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Knicks targeting Jonny Flynn?

Jun 19, 2011, 8:59 AM EDT

Jonny Flynn

Back when Mike D’Antoni first took over as head coach of the Knicks and they were trying to get back on their feet, the Knicks signed a player they thought would be the point guard of the future. With D’Antoni’s system so reliant on a distributing playmaker, grabbing a versatile point guard who had shown some promise was of vital importance. Surely with D’Antoni developing him, he would become a huge part of the future of the Knicks and provide them a building block at a key position.

That player was Chris Duhon, who you may remember from such recent films as “Honey, I Shrunk Behind Gilbert Arenas in the Magic Rotation” and “Tomatoed: A Knicks Fan Love Story.”

Now a report makes it appear as if the Knicks are on the verge of acquiring another point guard with even less perceived potential in a trade with the Timberwolves. From the New York Daily News:

The Knicks have had preliminary discussions with the Minnesota Timberwolves about a trade for point guard Jonny Flynn.

No formal deal is in place, but the Knicks are debating whether Flynn, the sixth overall pick of the 2009 draft would be a viable option to back up Chauncey Billups for at least one season. Flynn has become expendable now that the Wolves have signed Spanish guard Ricky Rubio, who was taken one pick ahead of Flynn.

Toney Douglas would likely be the player traded for Flynn.

via Knicks target backup point guard, could deal Toney Douglas to Minnesota Timberwolves for Jonny Flynn.

Look, don’t get me wrong. I’m all for bargain shopping. And I’m one of the few people yelling to the high heavens that Chauncey Billups is a terrible fit for D’Antoni’s system. But Flynn’s not the answer here. In two seasons in Minnesota, he’s shown almost nothing to be excited about, from playmaking to shooting to turnovers to injury (Flynn missed most of 2010-2011 recovering from a hip injury. Losing Douglas isn’t exactly a crushing blow, but at least Douglas fits his role a little better (sparkplug combo guard off the bench). Flynn even as back-up point guard hasn’t shown the ability to do anything the Knicks need him to do. Giving up an asset for him, especially with the Wolves desperate to trade him, seems unnecessary.

Then again, there is another element here. Flynn is represented by Leon Rose, who you know as the big superstar agent for LeBron James and the Knicks’ very own Carmelo Anthony. Rose is also currently representing Chris Paul, a free agent in 2012. Getting Flynn out of Minnesota lets the Knicks continue to work with Rose and do Rose a favor before the bidding starts for Paul’s services. It’s a sneaky way of getting their foot in the door, but well worth it if it pays off. If this is just about Flynn, though, whoever’s pushing for this in the Knicks’ front office needs to get their head checked.

  1. damp1015 - Jun 19, 2011 at 10:27 AM

    I don’t know much about Flynn but I like Douglas. He still has some progression to make and I think he has potential, especially learning under Billups. However, if this is indeed to gain leverage for CP3, then it is worth it. Now we need to just grab Howard….that is a very long shot, probably more fantasy than anything near reality but we can dream.

    The Knicks are due for this revival. STAT, MELO and BIG SHOT….just a few more pieces.

  2. Justin - Jun 19, 2011 at 10:40 AM

    I don’t think it would be all bad for the Knicks. Flynn had respectable rookie numbers and one fluke injury kind of derailed his progression. I still seem some potential in the right fit though. Problem is he needs the ball in his hands a lot and he can’t get that playing alongside Anthony.

  3. fridge843 - Jun 19, 2011 at 10:51 AM

    You can’t be serious right now. Knicks are thinking about trading Douglas for a guy that lost his starting position to Luke Ridnour! lol Might as well go after Luke. dont get me wrong i was excited about Jonnie his rookie year also, but not so exciting the following two years. Yall already gave up all your future players to Denver, let’s try and save what talent we have left in MSG. p.s. Douglas has a sweet jumper, just imagine him working out a whole year with melo. He could be kinda like a shorter Jr. Smith. – tattoos

    • Justin - Jun 19, 2011 at 11:00 AM

      Flynn has actually only played 2 years. His rookie year and the next year he never was a starter because he was still kinda recovering. Didn’t lose his job just never could compete for it.

      • LPad - Jun 19, 2011 at 12:52 PM

        Douglas is a good defender and streaky shooter, but he can’t even initate the offense on a consistent basis. I don’t see him being more than a combo guard. Would be great to pair him with a big point guard, but I’m not sure if it’s worth it since he isn’t good enough to start.

  4. bonziwellsnyk2011 - Jun 19, 2011 at 12:09 PM

    Chris Duhon wasn’t supposed to be the point guard of the future, nor was he meant to be a “building block”. They signed him as a cheap 2 yr stopgap at PG (expired right in time for coveted 2010 fa class) because Marbury quit on them the previous season, and that left them with freaking Jamal Crawford playing the point.

    I agree on Flynn, id rather keep Douglas. After the all-star break Douglas averaged 14ppg and led the league in 3PTers made. He proved to be a very solid backup for the Knicks. Ofcourse after his playoff performance everybody forgot about his 2nd half play and started to run him out of town. But what did they expect from a combo guard being forced into the starting PG position vs the boston celtics D in his first career playoff series. It was a recipe for disaster.

  5. LPad - Jun 19, 2011 at 12:49 PM

    Chris Duhon was never seen as part of the future with the Knicks. He was seen as a serviceable point guard that would play as they worked themselves out of the cap mess. The guy was in the league for about six years before he signed with the Knicks and was a backup for all of them.

    Flynn on the other hand is a young PG only in the league for two years and left college early. Who had a decent first year in an offense system (the triangle) that young PGs struggle in (even Kidd struggled with it, when he broke into the league). He then got hurt last year, missed half of the year, and then spent the rest of the season in a backup role as he worked himself back into shape. Big difference between Flynn and Duhon, and there’s a big difference between D’Antoni’s offense where PGs thrive and the triangle where PGs just bring the ball up the court.

    I was hoping they would draft the Morris kid from Michigan and develop him, but getting Flynn and drafting a big or a wing like one of the twins from KU or Chris Singleton would help as well.

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