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Larry Hughes could be the latest Bobcat reclamation project

Feb 24, 2010, 1:36 PM EDT

If you don’t have anything positive to say about the Charlotte Bobcats this season, then…well, you haven’t been watching enough Bobcats basketball this season. But if nothing else, you could at least call them charitable. After taking on shoot-first journeyman Flip Murray, the mercurial Stephen Jackson (and his mammoth salary), and most recently the impressively stubborn Tyrus Thomas, the Cats could look to be adding the recently waived Larry Hughes into the mix according to Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer.

As of today, the only guards on the roster are Raymond Felton, D.J. Augustin, Stephen Jackson, Gerald Henderson, and Joey Graham. But Jackson is needed at small forward at times, Larry Brown clearly does not trust Gerald Henderson yet, and Stephen Graham is Stephen Graham. Then again, Larry Hughes is Larry Hughes, and at this point his reputation clearly precedes him (as evidenced by the famous

If Charlotte is indeed looking to sign another guard, wouldn’t they be better off looking to either a younger prospect or another potential buyout? Rashad McCants is just as capable of jacking up shots as Hughes, and has historically hit a significantly greater percentage of his shots. McCants is obviously far from an ideal prospect, but he’s still young (25), can stretch the floor, and his primary contributions come an area where the Bobcats badly need help (scoring). If not McCants, then why not D-League standout Morris Almond? Hughes may be more of a name, but even that’s been sullied at this point. Charlotte can do far better than relying on Larry Hughes as a stabilizing force off the bench. 

  1. David Arnott - Feb 24, 2010 at 3:28 PM

    i’d be relatively happy with Joey Graham on the Bobcats. It’s his less-talent twin, Stephen Graham, on Charlotte.

  2. Luc - Feb 24, 2010 at 5:49 PM

    I rather not have Hughes in Charlotte

  3. Larry's Huge - Feb 24, 2010 at 9:24 PM

    Funny that website about Hughes comes about from a disgruntle Cleveland fan from about 4 years ago, who spends $5.00 a month on and writers here think it is actually done with analysis from John Wooden. Please, get your press I.Q near the triple digits and don’t sub-reference a underage fan who got upset when Hughes played out of position at the point guard and took Cleveland to San Antonio for the finals and got swept. Yes, right through Detroit and Chauncey Billips!
    Look at Hughes games this year, he blew New York right out of their worst start of their history. Say what you will, but when you play Hughes 30 plus minutes twice a week, things happen. How about all those games in Cleveland when he outscored Lebron? Plus, not too many touches on the 1 on 5 offense there. You get the ball with 3 seconds left of the shot clock, you shot. It’s not a bad shot, its the only shot. Yes, you got to go look it up don’t you? With the Knicks, the games got fast, and defense started when he was installed in the starting line up(sure, Hughes was in the top 5 in steals in the whole league when playing THIS YEAR, showing he still has the speed to cover the passing lanes AND HE MOVES). Players can practice all day long, but game court time is needed for others, Hughes needs 30 plus minutes twice a week, then he gets his game on in a few weeks and the teams start winning. I can throw stat after stat, but thats you writers job, dig deeper than your one google search. Hughes plays to do one thing, WIN, D”antoni wanted to show power this year, by messing with these second tier players, sitting Robinson, Curry, Marbury, and Hughes. What did he gain? NOTHING Big deal, now he has T-Mac’s blown knee and his reputation as a players coach is down the toilet. Sorry D”ant, Nash is no longer here to bail you out and Duhon and Gallo may help you coach in Italy. Look at Hughes numbers when played, he produces, his numbers blew Duhon out, but D’Antoni played Duhon nearly 50 starts for the worst stats of the year of any NBA point guard. Tell us WHY? Hughes can play 2 guard, his natural position, but also the point at 6 foot 5 and small forward. There are not stats for clock management, court vision and maturity. Hughes is a pro with 12 years in the league. He is not here for the money, he wants to do one thing, WIN.
    Whether starting or off the bench, contribution is immediate on defense and will be fast if played on offense. Funny how fast people forget NBA steal records, playing out of position as a point guard and taking Cleveland to the finals. Winning the Austin Carr Award for the most professional player on and off the court in Cleveland. No, a writer takes a site created by a 14 year old and summarizes a career with a google search. Not many NBA players make it 4 years in the NBA. Hughes has twelve and still very fast and intelligent player. He can take is over 100 plus million earnings and retire to St. Lou and the low cost of living with his family and sit in a lazy boy. But he has fire to just want to WIN. There is not too many players like that. You better grab them why you can because Doc Rivers is looking for some Ray Allen relief also. Hughes on court in next 10 days, no question.
    Remember, St. Louis University is not UNLV, Larry is a quiet and often misunderstood pure gentleman that most writers have never learned to know or interview before casting their opinions. Hughes is a class act, that will help any team. He can go 40 minutes tonight, the guy WORKS and wants to WIN and is always prepared to GO!

