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The Bulls haven't completely ruled out signing Tracy McGrady, but aren't compromising

Jul 30, 2010, 11:19 AM EDT

mcgrady_runs.jpgTracy McGrady and Shaquille O’Neal seem to be one in the same. Neither can get the role or money (or affirmation?) they so desperately covet, and each will likely face the same choice: play for a team they actually want to play for in a limited role for a small salary, or sign with a non-competitive team to indulge their own inflated senses of self-worth.

It’s up to them, though it’s possible that one of either McGrady or O’Neal’s preferred teams will eventually blink. The Chicago Bulls, for instance, are still an unlikely destination for T-Mac, but they still remain at least kind of open to the idea of signing him. Though to their credit, they still insist on doing everything on their terms. From Marc Stein, writing at TrueHoop:

As of Friday morning, Chicago had not completely ruled out the signing of Tracy McGrady.

Miami’s signing of Eddie House extinguished one of the Bulls’ other prime options and thus helped keep alive the possibility of McGrady scoring the deal from the Bulls that he so badly wants, as chronicled here. Chicago, though, continues to look at other options such as Keith Bogans and Roger Mason.

…If the Bulls ultimately do relent and commit to a T-Mac experiment, since they do need another scoring threat on the perimeter, it’s believed that they will insist on McGrady accepting a non-guaranteed deal for next season so they can let him go at any time without financial hesitation if they deem the experiment to be failing.

For his part, Derrick Rose could take T-Mac or leave him. It really doesn’t seem to matter all that much to him either way. So, we’re not all that far from where we started. Teams aren’t so much courting McGrady as he’s courting them, but Chicago — and Miami, and the other teams on his list — don’t seem to be all that interested.

  1. T-Smac - Jul 30, 2010 at 1:18 PM

    T-Mac is one press conference away from winning over the Bulls front office and getting signed. All he needs to do is say that he will gladly accept the role as a backup. If he deserves to start, he can prove that on the court. This is a win-win for the Bulls. If Mac is Back, they win big on this gamble. If not, they still have a veteran bench man who will contribute.
    It is 100% up to T-Mac to change his attitude. We all want to believe that he is healthy and ready to prove that he is back to his old form. He will have every opportunity to do that if he accepts the initial role, and does it verbally to the press. If he was to do that, his worth would immediately rise, and there would be competition for his services.
    Although he is very optomistic, T-Mac needs to express his desire to contribute to this team. The Bulls don’t care to hear how great he thinks he still is, and they will do just fine without him.
    Prove it T-Mac. Prove it by at least being a bit more humble, and show that you truly appreciate the opportunity to play for this team. Prove it by giving your word to the media, then by working your butt off to contribute.

  2. Copans - Jul 30, 2010 at 1:44 PM

    I really thing the self-delusion of the press conference is overrated as a factor in the Bulls apparent lack of interest.
    Check out history:
    A good or bad T-Mac’s press conference won’t disguise that he has below average shooter for 7 years, and another shooter is what the Bulls need. He’s leavened his scoring and total shooting % by trips to the free throw line, also in steady decline.
    Admittedly, his reputation has kept him a focus for the defensive team, so his shooting would improve as auxiliary. He’s not a bad decision maker, and was perhaps underrated as a defensive player. He still has a place in the NBA, but doesn’t fit with the current Bulls.

  3. JONATHAN - Jul 30, 2010 at 1:47 PM

    your right bulls need to pick up tracy mcgrady let him show him self on court if he dont then he a bench player

  4. joe - Jul 30, 2010 at 1:50 PM

    bulls need t mac like right now

  5. Kevin - Jul 31, 2010 at 2:46 AM

    Tp all the true sports fans out there, let’s give this some serious thought. T-mac coming to Chicago is the missing piece to the puzzle. When constructing a good team, you must have role players.. Here’s a clear breakdown of a really good team of role players. Noah= Rebounder, Boozer= “Back to the basket” Post player, Rose= Nobody can stay in front of this guy, try to double team him and Korver= will light up the three point line, and the icing on the cake would be T-mac. 2-time scoring champion, good defender, and good court awareness. This group of guys could compete with any team in the league on any giving night. Sure, I admit T-mac’s stats have declined, but any real athlete who has been injured and had surgery knows it takes time to heal. This isn’t pick up basketball, it’s the NBA, which means you are competing with the best of the best every night. Just give the man a chance to prove himself. T-mac is only 31 years old, let’s see how much is left in the tank. People thought Drew Brees was finished after he had shoulder surgery and signed on with the Saints. Now he’s on the new cover of Madden 2011 and oh yeah, he just won a Superbowl!! But, let’s not get our hopes up too high for the Bulls signing T-mac, after all they let Jordan, Pippen, and Jackson all walk away at the same time. Lol

  6. gadsmakk - Jul 31, 2010 at 7:28 AM

    yeah the bulls need t-mac…… he could help the bulls win a championship for sure.. i believe t-mac has something to prove that he havent show last season… i know and believe t-mac is back on track…

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