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NBA labor meeting yields no progress, but they’ll talk again

Aug 1, 2011, 5:48 PM EDT

derek Fisher AP

It’s day 32 of the NBA lockout — meet the new lockout, same as the old lockout.

For the first time since the lockout started the two sides sat across the table from one another for nearly three hours in New York Monday but afterwards players union president Derek Fisher emerged to say little had been accomplished, that the two sides are pretty much in the exact same place as 32 days ago. There is this quote from Fisher (via a tweet from Ken Berger of

“A lot of ideas are being thrown around, but it’s become clear that the bottom line is the bottom line.”

Um, yea. It’s all about the money. The Benjamins. The bank.

The challenge was the owners first want to figure out the big issue — the split of Basketball Related Income and how to define that number — while the players came into Monday’s meeting looking to talk about system issues like the type of salary cap and length of contracts. Apparently that went nowhere. The two sides are not even discussing non-monetary issues such as drug testing yet.

If you want a bright side, the two sides agreed to try and schedule another meeting this month where they could meet for two or three consecutive days. Okay, that’s not much progress. Sorry, that’s the best we’ve got. Also, Fisher told reporters that the union is not yet looking to decertify (although that is still on the table).

We warned you not to get your hopes up about the first meeting of NBA owners and players since the lockout started. We meant it. If we don’t see any progress in five or six weeks, then you should really start to worry.

  1. randysavage4ever - Aug 2, 2011 at 3:00 AM

    lets argue some more about money while the rest of the country is starving

    or lets argue some more about money so the owners can play more golf and treat NBA players like slaves

    and the NBA players who get money can put RIMS ON CARS – THEY SPINNIN!!!!- chris rock

    and buy ice and all that fly gucci stuff

    while the people in Africa done even have water and die every day….

    way to be supportive of the homeland guys – really….

    has anyone ever been to Africa?

    go there once and then come back and agree with NBA players lifestyles,

    u say its not their fault etc…but it is there responsibility to give back. is it not?

    its the mother land , its their people, and they were blessed with that opportunity, so use ur money for good

    not rims, clubs, girls, multiple homes, jewewlry etc…

    am i wrong? really.

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