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Does Ferry's resignation open the door for a LeBron James-Larry Brown meetup?

Jun 5, 2010, 10:30 AM EDT

Danny Ferry wound up going down with the ship, as it were. But the Navy still needs an admiral, and now the question has to become if this was part of an effort to nab a bigger fish.

Assistant GM Chris Grant is taking over for the time being, but with the biggest summer in the history of the franchise rattling towards them at light speed, the Cavs may be orchestrating to allow a bigger name, one that will be attractive to King James himself, an opportunity to take the reins.

One such name that will likely appear on lists is Larry Brown. Brown has been on the fence, for pretty much the last ten years, on what he’s going to do with his future, but it’s been made clear he’s not 100% dead solid sold on staying in Charlotte. Brown was heavily rumored for the Philadelphia job, but there were rumors that ownership didn’t want to surrender as much control as Brown wanted.

But with Ferry gone, an opportunity exists for Brown to fill that gap. A ready made championship roster with James back on board, a fat paycheck, and roster control. These are a few of Larry Brown’s favorite things.

Brown’s been rumored to be leaning towards coming back to team up with new majority owner Michael Jordan, but again,any outcome is as likely as any other until the season starts. Brown has been around long enough to afford himself a sense of flexibility. We’ll just have to see if the Cavs are indeed committed to Chris Grant long term, or if they’re looking to nab a big, shiny fish to help lure back the native son.

  1. Todd - Jun 5, 2010 at 12:39 PM

    Intriguing idea. I liked what Del Negro was starting to do in chicago and was hoping the cavs would show interest in him. But, there has been no speculation from anywhere that there is any interest. Brown is a no nonsense control freak coach who does seem to find ways to win. The only possible issue is: Will he be able to control Lebron? or just clash with him and create a turmoil filled season that ends in utter disaster?
    Lebron is a mental misfit right now, seeking only the dollar signs of life. This “free agent” tour is all about self glorification, but in reality, all he’s going to get out of it is a LOT more enemies than he had to start with. This list will include the populations and organizations of everyone he visits and subsequently says “NO thanks” to. If Lebron would just be loyal to his home, and realize he’s only a large fish in a larger aquarium, and just play, Brown would be perfect. Like all speculation, we’ll just have to watch and see.

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