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If there is a lockout, owners could push for entire season to sweep the leg

Jan 9, 2011, 11:15 AM EDT

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From’s Ken Berger:

In an intriguing if contradictory prediction, the person said that despite a steady stream of lockout rhetoric, he has come to believe that owners and players will reach an agreement and avoid a work stoppage at the 11th hour before the current CBA expires on July 1, 2011. However, if cooler heads do not prevail, the owners will be so entrenched and determined to make a work stoppage pay off that they will push to cancel the entire season to cripple the National Basketball Players Association and implement the drastic changes they are seeking.

Basically, if a lockout is the only way to get the players to cave, then the owners are really going to make them cave. If there’s a lockout, the participant in past negotiations predicted, it will not simply be for show. It will be Armageddon.

via With CBA talks looming, owners committed to spending less – NBA – Basketball.

Well, that’s happy.

Losing the entire season out of principle would be madness. The damage to the sport in the event of a lockout is severe enough, but losing a whole season would set back the league for a decade. It’s one thing if they can’t come to an agreement, but the owners so far have taken a dangerous position set upon seemingly by braggadocio and not a genuine interest in reaching a resolution. They don’t want to come to an agreement, they just want to win and get their way. That’s been clear in how they’ve approached talks with the union, not even deigning to respond to the players’ latest proposal, which offers a decrease in BRI for the players in exchange for things like an improved revenue sharing system.

Just to be clear here, the players have sent over a proposal saying “we’ll take less money if you’ll make it where more of your teams are competitive and we keep jobs for our players” and the owners won’t even open talks on it. Which has to leave you wondering who exactly is in charge for the owners. David Stern doesn’t want a lockout, it’s bad for his league, and he has been pretty vocal about pushing the directive for  revenue sharing in the interest of improving competition. Glen Taylor (Minnesota and Peter Holt (San Antonio) are allegedly the heads of the owners’ negotiating council, but this reeks of big-market politics being put into play. So who exactly is in charge over there?

The league may wind up losing an entire season simply based on the stubbornness of a few old men who refuse to realize that they’ve already won the fight because they’re concerned with style points. And all the interest in saving a few bucks may be for not if revenues plummet when fans turn their backs on a sport that s’ seemingly run by men with no respect for either the fans, nor the process of true compromise.


  1. bigtrav425 - Jan 9, 2011 at 11:37 AM

    i think thats needs to happen unfortunately. Things need to change a lil bit for the NBA.The contracts are gettin out of hand.In no way shape or form should Anderson Vaerjo should be making what he is making (just using him as a example) Also if the players are worried about teams being competitive…how about ya stop being divas and wanting to go only to new york,LA,etc.How about someone gets hired for the NBA to take a look at trades to make sure they are atleast somewhat fair,unlike the Pau Gasol trade from the grizzlies.

    • zackd2 - Jan 9, 2011 at 12:21 PM

      There doesn’t need to be a lockout to stop stupid contracts, just fire stupid GMs. Just because a dude is 7ft and breathes doesn’t mean he’s worth 6m/year.

  2. hail2tharedskins - Jan 9, 2011 at 12:57 PM

    I think you might be missing the point. He is not suggesting the owners would cancel the season just for the hell of it. He is saying the owners would be willing to drag any work stoppage out as long as it takes to break the union. In other words if the players completely cave after a month, fine the work stoppage lasts one month, but that isn’t likely. He is saying once they get to that point don’t expect the owners to be trying to “negotiate” with the union, but rather to force their terms on the union and if it takes the entire season so be it.

  3. silverdeer - Jan 9, 2011 at 5:57 PM

    The whole billionaire vs. millionaire thing is so absurd it is funny. Personally I would like to see them cancel the season, maybe the next one too. It would be at that point where you would which players actually are smart enough to manage their expenses and which ones just felt that they were entitled to huge sums of money because they can run, jump, shoot or are taller than the average person. Something tells me that there would be a bunch of very large houses, expensive cars and high end electronics showing up for sale.

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