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Sean Williams, the NBA's favorite son, is headed to Israel

Sep 1, 2010, 9:00 AM EDT

Sean Williams was waived by the New Jersey Nets this past January, and no one missed him. Not even the Nets, who were struggling to notch their fourth win of the season at the time. Williams had chances to play. He had chances to succeed. He had chances to, well, do anything but screw up.

Williams’ competition for playing time in New Jersey has consisted of Josh Boone, Kris Humphries, Stromile Swift, and Eduardo Najera. Yet Williams, for a variety of reasons, could never snag the spot in the rotation — and in the NBA — that he was born to take. Williams’ physical gifts will make sure he gets basketball employment of some kind for the foreseeable future, but his NBA appeal has dried out. At this stage in his career, Williams just isn’t worth the trouble. Talented though he may be, there’s only so much need for athletic bigs without the proper focus, and that’s to say nothing of Williams’ other indiscretions.

With no NBA team willing to cut the check, Williams is forced to seek employment elsewhere. According to David Pick of, Williams has been signed by Hapoel Jerusalem, an Israeli team that plays in Eurocup and the Israeli Super League. I’m sure this won’t be the last we’ll see of Williams. He’ll likely pop up again on a training camp roster in a year or two, and hopefully by then Williams’ basketball life will be in slightly better order.

  1. MN Mike - Sep 1, 2010 at 10:32 AM

    Who the hell is Sean Williams, whay do you call hime the NBAs favorite son, and why should I care?

  2. P. Ami - Sep 1, 2010 at 12:02 PM

    Hmmm, if you follow the NBA, or read the article, then you’d know that Williams played for the Nets. Now, if you follow the NBA or the Nets, or your team might one day have a need for a bigman, or you have played fantasy basketball, or maybe you followed Boston College, or maybe you follow international basketball (and the Israeli league in particular) you might actually care about this transaction. Who knows why you might care. This job that Mahoney does is called reporting. He reports stuff. You get to decide, all by yourself, if you are interested and why that might be. If you don’t care, that’s cool. I’m just wondering if you’re upset that Mahoney didn’t report on LeBron’s morning BM, or maybe you wanted to read another retread of a Shaq quote, or maybe you wanted a blurb on Kobe’s work ethic, or another article on Melo and some guesses on where he might or might not be traded to, or maybe you wanted to hear about CP3 being better then D-Will, or some other story you’ll get to hear again when ABC is broadcasting the Finals and needs to appeal to those fans who only watch about 10 NBA games a season tops.

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