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LeBron on his elbow: “It was pretty bad.”

Oct 11, 2010, 10:54 AM EDT

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LeBron James has been pretty tight lipped about his elbow injury last season, which led to plenty of speculation about what really happened.

But LeBron opened up a little to Lang Whitaker of SLAM (something Tom Ziller of FanHouse noted happened a little a while ago but only appeared in the printed magazine, not online, so it has been slow to catch on).

LeBron said:

“It was pretty bad. It was something we couldn’t figure out exactly what it was. There was times where I couldn’t fully extend my elbow, and that’s my shooting arm. And I do a lot with my right hand [laughs] … Close to the last week of the season it started hurting a little bit, and then it just got worse throughout the playoffs.”

Despite all the conspiracy theories out there, it was pretty self evident that LeBron was physically not right against Boston and through much of the playoffs. Some will not believe that — it’s more fun to believe in fantastic conspiracies than dull, obvious truths (hint, there was nobody on the grassy knoll) — but it was pretty clear to most. The core of his game changed, he shot more jumpers because he stopped attacking the rim. Like he didn’t want the contact that had never slowed him before.

LeBron didn’t talk about it because he doesn’t talk about injuries — we laud Kobe when he does this, but LeBron gets vilified. Danny Ferry said he would have rested during the regular season, but nobody rests during the playoffs.

And even in Heat camp now, there is special attention paid to LeBron’s elbow, because if they couldn’t figure out what it was then it could recur.

  1. ljl2 - Oct 11, 2010 at 11:22 AM

    if by physically not right includes the brain and heart I would completely concur. If my elbow hurt when I tried to straighten it, I would QUIT shooting jumpers, not shoot more. That makes no logical sense. Especially since he was obviously physically right enough to give more effort on rebounding than he ever did any other time so he could justify that he “tried”.

    Kurt, quit writing stories that’s sole purpose is to justify your sad man-love obsessed relationship with LeBron.

  2. ibejeph - Oct 11, 2010 at 3:51 PM

    Methinks he protests too much.

    First, during the playoffs, he did roughly 900 elbow extensions at the free throw line.

    Then he talked about being a no excuse player, while rubbing his elbow through every TV interview.

    Now he reveals that it hurt “pretty bad” during his “very special” interview with that jumble of senseless phrases and worthless opinions wrapped in a glossy cover, SLAM.

    Seems he is trying very hard to make sure how much pain he was in. It is so obvious that the guy is trying to come up with some justification for his short comings.

    Just accept it, stop talking about the elbow and move on.

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