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Mark Cuban thinks LeBron is staying in Cleveland

Jul 8, 2010, 5:09 PM EDT

Thumbnail image for mcuban_cheers.jpgMark Cuban thinks LeBron to Miami is a smokescreen. A misdirection so LeBron can slip the card back into the deck without the audience noticing. A bit of slight of hand pulled off with the help of a public relations firm.

A lot of people think that. Not a majority, and not me. But there are plenty of people out there.

Cuban though, puts his thoughts out there. He lays out some entertaining scenarios of what happens when LeBron makes his announcement not long after 9 pm tonight (and he is spot on about the reactions):

If LeBron announces Miami, all the sports media who reported the same get to write “i told you so”. The people in Miami smile. Maybe some have a cuba libre and go about their business. The phones ring and the Heat sell a bunch of tickets. Pat Riley buys some hair gel. Erik Spolestra stresses about what happens if they don’t win this year. Everyone starts telling lies about how such and such player would love to play for the minimum salary to play with the Golden Triangle.

In the State of Ohio ? Forgetabbout it. People cry. People kick their dogs.  They fall into a funk. LeBron instantly becomes the most hated person in the state, and equally hated by anyone close to people who live there.
Just as quickly Art Modell is placed on par with Mother Theresa when compared to Lebron….

On the flip side, if he says he is going back to the Cavs there are parties in the streets, horns honking, people kissing strangers. Art Modell sneaks into the state and gets a kiss.  Everyone’s wife and husband, boyfriend and girlfriend all the sudden become prettier that night. People are pouring out in the street as if a war had ended. Instead of an infamous picture of a sailor kissing a young lady, there will be a picture of a couple, both in LeBron James Cavs jerseys kissing in the middle of the street. A photo passed through the internet as a memento of a moment in time that in the big picture means nothing, but for tonight means everything.

Which is exactly why I think he is going back to the Cavs.  The sports world is full of uncertainties.  When in doubt, go for the love.   Which is what you do when you make the mistake of not coming to the Mavs

Gotta love Cuban.

  1. allovercubanutz - Jul 8, 2010 at 5:28 PM

    CUBAN FOR PRESIDENT!!! LBJ should have agreed terms w/ The Mavs

  2. Marky Mark - Jul 8, 2010 at 5:58 PM

    The following teams offer a better basketball situation for LeBron than Miami does: Cleveland, Chicago, New York, New Jersey
    So basically everybody who was in on this thing. I wonder if LeBron understands just how crappy the non-Wade, non-Bosh parts of this Miami team are going to be if he goes there. This isn’t playground basketball. Teams win as much because of their benches and their role players as they do because of their stars. James, for one, should know this. He’s dealt with that reality for years–not enough pieces. It’s going to be a fun experiment, but we’ll see how many games this thing actually wins (assuming it happens). I still hope he goes back to Cleveland. Cuban’s right–choose love. They aren’t going to love you in Miami. Wade is always going to be the most popular player there.

  3. mannyfresh209 - Jul 8, 2010 at 6:19 PM

    Chicago has the best starting lineup should he go there.
    But the Mavs got the best team he could possibly go to.. Their bench as well as their starting lineup is unbelievable should they add LBJ.
    But obviously it won’t happen

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