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Report: Cavaliers shopping Mo Williams, Delonte West

Jun 6, 2010, 3:00 PM EDT

mwilliams.jpgCleveland needed to make some changes. It was pretty clear that the current formula worked great in the regular season but could be exposed in a seven-game series.

But damn, Cleveland. You won 60 games two years in a row.

Coach? Gone. General manager? Gone. Shaquille O’Neal? Probably gone.

Mo Williams? They’ll trade him. Same thing with Delonte West, according to Brian Windhorst at the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

According to multiple league sources, the Cavs are testing the trade value for point guard Mo Williams, among other players. It is part of what appears to be an effort to tweak the entire backcourt, as Delonte West is also on the trade block.

These talks are being piloted, sources said, by new general manager Chris Grant. However, the decision to determine Williams’ value could mostly be the result of the two weeks of in-depth conversations led by Gilbert on the state of the team. The products of those talks resulted in the firing of Mike Brown and Danny Ferry’s decision not to seek another contract.

As always, this all about keeping LeBron happy. Mo Williams has been helping keep LeBron happy for a few years now, but now the goal is to keep him, to prove to him that the Cavaliers will do anything to win. And whatever he wants.

So if they can find value for Mo Williams out there on the market, they’ll consider it. Really, they’ll consider anything right now.

And rarely does that turn out well.

  1. Sarl - Jun 6, 2010 at 5:15 PM

    The Cavs are doing nothing but prostituting themselves when it comes to LeBron and not knowing if he will actually sign with them. It would be really bad for the Cavs to make all of these changes, robbing themselves of what appears to be good chemisty on the team.
    LeBron is an out of control “control” freak and if he stays, the which I hope he does, Gilbert may as well amke LeBron–Owner, president, GM, and coach. Then if the Cavs don’t make the playoffs, then year–you can blame it strictly on the “Chosen One.”

  2. Drew - Jun 6, 2010 at 7:31 PM

    I do think the Cavs need a more physical PG who can really help Lebron when things get tough in the playoffs. Mo Williams has largely disappeared in the last two playoffs.
    What the Cavs have needs adjustment, not a blowup. Shaq is probably not the answer, big Z might be looking at retirement, and Jamison is a little bit older. It’s hard to pinpoint what exactly they need. A consistent, dominant post threat seems necessary for Cleveland. What happened with Kobe until Gasol came along? Great individual numbers, but couldn’t advance.

  3. Omnius - Jun 7, 2010 at 12:02 PM

    The Cleveland Cadaver fans better get used to not seeing LeBoring James around as if he’s smart he’ll go somewhere else. If the Cadavers think that Izzo is ready for NBA primetime coaching then they’ll find out the hard way he’s not as good as Mike Brown was, who was good in the regular season but pathetic in the postseason. The Cadavers were always a one man team with the King of Choke just running up his stats instead of helping make his teammates better the way Kobe Bryant does. Cleveland fans better face reality now that their King of Choke is just going to play for the money and go off to a big market team like Garnett did a few years ago. Cadaver fans better get their paper bags ready for wear next season.

  4. Carl - Jun 12, 2010 at 3:34 AM

    I may not be a Cavs fan but what they really need are players that Lebron can grow with. In a desperation attempt they can get veterans but how long will it last? a year or two at most which will leave Lebron back to nothing.
    They might want to surround James with quality young players to play with.
    Remember that Michael Jordan was surrounded not by veteran players but with a young core with Scottie Pippena and Horace Grant- they went to battle together and shared bitter and sweet memories.They grew and matured altogether.
    GMs don’t realize that to building a championship team doesn’t take overnight. It takes time.

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