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With handful of exceptions, Cavaliers fans well behaved for Heat game

Dec 3, 2010, 8:19 AM EDT

LeBron James AP

When the Heat first ran out on the court for warmups Thursday night, one guy came up in LeBron James face. He was yelling and pointing — and quickly security was on him. He was ejected.

That man was the exception to the rule. By and large Cavaliers fans wanted to boo and vent — there was a chant calling LeBron an “a—hole” and some other vulgar things yelled — but few really crossed the line.

Our own Ira Winderman, writing for the Sun Sentinel, tweeted the final numbers:

Final stats, as reported by Cavaliers: 1 arrest. 4 ejections, 12 confiscated T-shirts and 24 confiscated signs.

Sam Amick of FanHouse adds this story from late in the game.

A battery was, in fact, thrown, falling near the Heat bench late in the game and thankfully not doing any damage. The same couldn’t be said for man who was carried out by three policemen, his drunken misbehavior leading to an attempted arrest gone wrong. While the lawsuit that is sure to ensue will surely have all the details, the unmistakable image from inside the arena press room as he was dragged off was the blood dripping off his beaten face. Witnesses said it was done by the law enforcement officials after he put up the dumbest of fights.

In the grand scheme of things, that’s nothing. Part of it may be that the Heat’s domination sucked the life out of the building, the boos got much quieter in the second half. But part of it is that people were reasonable, and that’s all we could hope for.

  1. hnirobert3 - Dec 3, 2010 at 8:47 AM

    The fear of the unknown really scared me last night but thankfully everything went well as far as the fans are concerned (even though the “Like Father Like Son” signs were a bit much…). The Heat are starting to click and nothing can get a team’s confidence going like a four game stretch of the Cavs, Pistons, Wizards and a Joe Johnson-less Hawks on Saturday.

    While I do feel bad for what Cleveland fans have to endure now with their team which didn’t just play badly last night, they played within their own means, I’m overjoyed for the karma that is coming back on Dan Gilbert. Cleveland better draft and/or trade well because that team, while he’s the owner, will never, ever, ever get a major free agent.

  2. willeyb296 - Dec 3, 2010 at 10:51 AM

    Cleveland may never get a major free agent but Lebron will never get mentioned in the same breath as Bird, Jordan, Kobe or Magic. So what if he scored 38 points on a weak Cavs team. You just get the feeling he knew he could not carry the Cavs anymore and that he knows in his heart he is not as good as he is made out to be in the media. Sure,, Lebron made his team better but a true superstar could have and would have carried that team to a title. Look at Vince Carter, different person, same story and I bet you will have the same fate.

    • hnirobert3 - Dec 3, 2010 at 11:42 AM

      We live in a microwave society. If LBJ wins championships he will undoubtedly be mentioned in the same category. 4-5 years ago Kobe was getting bounced in the first and 2nd rounds… you know, when he had Kwame Brown as a teammate. Years prior to that he was riding Shaq to a three peat. He gets Pau Gasol, who is a top 3 PF/C in the league and he’s winning championships again. Bird played with Hall of Famers. MJ’s best teammate, Scottie, was the 2nd best swingman in the game after MJ at the time. Magic played with Kareem Abdul-Jabar and James Worthy. Stop kidding yourselves and get a life.

      • silencegooddoer - Dec 3, 2010 at 12:42 PM

        Although you make a fair fight that the other greats had good help too, I tend to agree that LeBron will not get revered as highly as MJ, Kobe, Bird, and other greats. illeybe296 makes a very good comparison of LeBron and Carter. Although LeBron truthfully has more skills than Carter, and an alliance in Wade and Bosh to all sign together. If Carter had created such an alliance, his career may have alligned him on a better team with more help. In all, the NBA, sadly appears to be more of a reality show like “Biggest Loser” with alliance strategies becoming more relavent than X’s and O’s. Making it very much less professional, but yet still highly lucrative. Let the slickest politicians win!

      • lebronsinsecurity - Dec 3, 2010 at 1:38 PM

        Dude, I don’t get why you take this sh*t seriously enough to tell other people to get a life, especially since he made a very valid point. Even if LBJ wins 6 titles with the heat to match MJ’s total, he should never be mentioned in the same breath.. Wade proved that he could carry a team and win a title without Lebron.. Jordan was the main reason Chicago won all those titles..take MJ off that team, those titles wouldn’t have piled up.. Take Kobe off the Lakers the last two years…Boston probably 3-peats..Take Lebron off the Heat right now, the record looks the same.. Too much time has past, people seem to be forgetting how amazing and one-of-a-kind MJ was..Magic was, and always will be the only other player that can enter that conversation..

