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Winderman: Dumping Beasley might be Heat's best option

Apr 21, 2010, 1:55 PM EDT

Beasley_Block.jpgAmid the Heat’s epic struggle in its first-round series against the Celtics, and amid Michael Beasley’s no-show against both Kevin Garnett and Glen “Big Baby” Davis in the opening two games, arrives the debate of where Beasley’s trade value stands.

Granted, two years is hardly is the best evaluation period for a 21-year-old power forward whose (lack-of) maturity level has been well-chronicled. But Dwyane Wade made it abundantly clear in his Tuesday comments at TD Garden that patience is wearing thin, that Beasley shouldn’t be waiting for his opening.

“There’s an opening for him every night,” Wade said. “He’s just got to walk inside the door.”

Appreciate that not only is Wade shooting 61.1 percent from the floor despite standing as the Celtics’ overwhelming focus, but no other Heat player is shooting better than Mario Chalmers’ 41.7 percent in a series the league is poised to dump on NBA TV (seriously, for Game 5). By contrast, five Celtics are shooting at least 50 percent.

Beasley is at 9 of 22, with 19 total points.

So what would Michael fetch on the open market?

It doesn’t matter.

It well could wind up being in the Heat’s best interest to trade him for nothing.

Zippo. Zero. Nada.

In fact, that just might be the best trade the Heat could make.

With the new 2010-11 salary-cap projection of $56.1 million, it is possible for the Heat to position itself for three max-level free agents if it is able to get a team with cap space to bite on a package of Beasley and Daequan Cook for a future draft choice.

For a less-attractive market such as Sacramento and Minnesota, it essentially would be something for nothing, utilizing cap space without having to recruit, able to walk from Beasley’s contract in a year if there is another offseason of distraction.

That’s where this confluence of 2010 free agency and Beasley’s uneven play has delivered the Heat.

His $5 million 2010-11 salary might best serve the Heat by simply disappearing, especially if the Heat can get a suitor to also sign off on acquiring Cook’s $2.2 million. That, somewhat astonishingly, would leave the Heat with only about $3 million in committed 2010-11 salary, even less if Chalmers’ option is not picked up.

For as much upside as many believe Beasley has, the question is not whether an additional $7 million in cap space would prove more beneficial, but whether it would be more to Wade’s liking.

Both the Kings and ‘Wolves could absorb Beasley’s 2010-11 salary without having to send anything out. He would be a bridge to Ricky Rubio for the ‘Wolves, someone to develop alongside Tyreke Evans for the Kings. For the Heat, there could be a valued draft pick in return.

It comes down to this for the Heat: Could it do more with $7 million-plus in cap space then it currently is doing with Beasley?

These days, the cash has a higher shooting percentage.

Ira Winderman writes regularly for and covers the Heat and the NBA for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

  1. LAMAR ODOM - Apr 21, 2010 at 2:32 PM


  2. jake - Apr 21, 2010 at 2:37 PM

    Then what did we go through a 15 win season for. We were due Rose and got Beaz.

  3. Heat Fan - Apr 21, 2010 at 3:20 PM

    Winderman is the biggest tool in the world. He is constantly on Beasley for not being a 20/10 guy on a mostly veteran team. The problem is that he uses the success of Rose and Brook Lopez to say that Beasley isnt cutting it. Neither one of those players has superstars on their team to defer to and no real veteran presence. Does he watch the games. The Heat do not run plays for Beasley or anyone else except Wade and O’Neal. Beasley has had to become a number two option on a veteran filled team and he is surprised that Beasley isnt an all star. The Heat has always been slow to develop young talent. Wright has been on the team for almost six years before he made a contribution, Cook never plays and Chalmers who seems to play ok doesnt get a great deal of playing time. The fact that Winderman believes that Haslem is better than Beasley speaks for itself. He might be underachieving but he is not devoid of talent. The Heat need to learn from the Thunder and just let the young guys play.

