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Carmelo Anthony: "I never said I want to play for the Nets."

Oct 4, 2010, 9:43 AM EDT

Thumbnail image for CAnthony_stares.jpgAn exchange yesterday from training camp gives us a little insight into Carmelo Anthony’s thinking.

And how it’s really about moving where he wants, not winning.

Anthony’s people (never Anthony publicly) have been pushing for a trade to get him out of Denver and he said there is a 50/50 chance he is gone before the season starts.

Anthony holds leverage in this process because he is in the last year of his deal and no team is going to trade for him — to give up key young players and picks — if they can’t sign him to an extension. If he doesn’t agree there is no deal. Anthony’s people have pushed for him to go to New York or Chicago, and now we know why, thanks to this exchange reported in the Denver Post.

“As far as marketing, it comes from winning. If I ain’t winning, then nobody wants me to market their product.”

So he was asked: “Then why would you want to play for the team that won 12 games last season?”

Anthony then said: “I never said I want to play for the Nets.”

The Nets pushed hard for a four-team deal that would net them Melo, but one of the holdups was rumored to be Anthony’s hesitation at signing an extension in New Jersey.

No matter what he says, it is not all about winning for Anthony.

Because if it was, he’d stay in Denver and play for a team that with him may be the second best team in the West (they are on that tier with a few other squads). In Denver they reached the Western Conference finals two seasons ago and have been winners and on television a lot for years.

The Knicks are a long ways from winning — with Amar’e Stoudemire or not. Anthony and Stoudemire would mean a lot of points for the Knicks but that team is without depth (after the trade) and there would be defensive questions. They are not going to be better than the Heat, Celtics or Magic. They may not be better than the Bulls. Maybe not better than the Bucks. Or even the Hawks.

Simply put, the Nuggets are closer to the Lakers and a West title than the Knicks with Anthony are to the elite in the East.

This is about him getting to a market he wants to be in. Which is fine, he has the right to go where he wants within the system. His actions so far are within the system and frankly more fair than what LeBron James did to Cleveland (leaving them on the hook until it was too late, so they got nothing for him). Anthony can be a free agent and sign wherever. As it should be. But don’t pretend this is just about winning (and the marketing that comes from it), because Anthony’s actions speak differently.

  1. rock - Oct 4, 2010 at 7:18 PM

    Anonymous is a moron that doesn’t respect life, and you are a coward that is why you respond anonymous. Not only are you a coward but you also share your mother’s brain .You have so few brain cells that you could not think of a pseudonym other than “Anonymous” . “Anonymous!” Really? Talk about stupid. We want know who you are anyway you moron. You are a coward.

  2. n8 - Oct 4, 2010 at 8:52 PM

    First let me say, typo error for the anonymous post, i wrote it… as for your points if you want to call them that…
    The Nets are in a better position to win a title than the Knicks??? Brook Lopez and Devin Harris, who may or may not be involved in the deal to land Carmelo, are the same core group of players who won a whopping 12 games last year!
    Who actually said Amar’e’s eyes were problematic? Can you site a source or article? From what I’ve read his eyes are fine, and for precaution he now wears goggles.
    If Carmelo was worried about his contract, he would have either re-signed with the Nuggets or jumped at the first sign and trade that came his way, if he is doing what you say, he really is rolling the dice and can end up with a dangerous outcome.
    You don’t think Melo wants to play with Gallo, whom he had high praise for this offseason, and Amar’e?? but he would want to play for Lopez and Travis Outlaw?
    You disregard Anthony Randolph’s play but if you’re into advanced statistics ( which i doubt you are) take a look at his usage and PER
    As for Felton/Fisher i think you can understand the point. Felton was not the centerpiece of the Bobcats playoff roster last season, the season in which no team under .500 made the playoffs (you probably should get facts straight) but Felton’s “specialized skillset” -(skill set actually is two words, but its cute you tried to expand your vocabulary) would benefit from a superior roster. The one point you made that actually made sense (unfortunately for you, it made sense for my argument) Fisher has had the luxury of playing with Kobe, Shaq, Gasol while Felton has played with Wallace, Brezec, and Matt Carroll. That’s a slight difference. Also i must add, I would never refer to Derek Fisher as a “Porsche” but clearly you have something against those type of cars.
    And finally, when looking ahead to the new CBA, look at how the top tier players are historically affected. Usually the high end player’s contracts are not hurt as much as low end fledgeling players. So to think Melo is going to lose out on hundreds of millions of $ while playing in a top market like NYC is a bit foolish. But hey, at least you’re consistent.

  3. imissoakley - Oct 4, 2010 at 10:31 PM

    Damn chris and the rest of you knick haters… u got OWNED!!! Get ’em n8

  4. Anonymous - Oct 4, 2010 at 11:37 PM

    Truer words have never been spoken.
    nyc for ever y’all.. big three here we f’ckin come miami!

  5. Drew - Oct 4, 2010 at 11:41 PM

    I believe the Knicks stand no chance of dealing for Melo. If they did, they would not be contending anytime soon. The Nets can offer Favors and picks for Melo and build quickly around Harris, Melo, and Lopez. That would leave them just a couple of pieces away from being a solid contender. Then, there is the Chris Paul sweepstakes next summer. Who can afford him? The Nets. Sign Paul, trade Harris for value and you’ve got a championship calibre team.

  6. anonymous - Oct 5, 2010 at 9:24 PM

    oh..whoever listed all the NY titles…The Giants have (3) superbowl championships..not 2… go NY!!!!!!!!!

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