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Ellis and Curry: Detente

Mar 16, 2010, 10:47 AM EDT

Monta Ellis used to be The Man for Golden State. Then came this year’s draft and now Stephen Curry is The Man for Golden State. Two guys who essentially play the same role. Both up and coming stars in the Association. Both want to take the big shot.

Big surprise these two aren’t tight. And Ellis has some reason to be frustrated, according to Matt Steinmetz:

Ellis didn’t play much as a rookie. Got into only 49 games, averaged 18 minutes. He thought he was good and should be playing more, but he couldn’t get on the floor. But here comes Curry in his first season, surely in a different circumstance, but he’s getting 40-plus minutes per game.

Not only that, Curry’s been given extraordinary freedom, something Ellis never sniffed his first year or two in the league. It certainly doesn’t help that coach Don Nelson seems to go out of his way to praise Curry but is reluctant to compliment Ellis.

For now, there is a Detente between the sides.

In part because of Don Nelson’s style of play, Ellis and Curry are just fine playing along side each other for now, both getting plenty of shots. Both had a chance at a game tying shot against the Lakers Monday night (both missed). But that doesn’t mean after the game they are heading out to Bocadillos together.

At some point, Golden State management may have to choose between them, but for now they can play along side each other. Just don’t expect them to be tight.

  1. Greg - Mar 16, 2010 at 11:52 AM

    Then you have to pick Curry, he doesn’t pout & doesn’t gun at the wrong time. Curry is a gym rat with a high basketball IQ. Monte is the fastest in the NBA, but so what he pouts, & his more of me first guy.

  2. Jake - Mar 16, 2010 at 1:24 PM

    Curry is just amazing. I haven’t wanted to get to hyped on him but watching him play is just awesome. He can hit a multitude of shots, all of varying difficulty and now he is makign some ridiculous passes. Him and Ellis are quick and score easily – however, don Nelson is gonna burn them out playing them 45 minutes a game the past few weeks.

  3. j.d.hastings - Mar 16, 2010 at 2:48 PM

    I went tot he GSW game last night and was struck by the difference in reactions to the 2 players by the fans. While the pre-game cheers were about equally loud, the pitch was different.
    The screams for Monta were lower pitched, more gruff and masculine- they felt entrenched, like te crowd took ownership of him in spite of what the national media might think. He’s given his heart and soul for the team this year (and last night where his stat line looked bad but he played as good a defense on Kobe as you’ll see) and they appreciate that effort even if it hasn’t done much for the W/L columns.
    The screams for Curry, on the other hand, were higher pitched; manic, as though he had exceeded their beaten down expectations for this terrible season. He was the bright spot.
    The ultimate takeaway to me was that they cheered for Ellis tragically, while they cheered for Curry as the potential savior.

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