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Philly media wants Eddie Jordan's head

Mar 5, 2010, 12:56 PM EDT

Let’s review Eddie Jordan’s year at the helm of the Philadelphia 76ers.

He was given a questionable roster, one with highly paid Elton Brand clogging the lane with mediocre play. Andre Miller was gone. Jordan put in a new motion offense that required basketball IQ, so some players struggled to adjust. Oh, and he got Allen Iverson to “help out” part of the way into the season. The team lacks a leader on the floor.

Clearly, Jordan had the tools to win it all and has just blown it. So John Gonzalez is leading the media in Philly to get him.

Even better and more unbelievable: Jordan said he tries to address the team’s myriad problems but essentially admitted he hasn’t had any luck. In other words, by his own admission, the coach can’t coach….

One of Jordan’s jobs is to motivate his players and get the most out of them. Again, as he admitted, Jordan has failed miserably at that task. Another responsibility is to routinely pick out five players and send them onto the court to play bad basketball. Against the Suns this season, Jordan either miscounted (bad news for a guy who runs the Princeton offense) or figured his squad could use the extra help, because he put six guys on the court. And the Sixers still lost.

Eddie Jordan has not had a great season as coach, and he’d be the first to admit it. My impression of him (when the Sixers were in LA to take on the Lakers in what may have been the most boring basketball game I’ve ever attended) was a man frustrated and somewhat resigned to his fate this year. A man who has tried nearly everything he could think of and nothing has worked.

And nothing is really going to work with this roster. Philly is caught in the middle — they should try to rebuild around Iguodala and Young, but as long as Brand’s massive contract is on the books there is no chance to truly rebuild. It will leave them with a roster stuck in the middle. And no coach can really change that.

  1. Crow - Mar 5, 2010 at 2:18 PM

    3 of these lineups are positive on team +/- and 1 is near neutral
    Williams- Iguodala – Young – Brand- Speights
    Holiday- Green- Iguodala- Brand- Dalembert
    Williams- Green- Iguodala- Young- Dalembert
    Holiday- Williams- Iguodala- Brand- Dalembert
    I’d play them as much as possible. 50% of the time or more. It is a pretty balanced set.
    Jordan has used them less than 10% of the season minutes.
    It may not work “great” but I doubt it works less well than what they have used.

  2. Crow - Mar 6, 2010 at 3:56 PM

    In Sacramento the offensive efficency went down after Jordan put in his system compared to the previous season and back up after he was removed.
    Teams vary in player quality. But the same thing happened in Jordan’s first year in Washington and now Philly.
    Of course Washington got a lot better on offense after that first season. But how much was just player acquisition and development vs coaching I don’t know.
    If he gets season 2 we’ll have more information to judge.

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