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Canada’s love/hate relationship with the Heat

Dec 10, 2010, 9:16 PM EDT

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Chris Bosh is not loved in Toronto. At all. He left the Toronto Raptors cold and the feelings north of the border match it. I mean, check this out. It’s not quite in the “LeBron is not loved in Cleveland” category of outright hated, but that is just because Canadians are too nice.

Canadians love their own. Like Steve Nash. Like Joel Anthony. Like Jamaal Magloire.

Here’s the problem, as pointed out by Chris Tomasson at FanHouse: Bosh, Anthony and Magloire are all on the same team. The Miami Heat. The team everybody outside of South Florida already hates.

“I think they’re more mad at Bosh leaving (but) they’re happy for us,” Magloire said of how Canadian fans look at the Heat.

“That’s just the current situation,” said Anthony, who spent time in Toronto last summer and said “some fans were hurt” by Bosh’s departure. “Obviously, it’s tough for a team like the Raptors to lose someone like Chris.”

Bosh and the Heat do not head up to Toronto until February (because if you’re going to Toronto the dead of winter is the time). We’ll see how the love/hate plays out then.

  1. d57fan - Dec 10, 2010 at 10:49 PM

    As a person who actually lives in Toronto, unlike this lazy hack, I can assure you, no one, no one could care less about Anthony or Magloire….

    The only thing this moron got right was that a lot of Canadians love Nash…because he happens to be a great player…a lot of Americans like him too…

    ..and as far as Canadians loving their own? This from an American?? ..the “we’re number one!!” country? Are you kidding me? You don’t “love” your superstars?

    A few idiot fans still believed after 7 years of mediocrity and losing that Bosh was a franchise player but anyone with a working brain knew he was a secondary player and that giving him a 6 year/ 124 mil contract RIGHT before the new CBA would have been disastrous for the Raptors as they would continue to lose and all that Bosh’s presence meant was a free ticket to the All-Star game for HIM as he padded his stats on a bad team…it didn’t mean playoffs.

    Bosh is talented scorer period…he is not in the same class as Wade or LeBron. He was not a leader, couldn’t guard his own shadow and never played that well against the best teams. People had contempt for him because he is an arrogant jackass who figured playing with Wade and LeBron would make winning a championship easy…Bosh declared himself MVP material in press scrums in Toronto and coasted.
    If losing Bosh means getting a better lottery pick than the mediocre LOTTERY pick we got with him on the team, fine…which leads to the actual person that fans really hate in Toronto (not Canada moron): Bryan Colangelo.

    Will the idiot fans who still buy tickets for the sh*t team that is still, with or without Bosh, sh*t, boo him when he comes back? Yeah, because they’re idiots who think their disapproval matters, I guess…who cares….

    (BTW the temperature in Toronto is pretty much the same as New York, New Jersey, Boston, Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago and certainly warmer than Minnesota…but hey, let’s crack one more dumba** canadian weather joke….)

  2. delfi2 - Dec 11, 2010 at 12:42 PM

    d57fan <—-sour grapes o'canada….just enjoy the spanking we dish out to your team for the next decade….rest of the league for that matter.

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