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Kevin Love says nice things about staying in Minnesota

Apr 5, 2011, 12:44 PM EDT

Kevin Love Getty Images

Kevin Love may or may not be happy with the way things are going in Minnesota. It doesn’t really matter right now. He has another year guaranteed on his deal plus a team option for the year after that.

Even if he wanted out – and there is certainly interest around the league in his talents — he doesn’t have a lot of leverage. And maybe he doesn’t want out — there are some building blocks for the Timberwolves (Love being a key one of them, the yet-to-arrive Ricky Rubio being another), even if they seem an odd fit together. Of course the team has financial issues. And the coach may be on his way out. There are a lot of questions.

With Love likely done for the season (although he said he wants to try and play this weekend) he seemed reflective and said all the politically correct things about staying in a conversation with the Pioneer Press.

“If everything works out right, I would love to be here,” said Love, who was held out of Monday’s practice because of a strained left groin and will not join the Wolves (17-60) for tonight’s game at New Jersey. “I can definitely see myself here for the long term. I like the city. I like the people and the organization. I’m comfortable where I’m at except for the cold weather, but I’ve adjusted to it.”

How he handles the end of his rookie deal will likely have a lot to do with the changes the team makes and how it plays next season. And he likely was sincere that he wants to stay. If the team is on a track to winning. Nobody is just sure it is.

  1. chargerdillon - Apr 5, 2011 at 1:59 PM

    That’s right Kevin, wipe the dog$*** off your shoes and you keep on walking. Who knows in a few years maybe you can escape that pit much like KG did.

  2. youallrfools - Apr 5, 2011 at 5:44 PM

    chargerdillon, take a step back. Escape might be the wrong word you are looking for. Let’s consider KG. The organization gave Gar-not everything he could ever want. The brilliant moves such as signing Troy Hudson to a long term multimillion dollar contract were a result. Bringing in the thug losers Golem and Spree, another result. “Forcing” under the table talks with Joe Smith, because KG was too soft to be a “Power” forward and needed another big man – with a very similar play style to try to hide in inadaquecies. He’s not clutch, he’s soft in the head, a racist and an overall douchebag. In the end, KG was worst thing to ever happen to the Wolves.

    Good for him to win a Championship on one of the few lobsided teams in this broken league. He wasn’t the star of the team either, just a complimentary player. The position that KG will always be in. He’s like LeBron except with a quarter the talent.

    Kevin Love has something that KG never did, class. If he decides to leave you can’t blame him. The Wolves are struggling to rebuild, and eventually things will click.

    Lastly, you sure are a big guy to tear on the Timberwolves. lol. No one likes people like you and it’s time for you to escapre out of the pit that is your mom’s basement.

  3. cleonslamminsalmon - Apr 5, 2011 at 9:16 PM

    Couldn’t agree more with youallrfools about KG. Always been soft. Never wanted the ball the 4th quarter. Never seen a 7 footer disappear so fast. Got that title when he was the 3rd option in Boston.

  4. borderline1988 - Apr 6, 2011 at 10:48 AM

    While Garnett is clearly a douchebag (and certainly anything but a class act), you can’t undermine his contribution to the Celtics’ 2008 championship team. He was their best player, the guy who brought it all together. That team won b/c of defense, and Garnett was the centre of the defense. Probably the best defender in the league at that time (maybe besides for Howard).

    And honestly, while Kevin Love is having a remarkable season, you can’t possibly want Love on your team over Garnett (in their primes)….Garnett brought so much more to the table than Love did. He brought championship level play. Kevin Love is a weak defender – guys like Chris Bosh could make mince meat out of him.

  5. lblock07 - Apr 6, 2011 at 5:30 PM

    I get the point you’re trying to make but no one knows what K Love is going to be like when he reaches his prime. Like you said, this was a remarkable season for him statistically, but it is by no means his prime. In only the third year of his career he still has a few more to go before he reaches that point.

    No one, maybe except for Kevin Mchale, anticipated that Kevin Love would do this well in the NBA and if you have watched as many usa basketball and twolves games this year as I have then it’s obvious that this guy has continued to improved through out the season. If the front office stops fooling around and makes high-quality moves that actually better the team AND gets a starting caliber, pass-first point guard then this team can start moving in the right direction.

  6. cleonslamminsalmon - Apr 6, 2011 at 8:55 PM

    Kevin Love been in the league 3 years. So not sure how you can talk about those two guys “in their primes”. And I doubt KG averaged 20 and 15 in his 3rd year. Kevin Garnett been overhyped his whole career.

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