  4. GB - Apr 21, 2010 at 4:48 PM

    Mannn, the kid (Beasley) is goofy ans clumsy. He trips over his own feet..Sure he towered over the kids in college, but that doesnt cut it in the NBA…Some positions, you shouldnt have to draw up plays for…Power Forward is one of them…Have you seen Beaz put someone in the post like Q-Rich does time to time and back them down………I’ll wait……..No….True Heat fans know what time it is with this kid…He will never grow up and doesnt seem serious about anything…He can’t move his feet on defense…All he can do is slightly show up vs the below average teams..But when the big boys come to town, he shys away and starts being jumper happy…I would take Haslem all day vs Beasley…He hustles, rebounds, DEFENDS, and just does the dirty work…You can’t teach heart…You either have it or you don’t…They don’t have to defer to Wade…Wade wants them to make something happen..D will get his points, just show us that you have it when your number is called…I’ve been pulling for Dorrell forever…But who takes 2 dribbles then stops? He shows signs with alleys, 3 pointers, etc…But I want to see him penetrate and get to the hoop..People are blinded when the jumpers are falling..But when that jumper isnt falling, what else can you do for us…Thats what it comes down too…Wade gets to the basket and the foul line..Thats why he is so versatile and dangerous…But get rid of Beaz while people still believe and lets put this Dynasty (as Riley says) together this offseason..I understand peopel when they say give him time, he’ll come around..But then i loook at guys like Jennings (Bucks), Rose (Bulls), Durant (Thunder), Westbrook (Thunder), Stephon Curry (Warriors), Tyreke Evans (Kings) come into the league and RIP IT…..Mind you all these players play positions where you need to be legit shooters or slashers..Beasley plays a position in which you can go to a post game and get easier points..So Im not buying the “give him more time” speech..These boys arent role players..I know we have a superstar in Wade, but that should make it easier for him to take advantage of the double teams and thats not happening…We definitely need Bosh or Stoudemire…But we have to get another slasher at Point Guard or the Small Forward position…That is a must for us to be a Championship Caliber team and compete….Yall have to feel me on that one…

  5. Scott - Apr 21, 2010 at 5:29 PM

    Absolutely Heat fan. Winderman is a hater. A Beasely hater!! I think Beasely probably made fun of him or said something to him when Beasely first arrived the Heat. So Winderman probably can’t let go of this young black kid, who also happens to way more money than Winderman can ever dream of. And has actually exceeded good behavior grades during the course of this season.
    Beasely need to be given his chance to grow, which the Heat haven’t been known for breeding young talents. This was how they let go of many of their great players including Caron Butler, Kopono, Rasual Butler etc.
    On the other hand, Cook should be let go in part to due to his inconsistencies and in part due to the team killing of his confidence in not using him at all. And this was why a player like Rafer Alston walked off the team. As bad as it was for Alston, it also revealed a lot about the Heat organization of been too rigidly one directional.
    So Windeerman, shut ur mouth, let Riley do his job and stop being a hater of a small kid in Beasely. The boy is only 21 yrs old and stop comaparing him to his draft class bcos none of those other memebers of 2008 are really significantly better than him if they are any better.
    Or else Ira, what would u want Portland Trailblazers to do for selecting Odom ahead of Durant. And Portland is still holding on to Odom in hopes and in support. Am sure if the Heat was in Portland position, u will be having a seizures everyday Durant is in town Mr. Winderman !!

  6. Tony - Apr 21, 2010 at 6:54 PM

    Why don’t you Beasely lovers admit it! He is not and never will be a top NBA player! When Wade came in the first year you knew he was going to be somebody! Beasley is just like Ted Ginn a coward and a bust! Cut your losses and get rid of him!

  7. Pete - Apr 21, 2010 at 7:09 PM

    The reason we knew it was cause we put the ball in Wade’s hand from the beginning. Beasley is constantly pulled out for Haslem who doesn’t compare to Beasley offensively and only marginally plays better defense.
    Beasley is better off on another team anyway. It’s no surprise that in 15 years of Pat Riley’s regime only TWO players that we drafted actually turned out to be any good right away (Wade and Caron). Everyone else has either failed or has taken forever to develop (see Dorell Wright).
    Either our guys are really bad at drafting or really bad at developing rookies.

  8. Heat Fan - Apr 21, 2010 at 7:35 PM

    I would take Haslem all day vs Beasley…He hustles, rebounds, DEFENDS, and just does the dirty work…You can’t teach heart…
    I like Udonis too, but when you are a marginal NBA player that is what you do to stay in the league. Udonis is not a defensive wizard, great rebounder or instant offense. He is a great role player and the fact that you and Winderman think he is better than Beasley shows what you truely know. All of the players you mentioned who came in the league and ripped it, have no all stars on their teams. If Beasley was on one of these teams he would have big numbers as well. They are running the offense through O’Neal and Wade how is he supposed to get his shots. You say they dont run plays for PFs, what about Stoudemire, Bosh and Boozer, you think they get 20+ a night standing under the basket? Please, when they make an effort to make Beasley part of the offense he will show up. But expecting to become an all star by scolding him and not playing in the 4th quarter. The Heat dont develop players well. If Mourning would have been healthy when they drafted Wade who knows if he would have ever become a superstar. Even if they get another star this summer, the Heat are going to need Beasley because they cant win with just Wade. If they dont think so than they should have traded him for Stoudemire.

