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Could it be the Washington Bullets once again?

Oct 7, 2010, 8:25 AM EDT

bullets_logo.jpgWashington’s new owner Ted Leonsis promised changes. He asked fans what needed to change around the Wizards and the Verizon Center where they play.

He got a box full of suggestions, and on Wednesday he posted a list of 101 things he has done to improve the team at the request of fans (via the Washington Post).

More open training camp moved closer to Washington D.C.? Check. Colder beer? Check. Wi-Fi in the building? Check. Reconnect with Gilbert Arenas? Check (well as much as anyone can check it).

Change the team’s name back to Bullets? That’s “under consideration.”

Interesting. Not likely, but interesting.

Under consideration is a pretty noncommittal phrase. Leonsis said that a change of team colors was “in development” (look for red, white and blue soon). But with that color change would he really change the name back to Bullets?

“Bullets” has some historic value, but was changed by Abe Polin because of the gun violence seen in D.C. and the nation. He though the perception was wrong. (Which makes the Gilbert Arenas situation from last year a little sadder.)

With that as the backdrop, it’s hard to imagine a change back to Bullets. Leonsis said it is under consideration, but he also said that drafting more local players was under consideration. It’s not really — it’s only under consideration when the area turns out an NBA caliber player that falls in the right spot in the draft.

And you can expect the name change isn’t getting that much consideration. But it’s out there.

  1. therealdeal - Oct 7, 2010 at 9:10 AM

    The Bullets was a fine name when they were in Baltimore. Baltimore Bullets. There’s no point in changing it now that they’re in DC. Wizards really isn’t that bad. But their graphics, font, and logos DEFINITELY need to be updated.
    The colors… their black and gold jerseys look a LOT better than their blue and gold jerseys. But PLEASE… another red, white, and blue team? That’s just stupid. Leonsis… that color scheme works for the Washington Capitals because they are named the CAPITALS. Get it?

  2. Justin - Oct 7, 2010 at 11:46 AM

    They need to change the name back to the Bullets and restore all that was right and good with Washington Sports once and for all. All the local D.C. liberal’s will whine and cry, but I suggest we throw some bullets at them and offer an altimatum; silence or you will be silenced. I have never called them the Wizards; I thought it was disgraceful and blasphemous to the team I grew up watching. Soon there will be CCW and gun shops back insinde the District so what better way to celebrate our constitutional rights and freedoms than changing the name back to the Washington Bullets!? I suggest the mascot being a .308 or larger caliber round.

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