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Is Joe Dumars messing with Pistons fans?

Dec 19, 2010, 5:00 PM EDT

Detroit Pistons Introduce John Kuester

Piston fans are having a bad time of it lately. The team is 8-19, they’ve lost eight of their last ten. There’s rampant discussion that Kuester has lost the team (if he ever had them), and what’s worse, they continue to sit on the sidelines with two trade assets in Rip Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince. What’s worse? They’re GM is kind of, sort of screwing with them.

Pistons blog Piston Powered listened in on a radio interview with Dumars in Detroit, where Dumars gave the impression that he was close to a trade, saying he “hoped” he was close to a deal. In order to hope for being close, you’ve got to at least have options, right? Deductive logic is going to lead you in that direction.

Unfortunately for Joe, a few days later he gave another radio interview. After it was over, the recorder kept rolling, and Dumars kept talking about the trade options. That audio wound up online, where it was later removed, but Piston Powered got a hold of a transcription. Thing is, Joe got a little too honest when he thought he was off-air:

Langlois: Let me ask you some background stuff here. Um, I saw with Matt Dery, you said you were, you had some conversations, is there any players I should be…

Dumars: I talked to Matt after. I said, “Matt, you’ve got everybody asking me like, ‘You’ve got something imminent?’ ” What he asked me, you know, I’m, like, “Yeah, I’m talking, Matt, but you know, but am I close? I don’t know. Teams say, ‘Hey, you know,we kind of like that, you know.’ ”

Langlois: So there’s nothing?

Dumars: No, there’s nothing.

Whoops. Now, Dumars never said he was close, he just insinuated it. Piston Powered is still trying to figure out exactly what he meant. But with a franchise hanging on by a thread in the most economically devastated metropolitan area in the country. Maybe you don’t want to mess with them too much. Then again, giving the impression publicly that he’s talking about trades might help with spurring someone to make a deal. If, you know, GMs listened to local Detroit radio in their copious amounts of free time.

Honestly, this comes down to whether it’s important to be honest with the fans or not, and if fans are capable of front office officials being honest with them. And that’s a whole hornets nest in and of itself.

  1. hungrybear22 - Dec 20, 2010 at 4:46 AM

    What Dumars did to a perennial championship contender is just atrocious. Hopefully new management’s first move is to fire him. Trading Billups for Iverson, and then blowing all that cap room on two bench players when you already have logjams at their position, then drafting more guys where you have the same logjam instead of addressing needs, I don’t know what his plan is, if he even has any.

    • sham13ert - Dec 20, 2010 at 9:37 AM

      Unfortunately, his plan is/was to stock the roster with versatile players that could play more than one position. Stuckey as the combo, a very long Daye that could operate at the 3 or stretch 4, Villanueva plays like a 3 but is built like a 4, Bynum is a combo, and Jerebko looks like a 3 but hits the boards like a 4.

      The problem is that he got away from the mantra that made this team great, defense. It’s ok to go in another direction, but if he played his hand better we wouldn’t be talking about this right now.

      Billups would still be running the 1, Prince would still be at the 3, but we could have traded Rip’s expiring contract for a long defensive 2 that could shoot such as Pietrius or Azubuike, or they could have moved Affalo into the starting lineup, or Stuckey could have been the 2.

      Dumars miscalculation was that Stuckey was going to step right into the leadership role.

      So, let’s all raise a glass to Dumars for thinking that a 22 yo kid could lead Sheed, Rip, and Prince: guys that Pistons fans knew were a-holes, but they were our a-holes, guys that shredded coach after coach after coach.

  2. gregjennings85 - Dec 20, 2010 at 3:42 PM

    Keeyon Dooling, Earl Boykins, Michael Redd’s $18M expiring deal and our next two first round picks for Rodney Stuckey, Jason Maxiell, and Tayshaun Prince’s $11M expiring deal.

    The money works out.

    Check it:

    (Or, even better, wait until January, and then trade Brockman instead of Boykins.)

  3. gregjennings85 - Dec 20, 2010 at 3:51 PM

    Maybe just our next 1st rounder – that’s a lot to give up.

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