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‘Melo talks to LeBron, adds situations are different

Jan 12, 2011, 4:45 PM EDT

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Not a lot of people have been in Carmelo Anthony’s shoes — a legitimate NBA superstar pushing his way to a new team at the peak of his career.

One guy who did — LeBron James. Anthony told the media Wednesday he and LeBron have spoken recently, but added the situations are very different (via the twitter of Chris Tomasson of FanHouse).

I wouldn’t compare my situation to (James’). It’s kind of different for me because I’m actually playing through it whereas for him he dealt with it in the offseason. (LeBron) just tells me to stay strong and keep doing what I’m doing and keep going out there and playing the way I’m playing.

Both players have been accused of having a massive ego driving their decisions. But I would argue that what Anthony has done with the Nuggets is infinitely fairer to the franchise — he has essentially given them notice he is gone. Like you would to your boss (if you liked your job). He is giving them a chance to get some value for him and jumpstart the rebuilding process. You may not like the process or how it’s been done, but in two years the Nuggets will be in a better place than the Cavaliers because Anthony essentially gave them notice.

Anthony and James can talk about it face-to-face Thursday, when the Heat take on the Nuggets in Denver.

  1. petermcd88 - Jan 12, 2011 at 7:27 PM

    I don’t think you can really compare the circumstances and say one player was more fair to the organization than the other.

    1. Cleveland would have never traded Lebron in season/ Lebron would have never asked for an in season trade.

    No way Cav’s management would tell their fans that they are trading away the home town hero.When they found out he was leaving, they were reluctant to do a sign and trade even though it was a forgone conclusion he was leaving. For Lebron, if the “Decision” was a PR nightmare then asking for an in season trade from your home team to the Knicks, Bulls or Heat would be PR hell.

    2. The Cavs had the best regular season record and went to the conference finals the season before and they had Big Z and Shaqs expiring contracts.

    Lebron was on a team many thought could win it all. I think he wanted to win more than he wanted a large market and Cleveland was his best shot. If things still did not work out they had the ability to make a trade in season or sign a free agent in the off season. But in season the Cavs refused to give up Hickson for Amare and instead got Jamison. Jamison was a good move on paper but not so good in the playoffs. He also eliminated the Cavs future cap flexibility. This move turned the Cavs from a team a step away from a championship to a stagnant roster that can only get older not better.

    Melo was asked to sign an extension with the Nuggets this season when it seems the team has become stagnant and the future uncertain. They have no cap space. Not only is there a new owner and GM but the coach’s long term future is uncertain. Unlike the Cavs 2 years ago, the Nuggets did not enter the season with realistic championship aspirations.

    3. The differences in Management styles

    The Cavs tried so hard to get Lebron to stay, they made moves that damaged their attempt to sign him. The Nuggets are so scared of losing Melo for nothing, that instead of trying to make aggressive moves win a banged up western conference and get to the Finals they are selling him for 50 cents on the dollar and haggling over a nickel.

  2. thestudiokida - Jan 12, 2011 at 10:35 PM

    Good comment. I think it would have been suicide for LeBron to tell Cleveland he was leaving. The Cavs were contenders and that would have ended their season.

    Plus he probably didnt make the decision until the loss in the playoffs. He loses to a Boston team loaded with talent and winds up building his own loaded team in Miami… not a coincidence.

  3. jayzus - Jan 13, 2011 at 2:41 PM

    How is it fairer to the team and management by being the NBA biggest distraction so far this year?

    “He is giving them a chance to get some value for him and jumpstart the rebuilding process.”

    Trade me to the Knick’s and no one else doesn’t sound like a chance at much value. Cleveland got 2 first rounders for Lebron lets see what Denver gets.

    “You may not like the process or how it’s been done, but in two years the Nuggets will be in a better place than the Cavaliers because Anthony essentially gave them notice.”

    Going out on a limb there huh? They are infinitely better than the cavs even without Melo right now.

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