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LeBron biographer goes way down the hater rabbit hole

Oct 18, 2011, 3:38 PM EDT


You knew Scott Raab’s book on LeBron James was not going to be a love letter when the working title was “The Whore of Akron.”

Now that is the official title and the book is close to being ready for your Kindle (it’s released Nov. 15). To pimp it, Esquire has an excerpt (which shouldn’t be a shock, Raab writes for Esquire).(Hat tip to Eye on Basketball.)

While he has the right to write a book for Cleveland LeBron haters, to mock LeBron’s hairline and arrogance and the entire city of Miami, I think there are lines of decency not to be crossed. And Raab dances over one of them.

Lord. This is where LeBron James wants to play basketball, in front of sun-dried cretins who must be bribed to act as if they care about the game and the team. Where another superstar already is the Man in the locker room and on the court; where nobody in the media will ever mention his collapse against Boston, his phantom elbow pain, and his steadfast refusal to hold himself accountable for his team’s big-game failures.

For as long as I’ve been a fan, I’ve rooted hard against certain teams and players, but never have I hoped to see a career-ending injury — until tonight.

For me, that’s a step too far.

I think I fall in with most people — LeBron had the right to leave Cleveland for Miami, he just handled it about as poorly as one could. I don’t have a problem with him teaming up with other stars because loaded teams have been what wins in the NBA since before the Celtics owned the 60s with their loaded team. But the television announcement — for charity or not — was a major miscalculation. As was the pep rally for ticket holders (remember, there no longer is a “local media”). The move is one thing, the arrogance with which it appeared to be done is another. I think we’ve all been down that road, and most of us have now moved on.

(As an aside, the powerlessness smaller market owners felt watching LeBron choose to leave for less money is part of the reason we still have a lockout stuck on “system issues.” The owners mask it as “competitive balance” but in part what they really want is ways to keep their stars while moving their role players around more easily to build winners around those stars. What LeBron did flat out scared some owners because he had all the power.)

For me, it’s an entire other thing to wish injury on a person who makes his living with his body.

But if you still have venom left for LeBron (as opposed to some for the NBA owners and players union), then you will love Raab’s excerpt and book. Check it out.

  1. jgray30 - Oct 20, 2011 at 7:53 AM

    Blueintown….u r not saying the heat gone win 3rings in a row are u? Do u even know how hard that is? Wont happen point blank. Hed belucky enough to win 2 and I dont think that will happen if he dont upgrade his arsenal. Yea hes strong and can get to the basket at will. That makes him a great player? rebound and pass too. Thats bout it. And to be honest he should be crashin the boards as big as he is. All im saying is, when it REALLY matters, he dont got to the basket, he dont rebound, and hes scared to,shoot the ball. If thats ur def of a great player, ill pass. King James? Not so much.

  2. 4437rat - Oct 20, 2011 at 2:27 PM

    I get it . Scott Raab leaves Cleveland and he gets hooked up with a swell cushy job with esquire , and now it is his right to disrespect LeBron Jmaes to the point where we that live in Cleveland consider Scott Raab the shame of Cleveland not LeBron.

    I knew Scott when he was just a dumpy little mama’s boy waddling around Cleveland bragging about how though , he was of the chosen tribe he preferred a rther non distinguished over rated corned beef sandwich from a hyped up beanery downtown.

    Such a putz , that to make short of his assignment for esquire he tossed in a review of a standard bar b que joint just down the block from the corned beef joint as good measure.

    The fact that this clown draws any attention to his constant bad mouthing of Le Bron shows just how low a publisher will go to dish dirt in the name of profit.

    I wish no harm come to Le Bron or Scott. That being said , the pair of them could both use some therapy in regards to polite behavior.

    The fact that Scott disrespects obese people in his first few paragraphs only proves how insecure he must be about his new found svelte self.

    If his publisher knew what was up they would kill this dog of a rant disguised as some tasteless example of ” new journalism ” , before it is remaindered the day after it’s publication.

    I am betting that the ” Whore ” will never see a paperback edition.

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