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Report: Pacers owner wants Reggie Miller to replace Bird

Aug 18, 2011, 11:30 AM EDT


After listening to Reggie Miller broadcast NBA games, would you hire him to be your team’s general manager?

I wouldn’t even let him run my fantasy team, but if a GM gig gets him out of the broadcast booth I am fully supportive of it.

Larry Bird is going to step down at the end of this season as the guy running the Indiana Pacers basketball operations, and owner Herb Simon apparently does not watch the same broadcasts you and I do and he wants Miller to replace Bird, reports Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

Simon has considered this possibility for several years, sources said, and thinks the timing could be right to groom Miller to run his basketball operations. This is likely Miller’s one chance to ever run a team. And where else would he rather do it, but in the city, the state, where he became basketball royalty?

Nevertheless, there’s risk for everyone. Miller has a cushy national TV analyst’s job with TNT, and he’d have to jeopardize his standing as an iconic Indiana figure. He’s the greatest, most beloved player in Pacers history. He’ll take hits upstairs that he never had to take on the court.

It is possible Simon would do something like re-hire Donnie Walsh (who ran the Pacers before going to the Knicks) to teach Miller the ropes for a couple years before letting Reggie have the run of the place.

If Simon is set on a star former Pacer running the show, I would go with Chris Mullin personally. But again, if this gets Miller out of the broadcast booth, I am supportive in the same way I was when the Warriors hired Mark Jackson.

  1. musilly - Aug 18, 2011 at 1:20 PM

    Haha, harsh but fair. Miller has an annoying voice and was just obnoxious as a broadcaster. At least Jackson had an occasionally amusing rapport with Van Gundy.

  2. jsprunner - Aug 18, 2011 at 4:41 PM

    You know, Kurt, if you know more about basketball and could do a better job in the broadcast booth than either Mark Jackson or Reggie Miller, maybe your time would be better spent trying to convince some network of those facts. As it is, I like watching and enjoying the games and I don’t remember wishing either of these guys were somewhere else.

    Despite my initial enthusiasm for this site, I seem to come back here less and less. Maybe it’s because of the lockout and there really isn’t much substantive to talk about, but maybe it’s the ongoing concept of forming snap opinions before any data has been generated. You aren’t in a position to assess whether Mark Jackson will be a solid coach or whether Reggie Miller will be a good executive, no matter how much you dislike them in the broadcast booth. Who knew Pat Riley could leave the broadcast booth and have the impact he ultimately had on the game as a coach, etc.? I don’t think it was obvious before the opportunity came around. And even then he took over a team that had just won a championship (and had Magic and Kareem). Did anyone have Phil Jackson earmarked for greatness when he took over for Doug Collins?

    I appreciate you responding to my early emails when I couldn’t read this site on my smart phone, and I’m glad you now have an app that fixes that issue. It’s just too bad I don’t use it as much as I thought I would.

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