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It's not just you laughing at David Kahn, Chris Webber is on board, too

Jul 15, 2010, 11:27 AM EDT

We’ve struggled to put into words how we perplexed we have been over Minnesota signing Darko Milicic to a four-year, $20 million deal then shipping Al Jefferson out for almost nothing.

Chris Webber did it for us: “Good luck.”

(Now read that quote again in a deadpan, sarcastic tone. That’s it, now you’ve got it.)

Minnesota’s President of Basketball Operations David Kahn was on NBATV’s Summer League broadcast and the exchange between Webber and Kahn is funnier than anything in Grown Ups. Believe us.

“With us (Darko) was like Manna from heaven,” Kahn said “He is 7’1″ and legitimately moves like a forward… I haven’t seen a big man pass like him. He really does pass like Vlade (Divac).”

All Webber — a very good passing big in his own right — could say was “wow.”

The best part was when Kahn compares Webber to Darko in that Webber took a few years to find himself in the league.

“We’re not talking about me and Darko in the same sentence,” Webber said.

You have to watch it for yourself. Get to the 1:40 mark of this video, then enjoy.

  1. bballlguy703 - Jul 17, 2010 at 2:25 AM


  2. B_ran is CONman's ball liquor - Jul 17, 2010 at 9:21 AM

    they don’t need that trade exception …. if you look at his posts that roster is LOADED …. he’s proud that the Woofies have accumulated lottery pick busts and somehow equates them into legit NBA players ….Wesley Johnson hasn’t played a minute in the NBA and is the next Reggie Miller and he’s proud of his 5’10” point guard Johnny “turnovers” Flynn …. and next year he’s got that Rubio coming in who shoots 30% and doesn’t even avg 10 pts a game overseas, but he’s also another GEM …. didn’t think there could be anyone as IDIOTIC as the CONman ,but there is, unless that is the CONman posting as he states “WE have talent on OUR roster” in his first sentence …. also that amazing job he states that CONman has done are the DAILY jokes on all the local Twin Cities radio sports talk shows and newspapers ,all the national media outlets(tv, radio and newspapers),all the GM’s and coaches and owners of the NBA(EXCEPT Glen Taylor) , any ex-NBA player that is asked about the moves and many of the current players in the league …. as Chris Webber would say “GOOD LUCK” …. that was absolutely hilarious …. funniest part is/was that CONman didn’t even know he was being made a fool of

  3. Danny - Jul 17, 2010 at 6:27 PM

    If David Kahn was smart. He would have not trade a proven 20-10 big man (which is pretty rare) to a division rival for just an up and coming memphis draft pick and a low Utah Jazz draft pick? Utah will hinder their developement for the next 5 or so years because Deron Williams and Al Jefferson are not even in their prime yet. They play like 4 times a year, so thats 20 games in the next 5 years. They are not preparing for the future because other than Utah they have Portland, OKC, and Denver in their division. They have a franchise player to build around. Im not saying Al Jeff is a franchise player but in the west you need a 20-10 player to build around and he was that. You can’t trade their best player for for future bench warmers. Triangle is not gonna work unless you have a perimeter player that can score 20+ points a night and they should have trade Al Jefferson for more yalue.

  4. BBcrazy - Jul 17, 2010 at 6:52 PM

    He was hired by Glen Taylor’s son in law, Rob Moor, a guy who knows more about Brie Cheese than basketball. He was only hired after multiple other candidates were offended by Rob and backed out of the deal. Kahn actually has a long history in the Developmental league of racking up financial issues and getting out of town without paying up. He’s had lawsuit after lawsuit thrown at him for these and other issues, including sexual harassment. He worked for an Indiana team that couldn’t stand him. It was a bad hire. Folks who sit behind him at games say that he plays solitaire during the T-Wolves games. Strange man who knows nothing about BB.

