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Summer Lovin', featuring Kobe Bryant and Matt Barnes

Jul 26, 2010, 12:44 PM EDT

Thumbnail image for Mbarnes.jpgMatt Barnes has an incredible tendency to get on his opponents’ nerves, and it’s easy to understand why. Barnes never stops talking. He’s no stranger to the hard foul or the occasional cheap shot. He holds, he pushes, he yaps, and he plays hard. That’s not the kind of thing that makes for an ideal opponent, and it’s safe to say that during his time with the Magic, Barnes got under the skin of a few notable Lakers.

All water under the bridge, as time — or really, free agency — heals all wounds. Barnes, while on Into the Night with Tony Bruno on Fox Sports Radio, had this to say about his current relationship with Bryant (as transcribed by Sports Radio Interviews, link via Marcel Mutoni):

“Kobe has been the driving force behind this.  I have been talking to Kobe back and forth like we were boyfriend and girlfriend for the last two weeks and sending us texts and talking.  It feels good when you have the best player in the world in your corner and Kobe is definitely in my corner.  He sent me a crazy text message today saying something like, anyone crazy enough to mess with me is crazy enough to play with me.  So I think that was a good tone to set and I think I am ready to be a Laker.”

These are good times in Los Angeles. Andrew Bynum is on the mend, the Lakers picked up a few helpful free agents to add to their championship core, and Bryant and Barnes have been texting sweet nothings to one another late into the night. We knew the Lakers were going to be good next season, but throw in Barnes for good measure, and L.A. has a much-improved bench.   

  1. not a heat hater - Jul 27, 2010 at 11:28 AM

    its not a question of hating the heat yeah dwade is awesome but hes not what he was 4 years ago when he won the finals injury does that and as for kobe your right hes not in his prime…wait even with all his injuries last year he avg 27 ppg, i think there is no reason he cant continue to avg 27ppg or more for the next several years…why because as you described lebron, kobe is a freak of nature …and a consumate player he betters his game every year he works on his game 24/7 unlike lebron, oh and i just looked uhm lebrons rebounds he was 33rd in the league last year, i just feel hes athletic but is missing the one ingredient that makes guys like kobe garnett and even p pierce is the heart of a champion, one more thing i cant wait to see how lebron responds to the first serious injury he gets will he be the same lebron or will he start being meek like bynum, all questions to be asnwered in the future till then leave the specualtion to the bookies lol

  2. DieHard Laker - Jul 27, 2010 at 5:28 PM

    Kobe is still the best player in the game. His consecutive FINALS MVPs make Lebrons regular season MVPs look like prizes out of a cracker jack box. The Heat will be good and extremely competitive, but there are still chemistry concerns and the Heat are one injury away from a mediocre season. Lakers are still too talented, too defensive minded, and too deep for the Heat to handle in a seven game series IMO

  3. Anonymous - Jul 27, 2010 at 10:01 PM

    Noone has even seen the Heat play a single game yet. Everyone needs to stfu with the “Kobe is better” … ” no my player is better…”
    You all sound like a bunch of little school girls who think they can predict the future.

  4. better than u - Jul 28, 2010 at 12:37 AM

    aww hell anonymous you cant even give a name and why do people here discuss who is better, cuz its a friggin basketball blog and currently until someone steps up and dethrones KOBE he is currently the best bball player currently playing, so sayeth the greatest player of all time michael jordan, so ask yourself why do people play the game to be the best and there are some amazing and phenominal players playing the game today durant dwade even lbj and if you have been paying attention it is widely agreed that by fans and players alike that kobe is our era’s king of the hill, and kobe is waiting for someone to come along and knock him off congrats kobe and lakers the 2010 NBA Champions

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