  4. Graham V. Hughes - Feb 24, 2010 at 9:47 PM

    You want Joey Graham, that has not even played enough games in his career than Hughes has in a year? After twelve years in the league Hughes puts up twice the PPG this year, twice the rebounds per game (even though a few inches shorter, 9 times the assist per game, 4 times the steals per game, twice the block shots per game, a FG percent at 36 versus 47 with Graham, put remember, there is half the points, then you want Graham and his 11% 3 point shooting average versus Hughes 29%. Remember, your guy is playing 12.6 minutes in the prime of his career, Hughes has a twelve years in and gave over twice that this year under D”Antoni who sat him over the worst guard in the NBA, Duhon.
    Free throws are even 80%? Are you related? Graham over Hughes, WOW. Why don’t people like to win games, these comments?, people must be into their fantasy league’s for this is not reality.

  5. Jim - Feb 25, 2010 at 9:59 AM

    Larry’s Huge,
    As someone who has watched Hughes play basketball far too often, I have to question your logic. Hughes didn’t outscore Lebron often. In fact, much of the time he was on the end of the bench injured. Facts are Facts:
    1) Hughes was upset at being put at the 1 during the Cavs 2007 season when they went to the finals. So upset, in fact, that he indicated he would rather be playing his natural SG position then play the 1 for a team in the finals. Sounds like a guy I want on my team!
    2) Injury-prone is an understatement.
    3) D’Antoni pulled Hughes because he is a cancer, regardless of how you claim he “produces.”
    4) Speaking of producing, the guy is literally one of the worst shooters in the league. He used to be able to drive to the hole effectively but stopped once he was injured. He then spent the rest of his career in Cleveland shooting off balance jump shots. Sure, he might score 15 points a night, but it took 20 shots to do so.
    5) He is extremely overrated defensively. He is quite passive on that end and only puts in the energy when he feels like it.
    6) That being said I always felt bad for Hughes because of the childhood he had/his brother dying.
    However, Larry Huge, you clearly don’t watch the guy. His goal is not to “win” but what is best for Larry Hughes. It’s why he’s found himself on the outs with 3 teams in the past three years. It’s also why he has been traded 3 times in three years. If he were truly a winner, or truly such a stud as you make him out to be, Hughes would have stuck with one team. Unfortunately, reality contradicts all of your assertions. If you want Hughes, be my guest, but you’ve been forewarned.

  6. Larry's Huge - Mar 1, 2010 at 1:54 AM

    When you lead the league in steals, your not over-rated, and still getting the toughest assignments like Kobe and Lebron this year, and leading the league this year while starting a month for New York, in steals, the heck with it, if you can play when you want and lead the league, your doing something right. I watched everygame Hughes and the Knicks played this year. If your so bright, tell me why Duhon started 50 games? Why Robinson sat a month? Hughes is not a cancer, maybe you forgot he was awarded the Austin Carr Award in Cleveland. It is for the most professional player on and off the court.
    Sure, he has been traded, he was promised the 2 guard spot at Cleveland, played the point, he lost his brother and almost his wife, it was a bad time in his life. No trouble of the court or in the locker room, remember, they went were the Eastern Conference Champions and went to finals. Have they been back since? Fact.
    Hughes played nearly 70 games that season and if he is so injury prone, a cancer, over-rated, how do you last 12 years amongst the top 400 players in the league, when the average player does not make it four years? He plays D, that is his game dude.
    Michael Jordon started with him in Washington and Larry Brown drafted him, number 8 at the 76’s. So get used to him in a Bobcats jersey next week, if not, no playoffs, simple.
    Fact. He earns 17 million this year, yes, teams wanted him to have the expiring contract for the free for all 2010 free agents. The cost for Bobcats, 240K? That’s less than Hughes made in two games. It’s not a contract, it is just getting to the playoffs this year. Baby steps.
    You don’t bring in a prospect or a D league player this time of year son, you need someone to manage the clock, run the team, know the players on the other teams and get the 8th or 7th spot. D League player at playoff stretch, PLEASE, tell me a team making that move this month junior?

  7. hanz - Apr 1, 2010 at 8:11 AM

    well said Larry’s huge!! I think his helping a lot in handling the ball and playing big guard defense whenever DJ is a mismatch.

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