  5. Matt - Jul 18, 2010 at 5:38 AM

    People need to step back and realize something.. David Kahn has been on the job for about 1 year in total. And people are already calling him the worst GM in Basketball.. Why? Because the mentality that the team is bad, and he made a move that led to jokes on ESPN.
    You know when the Vikings skipped their pick to get Kevin Williams later than they were scheduled to draft.. and every single draft for 5 years they showed the clips and joked about it? Or the same lame jokes about how the Lions will take a WR in the first round?
    People don’t care about reality, they only care about perception. The perception is that Kahn is conceited, arrogant fool because he drafted 3 PGs in a row, one of whom will not play until 2011, and gave a bust 4 million a year because he played well for 3 months.. The reality is that Kahn probably can’t help the way his tone sounds condescending, it’s his natural speech pattern. He’s been anything but condescending and arrogant, he’s been brutally open and honest about the team, its weaknesses, his plans, and even honored a facetious bet to take along a local radio show host to the draft as a good luck charm if his Kentucky Derby prediction was right.
    The reality is that since Kahn signed on, he has moved on he traded Foye and Mike Miller, massively underachieving for Ricky Rubio, who is considered to have all-star talent by NBA stars who have played him.. he has traded an injured Al Jefferson who has played miserably on defense and is a bad fit in the system they want to play for two first round picks, and he’s signed Darko Milicic who has actually been the first center to show signs of life in MN in the last 5 years, for a measley 4 million a season (people expect Darko to pay for being a bust and get nothing because they didn’t watch the Wolves last year, and who could blame them) and he traded for Michael Beasley for two second round picks.
    All of this uproar probably comes from people STILL mad that he took Flynn over Curry, because everyone wanted Stephan Curry.. and amazingly he wasn’t a bust, even though guys like him bust out 90% of the time in the NBA. They’re pissed that he took Rubio because he wouldn’t play immediately because fans are so impatient, and they’re pissed he took another PG to play while Rubio was overseas instead of another SG. Then they’re bewildered they signed Ramon Sessions, as if you should only have one PG actively on roster.. And now they’re mad about re-signing Darko when darko was UNIVERSALLY PRAISED for his resurgence last season, and they’re pissed that he signed Ridnour, who everyone has said they feel is a good player.
    It’s just a simple case of perception versus reality with Kahn. You have to let the season play out before you crucify him if you want to keep it grounded in reality.. otherwise, to steal from popular vernacular… you’re just being a “hater”

  6. Matt - Jul 18, 2010 at 5:52 AM

    Bbos, you have to realize the warfare going on against Kahn though.. people aren’t just going up to him, sticking a mic in his face and asking him about the weather.. making polite conversation.. they are TRYING to tear him down. He has been marked as a lunatic and people are after him, because it’s that pack mentality that feels they have to overtly praise their heroes and tear apart the clowns.
    Webb was openly cofnrontational here.. The only thing Kahn said that was ridiculous was that Darko was “manna from heaven” because Darko was merely a great surprise.. he was far from a savior of the team.. but Kahn probably feels compelled to defend his decisions because of how often people are after him because he got the GM job in MN and the other popular guy didn’t.. Sorry, I don’t remember who it was that was passed over for Kahn, but I know a lot of insiders in the NBA hated it, and that’s why you get these hatchet jobs on Yahoo sports and then it snowballs to the no-name bloggers like probasketballtalk columnists.
    Nobody is going to doubt Webber’s talent, but nobody is ever going to confuse him for a classy guy either. He was a huge jerk here, plain and simple.. Kahn said what he said about his passing skills and he also said that Divac would be the FIRST PERSON TO TELL YOU so. That is verified statement people.. if Vlade says “Darko can pass as well as I can” everyone has the right to say it without being branded a fool.
    And when he compared Webber to Darko, he was very clear to agree that you obviously can’t compare their careers, but it was also very clear that he wasn’t even trying to say Darko had a comparable career to Webber. I took it as him saying that every player takes a period to adjust and come into maturity and become a better player when they gain their focus. Obviously Webber hasn’t matured, but he was admittedly good from his first year on.. Maybe C-Webb took it as Kahn saying it took him a while to mature as a person..and obviously if that’s what he was saying, C-Webb still hasn’t matured as a person.
    I don’t have an agenda so I can skip past the supposed belly laughs that all this piling on is supposed to bring.. All I saw was an arrogant, combative, jerk named Chris Webber being rude and unprofessional. This isn’t And-1.. you’re working for the NBA.

  7. JD - Jul 22, 2010 at 8:14 PM

    I don’t have a problem with what Minnesota did with Darko. The contract is actually for less money than what was originally reported, and it looks like the fourth year is only partially guaranteed. The problem is that Kahn is possibly setting up Darko for failure for saying things like he is “Manna from Heaven” or comparing him to C-Webb or Vlade. Webber, especially, by 25 years of age was way beyond the player that Darko is right now at the same age. Yes, he played a solid 24 games with the T-Wolves last season and they paid a reasonable amount for a player they plan to start at center this season. Privately Khan may have certain beliefs, but he would be better off making realistic assessments of his players when speaking publicly. Overselling Darko does him no good.

  8. DCP - Jul 23, 2010 at 9:40 AM

    Ryan, Ryan, Ryan…In teeing off on CWebb you remind us all that there’s a difference between a has-been and a never-was. You, sir, are a never-was, but at least you have this space to flex.

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