      • mrmark3000 - Dec 3, 2010 at 3:19 PM

        No he will never be mentioned in that breathe. All those guys fought for and stay with the same team winning or loosing none of them jumped ship, and above all NONE OF THEM GAVE UP! Yes a years ago the Lakers were getting bounced in the first round. Yes MJ got his behind handed to him year after year, Kareem came to the Lakers a Winner from the Bucks all these dudes had winner mentality not quitter. When Kobe was getting bounced when did you see him give up like Lebron did playing Boston during the playoffs? Look at his facial expressions when the Heat are loosing, I’m telling that dude has no fight in him, thats why he’ll never enjoy 5/6 rings cause when the going gets tough, Lebron will get going!

      • willeyb296 - Dec 3, 2010 at 3:20 PM

        You need to realize that without Bird, Magic, Kobe or Jordan those teams struggle to probably get higher then a 5th seat in the playoffs. I thought James was going to make the Heat a power house for years to come. lebronsinsecurity is correct in saying that this Heat team would have the same record with or without Lebron on it. Once Lebron signed that contract with the Heat he proved he could not take the players he had around him to a championship. I do agree that all those guys had great players around them but how good would those teams have been without Bird, Magic, Jordan and Kobe. Sure, Pippen was good, Gasol is good Kareem was one of the best and Worthy was good but none of them win near the titles(if any) without their superstars.

        Lebron thinks he is bigger than the game and that is going to be his downfall. It would be wise of Bosh and Wade to remind him that he still has a lot to prove and to let him know there is a lot expected of him. He could learn a lot from Bird and Magic. They played their hearts out nigth after night and did not worry about some stupid pregame ritual of tossing powder in the air. Could you imagine how bad Jordan would make this guy look after seeing that crap?

  3. thieveland216 - Dec 3, 2010 at 1:47 PM

    The worst part of last night wasn’t even the savage beating that the Cavs were handed. It was infuriating for me to hear the fans yelling 10 times louder for a game that really doesn’t matter than they did for any playoff game that the Cavs had been in with Lebron on the team. You know the inferiority complex is so deeply set in when a fan base would rather drunkenly yell obscenities at a sworn enemy than show the least bit of heart in the postseason. Pathetic.

  4. hnirobert3 - Dec 3, 2010 at 2:33 PM

    The main problem is the overall state of the NBA. There will never be fierce competitors like there used to be. ALL of these guys (with the exception of Kobe and maybe Garnett) are buddy buddy on and off the court. From Melo to Durant to Amare to CP3 to the Heat Big 3.

    Will LBJ ever be considered MJ? Absolutely not. There will NEVER be another Michael, just like there will never be another Russell or another Bird or another Magic. I’m not taking anything away from Kobe because he is a great player, but to put him in MJ’s league is an absolute disservice to Michael. Why is everyone in such a rush to make our current athletes the next (insert former great player)? Would MJ have had as bad a game 7 as Kobe did last year? Absolutely not. So let’s stop saying Kobe = MJ, because it’s just not true. Kobe is Kobe, LBJ is LBJ, MJ is MJ, Bird is Bird, Magic is Magic, etc.

    I love my Heat, but I respect MJ. I grew up watching him sit on Mt Everest while everyone else was at the bottom of the ocean. When he was on his game there was no competition. He is once in a generation player and nobody will ever reach his stature, from the work ethic, to his competitiveness, to his God-given ability. There will never be another MJ, period.

    Unfortunately, the game has changed and 20 years from now, as long as LBJ has won championships as the alpha dog (and make no mistake about it, this is his team; Wade might be the ‘older brother,’ but LBJ is the alpha dog), he will be considered the best player of HIS generation and unfortunately, in the microwave society we live in, MJ will probably, to some extent, be forgotten, the same way people don’t really talk about how dominat Russell was in his day. It’s unfortunate.

    Also, lebronsinsecurity, the Celts don’t three peat if Kobe’s not on the Lakers since the Lakers beat the Magic in the finals two years ago, not the Celts.

    • fouldwimmerlaik - Dec 4, 2010 at 6:16 AM

      I agree that Kobe is no MJ…

      …in the same token as LBJ is no Kobe.

      And judging the way LBJ and Kobe have handled their individual court battles and playoff wars, LBJ has A LOT OF CATCHING UP to do.

      Despite the slight booboo on the Celtics doing a three-peat if Kobe wasn’t a Laker, lebronsinsecurity’s gist hit right between the thighs leading to the posterior end of the alimentary canal.

      Unlike the mentioned greats and their respective teams, take out LBJ from Miami and apparently their record would still look the same. Make no mistake, I have nothing against The Heat. I just don’t like the way LeBron handled his leaving from Cleveland. It speaks TONS of the kind of CHARACTER this fellow has.

      However, I would give this Miami’s Trio just one year. After all, the Celtics’ Big Three got the job done in their first season together — and are still a force to reckon with — without the fanfare/circus generated by LBJ’s Decision.

  5. frankvzappa - Dec 3, 2010 at 2:55 PM

    pay no attention to the encroaching police state…if the fascists beat someone senseless for no reason, dont worry, its “nothing”

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