  9. GB - Apr 22, 2010 at 9:14 AM

    Homeboy…Get Real…..If you watch the Heat games like you’re supposed to, you see them pass this man the ball…Like I said, he shows up a bit vs sub par teams… “Shows what i know..” You need to get it together, role players are needed on your team…Stoudemire and Boozer do Give and Go’s with D Will and Nash…We do it, this dude trips over himself, gets his shot beat in or bricks…Also, Stoudemire and Boozer have the mid range jumper also so don’t give me that crap..If Beasley jumper isnt falling its a wrap for the night..We’ve given that man the ball plenty of times 1 on 1 and you know it..That looked good at K State but will not get it done….Thats why we love Udonis..He knows his role and gets it done..We’re not saying the man is a superstar..We’re saying that he is needed on our team for plays that he makes..Dont sit there, front, and say Udonis didnt win us a lot of those games this season…Taking charges, hitting clutch shots, mann get real….We saw Caron was a stud soon as he came out right??? I didnt want him to go…We knew he was a beast and he showed what he can do with that ball in his hand…You’re basically contradicting yourself..Stars make other players better…The focus is on the star, so you take advantage of your matchup..I believe they didnt trade him for Stoudemire b/c they’re going after Bosh…Bosh can create his own shot a little better than Stoudemire..I’ll take either or…Also, we chilled this year, b/c we want to make sure we could get as many players as possible this offeason..I have NO IDEA why Daequan doesnt play..Inconsistent maybe, but who the hell on our team is consistent besides Wade…He’s young so play the man..We’re in agreement that Pat leaves the kids on the bench too long, but Beasley got the royal treatment and you know it..He starts over a team captain who was VITAL to our CHAMPIONSHIP RUN..Beasley got lucky as a rookie & Sophomore..He played a lot..Can you get your man to post someone up?? Huh??? I’ll wait…Maybe a baby hook added to his arsenal? Maybe a fade away?? Naw…Have you seen those Hawk series..Josh Smith makes Beasley his B**** every time…Josh Smith has similac on his lips too..Right??? Pins his shot to the backboard..Throws it in the stands..C’mon now..R U serious…? You say we will need Beasley if we got another marquee name..What we need right now is a low post presence who can score in the paint and another slasher besides Wade….So let me ask you this, if you had a chance to bring in Bosh or Stoudemire this offseason and trade Beasley, would you do it?? If you answer YES to any one of those players that means you would take him over them…Let’s see how much you know..

  10. RD - Apr 22, 2010 at 5:24 PM

    Beasley,and the one shot wonder from K.U. Chalmers should be cut loose for the cap space if nothing else,so they can smoke their weed in peace.I agree with Wade on Beasley.

  11. Dr P - Apr 22, 2010 at 11:54 PM

    Trading Beasley would be the greatest service to get his Pro Career back on track!
    Durant would be F-ed up if he had been drafted by the HEAT.
    Please drop Ira in the Atlantic Ocean. No, please don’t he would pollute the water to the point that all the Beaches on both sides of the Ocean would have to close!
    Good luck Mike, here’s to your success; kiss-off the naysayers. Let Tony, Ira, RD and the other A**h***S play with D. Wade next year since they are all so talented! Who did you say they played with this year? That’s right, the RAG TAG ____!

  12. Big Don - Apr 28, 2010 at 7:34 PM

    I have been on the Miami Heat website daily while at work for the past 2 years. I have never heard some of the ignorant comments regarding Beasley. There are a lot of basketball players who have talent but didn’t even make it to the NBA. He has the wrong personality and demeanor to be considered having superstar potential. I hear people bashing DWade stating that he isn’t a leader and hasn’t helped Beasley. DWade’s strengths give Beasley the opportunity to score 20 points a game without running plays because he just has to be active and utilize his basketball instincts and cut to the hole. His chances of being a star are about as strong as you hitting the lottery 30 days in a row. Some of you who post need to understand the game of basketball. Beasley has been given the opportunity to play with the best basketball player in the world but non basketball fans view it as a curse. DWade isn’t responsible for Beasley. He has to be accountable to himself.

  13. GB - Apr 29, 2010 at 9:44 AM

    BIG DON, I APPRECIATE THAT…..THATS EXACTLY WHAT I’M SAYING…..100% AGREE…You have players like Brandon Jennings over there SHOCKING THE HAWKS and we could never get passed the Hawks…..Jennings is like 12 yrs old right…lol…He takes it upon himself to say I belong here..Wade opens it up for you, so how could that limit Beaz?

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