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Heat fly jerk…er, fan down to Miami for a game…or not

Nov 4, 2010, 11:30 PM EDT

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UPDATE 11:30 pm: The Miami Heat have changed their mind. Matthew Bellamy is not going to a Heat game unless he pays his own way. Here is the team statement, via The Heat Index:

“An invitation was prematurely extended to [Bellamy] prior to the approval process being completed,” according to a Heat team statement released Thursday night. “Once management became aware of this, it was decided that this is not something we wanted to do.”

Here’s what really happened — Miami was willing to do this until the word leaked out, it ended up on blogs and news reports all over, the reaction wasn’t all positive (just read my original post) and they changed their mind.

Which brings us to a point Bellamy reminds us of: If you’re doing something people might object to,  don’t put it on Facebook.

6:26 pm: What should you do? Apparently embrace the villain role.

You dear reader will  say you don’t know who Matthew Bellamy is, I say you’re wrong. Look at the photo to the right. Remember the a——– who wore a LeBron Heat jersey to a Cleveland Indians game a few weeks after “The Decision?” The guy that had to be escorted out? That’s Bellamy.

Turns out the Heat liked that. The guys at ’64 and Counting (the Cleveland Scene sports blog, via Ball Don’t Lie) checked in on Bellamy’s Facebook page and it turns out that the Miami Heat appreciated his little stunt. So much so they have agreed to fly him down for a VIP game experience. He’s going to Miami this weekend, will attend the game, and even meet the team. All expenses paid.

I really should be shocked by this, but I’m not. Embrace it, Miami.

  1. jimeejohnson - Nov 4, 2010 at 8:17 PM

    That’s what makes America so great: the right to express yourself and the reward that comes with it.

  2. globalcons - Nov 4, 2010 at 10:31 PM

    Hey Kurt, maybe you need to be reminded that when you live in this country there is a little thing called free speech, first amendment. You remember that right? Oh forgot your a a______, journalist, who couldn’t make it at a real job. Next time you want to grandstand, try sticking up for the fan who has a right to cheer for whatever team, wherever he wants. Unless you can show where he broke the law, your story is garbage. Ever been to basketball game? Lots of people cheer for the visiting team too….its called A FAN. Hats off to the Heat, who understand it, even if you dont.

  3. hungrybear22 - Nov 5, 2010 at 12:37 AM

    Good, douchebags like this shouldn’t be rewarded.

    • petermcd88 - Nov 5, 2010 at 12:12 PM

      I think that would have been an awesome move by the Heat. Other teams have openly disrespected them. GM’s and players have been openly disrespecting Lebron since he came to the Heat. Even after Boston beat the Cavs there was not a single GM in the League that would have said Durant is better than Lebron right now. Now because Lebron went to Miami in a deal basically set up by players they resent that because every star in the league is going to try and do that now. Because of that they anointed Durant (great as he is) the MVP and a top 2 player when he hasn’t even gotten out of the first round yet.
      At this point Miami should not be playing to gain the respect of the people who have blatantly disrespected them the past few months they should be throwing how good they are in everyone’s faces and come out with a 16-0 New England Patriots go for it on 4th down when we’re up by 40 points attitude. I think bringing the fan down there would be a great way to embrace that approach (Keep in mind the fan was kicked out of a game that he paid for. I’m a Phillies fan and there were obnoxious Giants fans at the park in game six and I didn’t cry for security to kick them out).

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