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NBA finals Lakers Celtics Game 4: Blogbook drools like a Big Baby

Jun 11, 2010, 3:48 AM EDT

A collection of thoughts on Lakers-Celtics Game 4…

  • If Glen Davis is a Drunken Seal, tonight was the big show at Sea World and everyone clapped for him. Davis was a beast, and his ability to create shots against the Lakers’ bigs was pretty much the difference in the game. Davis’ emotion seems like a caricature of itself at times, but tonight it also served as the ripcord to kickstart the Celtics’ motor. Offensive rebounds aren’t easy to come by against the Lakers, and Davis got four of them. It was his yelling and screaming that brought the crowd back into it and the Celtics fed off that. It’s the circle of life, really.
  • Andrew Bynum is the difference. I don’t know how else to put it. I could talk about the rebounding, but that leaves out the defense. I could talk about the defense, but that leaves out the drop-off pass work. I could talk about the dump pass buckets, but then… you get the point. The weird thing has been that you can’t noticeably see the effect of the knee injury. He seems healthy on the floor, but is obviously telling the trainers something. You have to think Jackson yanked back on Bynum’s minutes tonight to give him time to rest up for a pivotal Game 5. It fits with Jackson’s M.O. They need him more than any other player outside of Pau and Bryant for Game 5.
  • Paul Pierce’s ability to get space returned tonight, and not a moment too soon. Pierce’s step back elbow jumper is one of the most central parts of the Boston attack and it’s been silent in the Finals until tonight, when Pierce got it going at several points on his way to 19 points on 7 of 12 shooting. He had 5 turnovers, but you’ll gladly take that if it means he’s being aggressive with the ball. Artest got clipped on screens tonight and didn’t have the same tenacity to peel off them as he did in Game 3.
  • Rajon Rondo is off. Don’t know if it’s the muscle spasms or the defensive switches and pull-outs to the free throw line, but something’s not right. He’s not dictating the tempo nor the offense the way he has throughout the playoffs. Just three assists for him tonight, and the layups. Ye Gods, the layups. Kid got enough iron to form Optimus Prime. Rondo had a .62 points created per possession used mark tonight, That’s a fairly terrible figure and one that the Celtics need to find a remedy for. As well as Derek Fisher has been playing, Rondo should still be getting his.
  • Rasheed Wallace’s outburst after a questionable third quarter foul call while defending Kobe Bryant (after some terrific perimeter defense by Tony Allen to force him inside) was perhaps the longest single stream of obscenities in the history of network television.
  • That said, Sheed did manage to have more good plays than bad, particularly the late arcing three he drained that helped fuel a massive Celtic run.
  • The Lakers have to consider this somewhat of a letdown game, considering they had a nine point lead, Rondo didn’t go off, Allen didn’t go off, and Garnett was contained. More and more it feels like whichever bench contributes more decides who wins the game.
  • Luke Walton, zero minutes. Huh? After a Game 3 where he came up huge with hustle and savvy, Walton gets a DNP-CD tonight, with no official explanation regarding an injury. You have to think his back injury must be worse than they let on, because the Lakers needed a jump and Walton would have been a perfect candidate. Even if he would have allowed more damage from Paul Pierce, he may have helped out the offense which the Lakers desperately needed.
  • Pau Gasol had 44 minutes tonight, and still didn’t see the ball enough. 21 points on 13 shots and you still feel like they left a few bullets in the chamber with Gasol. He had one particularly terrific play where he went baseline, managed to worm space and create a bank shot that was straight out of the Tim Duncan playbook. Gasol’s brilliance continues to shine, even as the Laker offense underrates him.
  • Anyone else think Andrew Bynum’s going to play a ton of Starcraft II when he’s recovering from knee surgery in five weeks?
  • Nate Robinson is everything Stephon Marbury was supposed to be that wasn’t. The fiery former Knick who comes off the bench at point guard and produces points.
  • Bryant is struggling in the fourth quarter in this series, putting in heavy minutes then finding even tighter defense in the closing minutes. He scored 12 in the 4th tonight through sheer will power.  He’s probably due for an outright explosion, but it’s a trend worth noting as the series continues. That said, some of his shots were pure perfection tonight. 

  1. gabbyh - Jun 11, 2010 at 2:53 AM

    I am appalled at the behavior that the Celtics have on court. Past the point that there defense is good and there second players are also good. They need to be instructed in “sport finess”. They act like children on the court resembling apes running around grunting,drooling and taunting the Laker players. They do not deserve to win any finals because first of all they need to act like professional players. The Laker team looks at them like what the hell is that behavior. Really Couch teach your players professional athletic behavior, send them back to the ghetto where they belong or teach them to act like PROFESSIONAL PLAYERS.
    GO LAKERS not only for there game but for their AWESOME SPORTMANSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Juandango - Jun 11, 2010 at 3:55 AM

    More of the same.
    To make up for Tuesdays debacle, the refs call tonight’s game in favor of the Celtics. Lakers did not whine though despite Doc Rivers whining, acting like the game was on the line for a family member, Rasheed pouting and whining as if he could do no wrong, Nate standing up after a foul and picking a fight with Odom who is two feet taller and finally the big baby Davis slobbering, drooling, screaming,and making no sense like a, well like a big baby? Pathetic! The Celtics whined until the game was no longer in doubt and the refs had done their job. Yea! Celtics win! The fans as well demonstrated no class whatsoever taunting the visiting home team. The fact of the matter here is that the Lakers are a better team than the Celtics and the Celtics know it. The Lakers will no doubt prove it in the next two games. In the process they won’t have to act like animals to show the world who’s number 1. Lastly, I think it is difficult for the Celtics team to show any class when their own coach acts the fool as well. Who will teach them? The Lakers will come back with a vengence on Sunday and put the series into a must win situation for Boston.

  3. The Ultimate Thinker - Jun 11, 2010 at 10:12 AM

    Well, after game 4 one has to ask themselves this, even though the lakers have been known to play classier basketball and are notebly more self-disciplined, why then are they being given a run for their money by a team like Boston ? The answer is simple, the Lakers seem somewhat afraid to contest. Today I was shocked at how many times the Lakers players hesitated to take shots. Only few players were shooting often e.g Kobe, Gasol. The rest of the guys seem to be skeptical of shooting. What’s happened to the great 3 point shooter Ron Artest or the fired up Odom that will drive to the hoop regardless of the difficulty. Also Derek fisher seemed rather silent in game 4 after destroying Boston in Game 3.
    Another thing is Lakers need to control Boston’s big men and not let their big men be controlled by Boston. Glen Davis made the Lakers look like primary school kids trying to defend a professional basketball player who wants to lay up the ball.
    I wish Lakers all the best in Game 5. I know they can win it’s just a matter of getting everyone to participate in offense and to jack up their defence.
    Lakers Optimist.

  4. gabbyh - Jun 12, 2010 at 2:13 AM

    All feelings mutual, however the point is that Davis with his physique which is not exactly lean can bowl anyone over and then there is the foul which they are great at getting when they need to make up points. GO LAKERS

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