannon Brown, Jerry Buss, David Stern, Billy Hunter – none of those guys care what I make. Guess what? I don’t care what they make. I don’t wish them any ill will, but their income is their problem. Not mine. Just negotiate and agreement and drop the hype.

  4. jollyjoker2 - Oct 19, 2011 at 7:33 PM

    dear curt, stick your head up your behind and blow. Cause you don’t know who is right or wrong. Its a business deal idiot

  5. kahanapaniolo - Oct 20, 2011 at 2:46 AM

    Kurt you are a shill for the players. Shut up.

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