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Chris Bosh was "playing with people's emotions." And enjoying it.

Aug 12, 2010, 12:40 PM EDT

Thumbnail image for bosh-heat.jpgChris Bosh is loving the spotlight.

After years of feeling ignored and underappreciated in Toronto he’s now showing up on Regis & Kelly and doing a New York media blitz. He’s big time.

And he’s playing it up — and playing with your emotions, as he told the New York Daily News.

“If you think about how many times somebody asks you, ‘How are you,’ that’s how many times I was asked, ‘Where you going?” said Bosh, who was in Manhattan Wednesday to unveil his Got Milk! advertisement. “So it’s like, well, in my case, I’m going to have fun with it. I’m going to play with people’s emotions. I’m going to be high and low.”

There were a lot of mixed messages about where Bosh was headed — Chicago, New York, Miami — because Bosh was sending those messages. For fun.

“I wouldn’t call it a game because it’s serious, but, I mean, it’s entertainment at the end of the day. It’s the truth,” Bosh said. “We’re entertaining and everything but at the same time I’m just getting my feelings out there.

“It’s entertaining to see people react to your real emotions because if it wasn’t fun I wouldn’t do it.”

If it wasn’t for everyone seeming to hate on LeBron right now, people would be hating on Chris Bosh. He’s earning it.

  1. fergi77777 - Aug 12, 2010 at 1:29 PM

    Not too much of an ego. 😐

  2. Gord - Aug 12, 2010 at 1:45 PM

    Why don’t you ask the people of Toronto how they feel about Mr. Bosh and his summertime game? Or would that entail actually concerning yourself about what a Canadian fan of the game thinks about the self-centred (yes, ‘r’ before ‘e’), borderline xenophobic comments of young, urban Americans who just don’t get the fact that Canada, while somewhat tax-obsessed, is a great place to live and work,just like LA or NY or Chi or name it, even if that so-called work is shooting a ball really well? Fun? Twerp.

  3. johnmaine - Aug 12, 2010 at 2:10 PM

    Charles Barkley Disses LeBron James and James’s infamous tweet:

  4. Cannon510 - Aug 12, 2010 at 2:30 PM

    I have a hard time believing an idiot like Chris Bosh is gonna be able to sacrifice touches and play defense necessary to win a championship.

  5. That 1 Guy - Aug 12, 2010 at 2:49 PM

    Why do I get the feeling that Bosh isn’t going to receive scrutiny well? Be careful what you wish for.

  6. Chris Bosh is... - Aug 12, 2010 at 3:44 PM

    …overpaid and overrated. I’m glad he had this brief time to feel special. He’ll stick it out and maybe win some rings in Miami in future years (not this year), but it won’t be because of him. He got close to a max contract, and he’s not half as important to this team as Rodman (who could hardly get paid or get an All-Star nod) was to the Bulls. His touches are going to drop, and he’s going to end up a decent role player with a more than decent bankroll.

  7. Zack - Aug 12, 2010 at 4:30 PM

    Ok batgirl, have fun being the third wheel to batman and robin

  8. Phil - Aug 12, 2010 at 5:26 PM

    Jordan + Pippen + Perdue > Wade + Lebron + Bosh

  9. tdot11 - Aug 12, 2010 at 6:04 PM

    This guy is soft and is more concerned with getting attention then he is to winning. Remember this is the same pathetic loser that made a video to go to the all-star game. For real players the all-star game is nothing and playing in June is what matters. His soft game and lack of character will be exposed as the heat will be getting pounded under the rim all year long, not even going to mention what will happen to this guy in the playoffs.

  10. travis - Aug 12, 2010 at 9:35 PM

    this guy is just as big a d-bag as Lebron..Only reason he isnt gettin hated on is becasue no one cares about him. Like the guy before me said he is soft and only cares about attention and people knowing who he is.All he is going to do is ride the coat tails of Lebron and d=wade and pick up some rebounds along the way…and i guarantee you if you look at all the teams lately who have have 3 stars on there team Bosh would be one of the last you would pick

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