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Hawks apparently in no rush to trade Jamal Crawford. Nor should they be.

Sep 1, 2010, 12:27 PM EDT

Thumbnail image for crawford_game.jpgSo we’ve heard that Jamal Crawford wants to be extended or traded. Or extended and traded. Whatever works. So long as he gets some money before the new CBA kicks in.

Well, looks like the long-term money is going to Al Horford, but that doesn’t mean the Hawks are in any rush to trade Crawford, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Michael Cunningham.

As for Jamal’s value on the trade market, I’m told at least three teams inquired about his availability before the pay-me-or-trade-me news came out but were rebuffed by the Hawks. I’ve got to think Sund will try to re-establish those talks now and listen to any other offers that come in. I know there’s some sentiment to just deny Jamal the extension and have him report to camp (and he would), but would it be a good look for the Hawks to have an unhappy camper?

Sund should put up with an unhappy camper if it means waiting until he gets a deal he likes for Crawford. There is value for other teams in a guy that can score and is a $10 million expiring contract (or, someone they can extend). As teams move through camp and into the season, as the trading deadline gets closer, those deals likely will improve.

There are options. (And by the way, the terrible idea floated in Dime Magazine that gained some twitter traction of Atlanta signing Allen Iverson is not one of them, that might be the best way to ruin this team fast). Sund is right to be patient, the market will come to him.

  1. SSL - Sep 1, 2010 at 2:49 PM

    Iverson wouldn’t be a bad idea if he’s sincere in his announcement that he’s fine with being a bench player. This isn’t Marbury or McGrady. Iverson still has some game left and he’s a smart basketball player. If he’s fine with being a bench player then there’s no issue with Iverson that I can see. He can’t shoot the 3 like Crawford but he’ll provide the same amount of production off the bench. Lockerroom wise the guy did a great job in Philadelphia last year according to the GM, coach, players, etc. Do your homework Kurt. Iverson is not going to turn a team into a contender but he’s not going to doom anyone.
    He’s not a perfect player or a real “Answer” but what team did he ruin? Took Philly to the Finals, took Denver to their first 50 win season in 20 years, He complained and whined in Memphis and Detroit but those teams were doomed with him or without him. He left Memphis after 3 games in November. How did he cause their collapse in April? He is not an allstar calibur player anymore, but he’s still better than most bench players.

  2. joe - Sep 1, 2010 at 5:15 PM

    we’ll take iverson here in the atl! please. maybe we’ll have a full arena for once!!

  3. Marv - Sep 5, 2010 at 9:44 AM

    Iverson would be a good move. With the additions other teams made Atlanta could drop to 7th or 8th place in the playoff race. Either way you look at it they can not even come close to competing with Chicago, Miami, Boston, Orlando, or Even NY if they add another solid player with Amare ie. Melo/ Iverson. If you think Bibby is better than AI you are out of your mind!!!

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